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My real name is Phoebe Smith. I live in the Southern part of the United States and am a 18 year old girl. Here I'm mostly interested in the The Sims Wiki. You'll mostly find me hanging around there. I'm one of the admins in it.

I'm going off to college next year, hopefully. I hope to go to the University of British Columbia but am not sure whether I can afford it or not (only time will tell). I plan to double major in Asian Studies (Korean) and History, then go to South Korea after I graduate for two years and teach English. I don't want to stop there with my education though. I plan to then go back to college and learn Japanese. I'm not concerned with getting a bachelors in Japanese though. I plan to then go to Japan and teach English there for two years. I plan to do this with multiple languages until I know all of the following at an almost native proficiency: Korean, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Cantonese), Italian, German, French, Greek, and Russian. Wish me luck in completing my dream, will ya guys? ^_^

♥RIP: Corine Frutos

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To contact me about Sims leave a note on this talk page: talk page

To contact me about anything else leave a note on this talk page.


Since my main focus is The Sims Wiki most of my projects revolve around it.

Top Priority

  • 0 Orphaned Pages
  • 0 Dead End Pages
  • Improving the Etymology page

Medium Priority

  • Bringing the Sims 2 Career Sections up to par

Bottom Priority

  • Setting up more efficient categories. Any ideas would be appreciative.


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