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Bronzefangs (or Bronze Fangs) is a social group of werewolves in the fanon Time Paradox. It is the social group headed by the anti-Papal Ezekiel Gretchyn, and thus starts the precedent for the werewolf hostility to witches and genies. Although it is not the only werewolf club, the Bronzefangs by the time of Dusk of Opposition is the preeminent werewolf group.

The Bronzefangs tend to be very suspicious of unnatural things and artificial control, although they themselves aren't too concerned about laws that Ezekiel put up in place.

Bronzefangs locate themselves at the southwestern side of Moonlight Falls, at the vicinity of the Town Center. Their homes have large underground spaces given their encounter with Kallisto's orbital bombardments that left much of the Moonlight Falls in rebuilding stages.


The best way to sum up Bronzefang organization is to say that it doesn't have a formal organizational structure, as fitting werewolves. Unlike their enemies the Silver Lilies which has a very tight and structured organization, the Bronzefang have no established communal functions, only ad-hoc functions such as group hunt whenever bunch of its members feel like it.

Despite the lack of formal structure, it is pretty much accepted that the Bronzefangs are to meet up at the Stone Troll Fishing hole twice per moon phase: one at the full moon, and the other at the new moon: the Full moon gathering would be a festive one amongst the member werewolves, while the new moon meeting would involve more serious talks, usually led by Ezekiel.


  • Lizardworts: Given their alliance with the Silver Lilies, the Bronzefangs are nominally enemies with the Lizardworts. However, the biggest negative factor between them is the Lizardworts' affiliation with the Ecclesiarchy: the Lizardworts' semi-isolationist stance is something that the Bronzefangs don't particularly mind, and asides the alliance with the Ecclesiarchy and sporadic disputes for hunting grounds, the Lizardworts and Bronzefangs don't have a particular grudge against each other. Well, that was until the anti-witch sentiments sprung, but the Lizardworts believe this strengthens their argument over those of the Silver Lilies, so the relationship hasn't been strained too much. Nonetheless, this is not to say they are friendly.
  • Silver Lilies: Enemies, the Bronzefangs and Silver Lilies are definitely eager to check each other's movements. The pro-WooHoo and anti-structural tendencies of the Bronzefang largely propagated by the leader Ezekiel doesn't help, as Silver Lilies embrace celibacy and tight social structures.
  • Ecclesiarchy: Enemies, especially as Ezekiel has been a prominent anti-Kallisto character and has put up ideals that go against the Ecclesiarchal doctrines.
  • Council of Bridgeport: Allies, as set by the policies of Ezekiel. Given the lack of established doctrine, personal perception of the Council varies by member.
  • Achaia's Free Love Movement: Given Ezekiel's usage of WooHoo as a rhetoric element to draw the populace in as well as their opposition to Kallisto's anti-WooHoo/romance doctrine, the Bronzefangs have the "enemy of our enemy is our friend" attitude towards the group, and that feeling is reciprocated.
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