• I live in a boring town. I am not telling you the name.
  • I was born on May 6
  • I am a 72 year old female according to a gender mentality quiz I took XD (I'm not telling you my real age or gender, so guess.)
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About meEdit

I might as well say some things about me, not like anyone is looking at this, lol

  • I have two ADORABLE cats named Kiwi and Yuki. Kiwi is a calico and Yuki is a grey tabby.
  • My favourite colour is turquoise blue.
  • Almost everyone in my family has brown or blue eyes. In fact, the only people I know of in my family who do not are one or two of my cousins and one of my aunt-in-laws, who have green eyes.
  • I love the concept of genetics, particularly eye colour (mostly because skin tone and hair colour are much more easily noticeable).
  • My favourite Sims game is The Sims 2. I have all expansions for it, and a few Stuff Packs (Glamour Life, Celebration, Happy Holiday, H&M Fashion, and Mansion & Garden). I really like playing The Sims 3 and The Sims 4 as well. I have the Late Night expansion pack and High-End Loft Stuff for TS3; in other words, I have the starter pack for the game. I have no add-ons for TS4, and I do not intend to get any at the moment.
  • I am a very, VERY socially awkward person who does not really need social interaction. I very rarely interact with anyone outside my family.
  • I tend to speak and write formally.
  • People who hate on things and provide either ridiculous, unreasonable, or no reasons for doing so make me SO mad. (It's not going to kill you to say WHY you hate things, people!)
  • I hate it when Sims in TS3 who were from TS1 or TS2 look NOTHING like their previous appearances (Flat & Flo Broke, Betty, Vadim, & Fatima Simovitch, and Bob, Robert, & Mags Newbie are the biggest examples I can think of). In those cases, I turn Testing Cheats mode on and change their appearances in CAS to resemble their appearances in TS2 more.
    • I do the same in TS2 if pre-made Sims have genetic inconsistencies with their ancestors. For example, Betty Newbie has grey eyes and light skin, while her father has dark blue eyes and medium skin, and her mother has green eyes and tan skin; in my recreation of Betty, I changed her genetics to green eyes and tan skin. Likewise in TS3.
  • in The Sims 2, I made maxis-match custom eye colours and a skintone for my Sims.
    • For eye colours, I made hazel, bright aqua blue, yellow, red, deep violet, and pale pink. I also made black eyes, which I cropped from the Alien eye texture, and dark grey eyes, which I cropped from the Mannequin face texture. For skintones, I only made pink-tan (which is just the normal tan skintone slightly hued pink; hey, it makes a difference!), but I downloaded a dark skintone from The Sims Castaway Stories converted for TS2, which I found here: I seriously recommend it!
    • If you are interested in any of my eye colours or skintone, just ask and I will try to find a way to give them to you; I have thought of uploading them to Mod The Sims, but I'm not sure yet if I will.
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