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About meEdit

Hey there! I'm known on Wikia as Madhackrviper, and elsewhere on the internet as Dapperfox or Autismdragon. You can call me by my real first name Jesse if you like, or a short version of one of my usernames (Madhack is common on sites where I use this name, I've also been called Dapper, Dragon, or even Autism (no I am not offended by that) based on the other ones). Another internet nickname I've gone by is Toates, which is based on an inside joke that would take too long to explain. Feel free to call me whatever.

I'm from Massachusetts, I'm 30 years old, and I am actuallyautistic (along with ADHD, depression, and anxiety). I am passionate about advocating for mental health as well as other social justice issues. I am not currently working, but when I do get back to work I really enjoy working with children. I'm very passionate about childcare and enjoy talking about it. I am interested in all forms of media, my list of shows, movies, games, books, music, and other stuff that I'm interested in would take too long to list. For me autistic special interests come and go though I always retain a degree of interest in everything I was once obsessed with.

I started editing on this wiki to work on a project to add outfit images to every page on the Sims 3. Despite not having played much of Sims 3 I love how it has all these premade Sims (I hate how few Sims 4 has) and wanted to contribute to their pages. Most of my actual The Sims playtime has been in 2 and 4, but I do like all three games for different reasons. When it comes to the Sims I tend to enjoy playing as the Sims themselves more than building lots or CAS. I do enjoy giving all my Sims full sets of outfits, but do not spend very much time perfecting things in CAS. I do not, as a rule, give townies makeovers to their core appearances, only add new outfits and make very basic alteration to their default (or game-generated) ones; such as removing makeup from Swimwear and making sure the use of glasses is logically consistent. I am fond of playing as Sims the Serial Romantic Aspiration (and the similar ones from previous games) or as Sims interested in popularity. This is because I enjoy the process of building relationships in The Sims and I can watch Sims just talk in Simlish to each other for hours. This is an aspect of the Sims 4 that makes me enjoy playing it in spite of its flaws, the group conversations! [Ironically, I hate group conversations in real life.] I am very obsessive-compulsive about keeping my Sims needs high, following whims when possible (and they aren't glitching out...), and using spare time effectively to build skills or relationships. I almost always have Autonomy set to "off" so that I can micromanage my Sim's activities. I tend to only turn it on when my whole family goes to a party or in a family too large to micromanage like that. As a "completionist" minded gamer I tend to want to "max out" everything on a Sim I am playing, though I want to experiment with playing a more story-focused way in the future and possibly even developing some Fanon to add to this wiki. For example I usually play with aging off so I can play with that Sim forever (and age up children manually when they have maxed out the relevant metrics), but I would like to experiment with playing with aging on and developing a story and playing with a family for multiple generations.

Sims 3 Outfit ProjectEdit

  1. Sunset Valley DONE
  2. Shang Simla Started
  3. Champs Les Sims Next

Public Notes

  • I am going in order of the Sims 3 Worlds template, which is why Shang Simla is the first after Sunset Valley despite being kind of obscure. Took me a second to even figure out how to access the Shang Simla sims in CAS (had to actually travel there with a Sunset Valley sim first, then NRAAS was able to access them). Might skip Twinbrook after I'm done with the World Adventure worlds though, and do Bridgeport and then Appaloosa Plains first. Not sure yet.
  • I have access to all the Expansion Pack worlds, but not yet all the Store worlds.
  • For some reason Shang Simla sims are showing up with a different colored background from Sunset Valley with the mod I am using for the solid colored backgrounds. Not sure why this is but I'm going to have to go with it. I'm wondering if each world (and even Subworld) has its own background color for whatever reason.
  • Been unsure for awhile on whether to add career outfits. My normal process is figuring out if the outfit generates the same every time before adding it. I also do not add career outfits that generate without shoes, as some do. Kid and Teens have "career outfits" that generate something random every time so I do not include those. NPC Townies I definitely include, premade Sims with preset careers are case by case. If it generates a full outfit that is the same, or mostly the same, every time I usually include it.
  • Some career outfits generate different earrings every time but are otherwise the exact same, I include those.
  • Speaking of which, I'm curious about why ghosts almost all have preset career outfits? Some of them generate with different hair for some reason. They all generate the exact same way every time, which is why I decided to include them. I only didn't include the handful that generated without shoes. I think only one of the ghosts I checked didn't have a preset career outfit. They appear there before and after being resurrected. None of them actually had "jobs" when I checked their career status with NRAAS, but service NPCs don't "have jobs" either but have career outfits for their service.
  • Speaking of which, some service NPCs have multiple career outfits. Usually three if they have more than one. Not sure what that's for. Usually two are the same and one is something entirely different.
  • For Sims with hats you have to unlock the hat in CAS (or stylist) to make sure the hat isn't included in outfits it shouldn't be there. Thanks to User:KailynnKat for pointing this out to me.
  • Speaking of which, also very curious about the glitch with ghost's hair when their hat doesn't carry over into other outfits and it causes their hair to be glitched. This glitch wouldn't happen with the hat "locked", and since the ghosts were all made in CAS by the developers I wonder if that's what caused the glitch. The devs had the hat "locked" so it carried over to the other outfits but with the hat "unlocked" it doesn't, or something. Not all ghosts with hats have the problem with the hair, but all but Lolita Goth don't have headgear in anything but their casual outfit. The glitch is easily fixed so it's not a big deal, but I am curious about it.
  • A couple have hairstyles that don't match their main casual outfit in their other outfits. Obviously the devs didn't care to be very thorough with the ghosts, besides the couple they expected people to want to resurrect (Lolita Goth and Erik Darling).
  • Makeup also needs to be unlocked in the case of NPC Buglers and the Magicians, so their face paint will show up in their actual NPC outfit. Seems like those are the only cases where unlocked makeup matters but I'm doing it every time out of habit now.
  • Wish I had been keeping notes like this the entire time because I for sure noticed other oddities that I wanted to keep track of but did not. Oh well.

Following new NOTES Added on 1/17/19

  • Ran into an annoying problem where suddenly the window won't resize correctly when I drag it over to the TV I'm using as a second monitor. It used to, but all of a sudden it won't now. I have to manually resize the window now. I'm wondering if it is because I'm using the More Awesome Than You mods for better performance? That’s the only recent change I made, but it worked the old way one time since then. The new way works OK but now the screenshots won't have the Sims all have a standard size. It's only a big deal if you're OCD like me and will notice that some Outfit images have bigger or smaller Sims than others.
  • I should mention my method for taking these screenshots! I use a program called Lightshot for the screenshots, I can just click CTRL+PrtSc and drag a square over the bit I want to use for the screenshot. So I don't have to crop down a full image each time and then cut and paste them together. Lightshot lets me copy the screenshot straight to my clipboard to paste into my image (you can also use it to upload the screenshot online or save it to your harddrive). I just use Paint to make the images, using Photoshop or GIMP or whatever is unnecessary for these. The solid color backgrounds come from a mod suggested by Gvaudoin you can find on my Talk page. 
  • Most Shang Simla sim outfits are pretty lazily put together, but oddly not all. Some random ones have a decent set of outfits. A lot though all have the same all white sleepwear, activewear, and swimsuit. They use the exact same outfit for sleepwear and activewear, down to even having no shoes in their active wear! It's not that surprising that the devs didn't care too much about giving these Sims full outfits, but it is weird and interesting that some of them randomly have a full set of unique outfits and some of them follow the formula.
  • With all the Expansion Packs running two things work differently that effect how I do this process. Master Controller’s options become limited for some reason. You can no longer edit a Sim in “Mirror” or “Dresser” mode, only in “Stylist” and “Edit in CAS”. Also for some reason with all EPs installed the solid color background no longer loads in the Stylist window! Only in Edit in CAS mode. Beforehand the solid color background would show up in Mirror, Dresser, Stylist, and Edit in CAS. Don’t know  which EPs are doing this, but using Edit in CAS instead of Stylist causes no bother.
  • I was dealing for awhile with a hugely annoying issue I’m surprised I didn’t mention in my previous notes. Every time I loaded the Sims 3 launcher it was a complete role of the dice whether Store Content and/or EPs would show up. At all. Sometimes the Store Content that I had installed wouldn’t show up as installed, it would just show up (with brown box icons) in the downloaded menu. Attempting to reinstall them would fail unless I deleted them all in the folder first (except for worlds, which would just clone themselves endlessly, didn’t notice this until I had 5 Riverviews). Sometimes EPs wouldn’t show up at all, sometimes they WOULD show up but when I clicked Play they wouldn’t actually load and it would just be the vanilla game even though I checked all the EPs. Had to recheck the EPs any time they loaded again because the game would act like they were there for the first time. Couldn’t for the life of me figure out what was causing this issue. Until because of the after Christmas sale I actually bought the Sims 3 (and Late Night) off the Sims store. Turns out that the problem was happening because I was using Origin Access! How annoying! What’s the point of putting Sims 3 on Origin Access if it doesn’t work correctly???!! Now I actually own the game it works fine. Very occasionally the EPs won’t show up and I’ll have to restart the launcher but even that hasn’t happened in awhile.
  • I never mentioned what I do with ghosts. I have to use Debug Enabler to summon the ghost and then resurrect them. I always summon the ghost before resurrecting them because one time when I resurrected the ghost straight from the grave it randomly became fat?! And that hasn't happened again since I started summoning them first. Having the Sim randomly be fat in the screenshots when they aren't in the headshots is annoying so I'm trying to avoid that.
  • When you don't have Supernatural installed going to CAS or any styling screen with an unresurrected ghost will have their resurrected appearance, but with Supernatural installed they will still be a ghost there. So if you have Supernatural installed you have to resurrect them first.
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