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Mathetai Mouson
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"Standing sims from left to right: Seleukis, Okeanos, Zoe, Melissa, Krinias; with Persephone sitting down"
Name Mathetai Mouson
Members Okeanos Iolkios, Zoe Drabesike, Melissa Epeirota, Krinias Enopronios, Seleukia Enopronia, Persephone Phalara
Number of generations 1 generation
Lot Oikos Pollon
Funds §22,500
Difficulty level Difficulty5
Other Information
Game Sims 3

Mathetai Mouson, or Disciples of Muses, are collectively a minor faction of Time Paradox, residing in Hekatonschoinos. They were given a recommendation by a old member of the Mathetai Mouson, Esomena, who now is one of the stewards of Church-occupied Sunset Valley. Esomena sent them information about Kallisto's Klerouchiai program and decided to send Kallisto a letter of recommendation regarding the admittance of the Mathetai into the Klerouchiai program. The Mathetai, as their name suggests, are music appreciators, all of them having the Virtuoso trait.


Mathetai Mouson was initially banded for the purpose of entertainment rather than actual stardom for its own sake. Esomena happened to be a part of the group, but then when the Mathetai were still at its nascent stages (that is, at the times of Kallistrata's creation), Esomena and the others decided to go on a camping trip, and Esomena ended up getting lost and proceeded to the orphanage in a far district, and thus the other Mathetai could not track Esomena down. Fortuitiously, Esomena ended up adopted by Kallisto, and Esomena at her childhood swore that Kallisto probably had to be one of the Mathetai, although Esomena does not recall seeing someone with cyan hair (Okeanos and Zoe were the only other members back then).

Esomena, as mentioned in her fanon page, proceeded to become a core member and one of the three stewards (alongside two servitors, Cycl0n3 Sw0rd and Ptolemais Amphipolita) of Sunset Valley alongside the other disciples, Kallistrata's Chrysanthema and Stratonike's Pyrrha, Because of her upbringing, Esomena was fully aware of the most arcane of Church secrets and projects. And one day, Esomena chatting on the internet finally gotten a hold of the faction of her old allegiance, and due to Esomena's pro-Church enthusiasm, Esomena proceeded to add the Mathetai to the Klerouchoi ranks, severely undermanned especially with the desertion of Hekatonschoinos triggered by Thessalonike's meddling and subsequent departure to Appaloosa Plains. Kallisto was in no position to turn down any applicants, and much less those coming with recommendations and ties to Church members. Thus the Mathetai Mouson moved into Hekatonschoinos. However, Kallisto still had problems with the neighborhood, and thus Kallisto had to temporarily suspend the Klerouchiai system, keeping them on hold while providing means for them to find a different place until renovations were completed. They were eventually resummoned and they complied, and they live as ordinary citizens, although of the lowest class currently in terms of property around Hekatonschoinos. Seleukis and Persephone had been training in tinkering, and thus immediately caught the interest of the Ecclesiarchy: and as such they were scouted by one of the Deutarchontes, Helle the Engineer.


  • Melitta is the Attic counterpart to Melissa. the "tt" over "ss" is an Attic element (in comparison to Koine and Ionic), demonstrated in other words such as Thalatta/Thalassa and Glotta/Glossa. It is however more accurate to use Melissa, since Epeiros as an ancient state used the Doric dialect, and hence adjustments are made.
  • Krinias is not an attributed name like Esomena. Rather, it is a "made-up" name taken from κρἶνον meaning Lily. Kritias, a spelling-wise similar name however, is attributed to be in use.
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