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Alexandreia WIP
"The civil war in Egypt has turned the once great city into ruins. It returns to Greek hands once again, which intends to do the same thing that its founder did 23 centuries ago..."
Name Alexandreia
Game(s) TS3 Icon.png The Sims 3

Alexandreia, or Alexandria, is a city in Egypt. It was one of the hotbed of anti-government sentiments at the times before the rise of the Papal State, and by the time Papal State was called over to arbitrate the dispute between the rebels and government forces, it was pretty much leveled. It is also an Ecclesiarchal colony in all but name and is also the anchor of the Ecclesiarchal influence and culture in the Muslim world. It is alongside Attaleia-Stratonikaiopolis the first new cities created by the Ecclesiarchy since the official creation of the Papal State.

The world is put in delay given the rework efforts involved with Hekatonschoinos.

Before Ecclesiarchal intervention[edit | edit source]

Alexandreia by the times of the birth of the Church of Alexandros (and presumably times before that) was populated by many socially liberal intellectuals, and a particularly vocal segment of the population was the moderate Islamic scholars who advocated a shift towards reconciliation and compromise with the secular West. This was definitely not looked favorably by the corrupt government which supposedly upheld Islamic law (but in reality did not), who tolerated the dissident population at Alexandreia for a time being. However, the uneasy tolerance of the government was soon rescinded when the revolutionary fervor shifted to Egypt after the defeat of the traditionalists which included Usaim Hamdi, even though the revolutionary fervor was from both sides of the spectrum, ranging from flat-out secular free-love advocates to Islamic fundamentalist reactionaries. Of course, the government repression caused an effective status of civil warfare, and as a result the city was scarred by guerilla warfare, until heavy weapons leveled much of the city.

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