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Name Romaioi Barbaroi
Members Marcvs Porcivs Cato, Gnaevs Pompeivs Magnvs, Titvs Qvintivs Flaminivs, Ivlivs Caesar, Ivlia Caesar
Number of generations 1 generation
Lot Domvs Romanvs
Funds §174,335
Difficulty level 4 of 6
Other Information

Romaioi Barbaroi, meaning Roman Barbarians, is a local faction located in Sunset Valley in the Time Paradox exclusive to the second timeline. Although it was initially set so that the Romaioi and the Hellenes of the Union of the Insane were to be hostile to one another (alongside most of the Hellenes save the Attalids), by time both sides ended up in a amiable relationship, if not only due to pragmatic purposes. Despite their once lackluster progress, by the time Patriot Party took over and the first generation of Sunset Valley were dying away, the Romaioi Barbaroi were able to establish themselves as prominent members of Sunset Valley: Ivlivs Caesar currently leading the Sunset Valley's political career (even though it was the Greeks under Kallisto who actually had the power), while Gnaevs leads the business realm. Additionally Marcvs, despite his Mishellenism, found himself a good buddy of Hypatia, especially ironic since he was the most outspoken enemies of Hellenic overlords, which Hypatia was exactly. When Chrysanthema et al assumed leadership of Sunset Valley, Ivlia stands as a good friend of Chrysanthema. However, while the relationships with the dominant Greek power grew well, there was a rift in their own family: Cato denounced the marriage between Titvs and Ivlia and ended all ties with Ivlia, thus splitting the Barbaroi faction.

an elderly Marcvs hoots down Natasha (a CAS) and Mirage Alvi.

They were eventually removed by Esomena's revolution, and Ecclesiarchal Dossiers have nothing regarding the Romaioi ever since. Some speculate that they moved to other nearby towns, such as Twinbrook or Appaloosa Plains. Others believe that they went to their ancenstral homeland at Barbaropolis (Rome).

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