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Lizardworts is a Witch cult in the Fanon Time Paradox, playing a major role in its substory Dusk of Opposition. Like its allies, the Silver Lilies, they tend to be pro-Papal as well, also attracted to the Papal potion trade.

However, unlike their more activist and extremist allies, the Lizardworts are far more passive, as well as more old-fashioned. To that field the Lizardworts are considered one of the most polite of all the witch cults, almost to the point where the "cult" tag is depreciated.

Organization and PrinciplesEdit

Lizardworts are Victorian in manner, and they tend to embrace mannerisms fit for nobility. This is especially so as many of the core Lizardworts are indeed members of noble families, such as the Duke of Mapleleaf. Hence they are far more open to the notion of having pets than the Silver Lilies, which eschews pet ownership. In fact, activities considered that of the nobility, such as horse racing and/or hunting, are considered primary pastimes for Lizardworts, and communal racing or hunting is a primary way of entertainment amongst the Lizardwort community.

Like the Silver Lilies, the Lizardworts also operate in a manner similar to a guild, apprentices training under a journeyman or a master. Unlike the Silver Lilies, where some contributions (or more frequently, self-sufficiency) are required as a part of the training, the Lizardworts take it far easier, and a Lizardwort trainee is under far less stressful condition than a Silver Lily trainee. In fact, most training is done under the supervision of a parent, as the Lizardworts aren't opposed to normal procreation.

The Lizardwort community isn't as tight as that of the Silver Lilies, although they are prone to frequent communal meetings in form of formal house parties, and discussions among its senior members are most often done under that setting.

Lizardworts' one principal belief is that the witches should be semi-isolated: while the Lizardworts believe a pure isolation a la Korea in the early modern period or Japan under the Tokugawa shogunate is just self-destructive, they believe that the concerns unique to the witches are not a concern of the laity, thus the witch population should minimize contact with the outsiders. This is in direct contrast to the Silver Lilies, who are integrationists who believe that the witches should integrate with society openly, preferably also as leaders in noblesse oblige fashion. In essence, they are very similar to the Harry Potter universe's general wizard population.

Relationships with other organizationsEdit

  • Silver Lilies: Although they are allies, the Lizardwort attitude towards the Silver Lilies are primarily pragmatic: the Lizardworts aren't enthusiastic about the Silver Lilies' modus operandi or doctrines, but it was the Silver Lilies' influence, such as its solid financial base, its wide network as well as their businesses that led Lizardworts to make an alliance with the Silver Lilies to benefit financially. In fact, the alliance is most visible in the fields of business, as Lizardworts frequently invest in Silver Lilies' undertakings. Frankly, Lizardwort moderates believe Silver Lilies to be rather too fanatic about their Ecclesiarchal allies, believing them to be too zealous in emulating the latter's successes.
  • Bronzefangs: The Lizardworts are nominally hostile to the Bronzefangs, as the Bronzefangs are inimical to their allies. However, asides from fields involving Silver Lilies or the Ecclesiarchy, the Bronzefangs and Lizardworts themselves maintain a pragmatic neutrality, although they sometimes dispute over hunting grounds. Lizardworts are also disapproving of the Bronzefangs as they are allied with the Council of Bridgeport, which they believe is an embodiment of all that is lewd and uncultured.
  • Council of Bridgeport: Lizardworts are coolly neutral with them, as the Lizardworts do not want to associate with "retrogressive" and "barbarian" groups that attempt to supplant the old ways with stardom stuff.
  • Ecclesiarchy: Lizardworts are cordial to Ecclesiarchy given that it is the Ecclesiarchy that indirectly benefit their pockets with trade, which also benefits their allies the Silver Lilies. But like their attitude towards the Silver Lilies, the Lizardworts aren't as nearly as receptive to Ecclesiarchal ideals, although the general perception of Ecclesiarchy is far better than that of Council of Bridgeport.
  • Achaia's Free Love Movement: Like their allies the Silver Lilies, the Lizardworts look upon the Free Love Movement with great disapproval. However, they do so with greater intensity, as while the Silver Lilies view the Free Love Movement as insignificant, the Lizardworts are much more idea-based than power-based, meaning that they take the Free Love Movement's advocacy of things like orgies and unconventional displays of affection quite seriously.
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