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About meEdit

I'm MaraudingMonster, though I go by Muffin on the internet. I've been into the Sims since I was little, when I watched my older sisters play it. I had all the Sims 2 expansion and stuff packs, but my computer died, and with my shiny new computer I have Sims 3.

I'm a shameless fan of the Goths. :3

As you may be able to tell by my avatar, I also like anime/manga, particularily Bleach and Black Butler. Some games I like to play other than Sims are American McGee's Alice, Portal, and Audiosurf. I love to read, and my favourite book series is Harry Potter. I also like to draw, write, act, and sing. I love listening to music, and I would cry a river if I lost my beloved iPod. D:

Some of my favourite bands/musicians are Jason Mraz, Evanescence, Butch Walker, Jeffree Star, Breaking Benjamin, and Disturbed. Yay for pop and metal! <3

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