Female symbol.jpg This user is female.
This user is a young adult.
Brightened Day.png This user is happily single.
Play Handheld.pngBowling.pngPlaying Cards.png

This user's hobby is Games.

Pottery.pngSewing.pngPaint an Easel.png

This user's hobby is Arts and Crafts.

Buzz Crashed.png
This user doesn't like coffee.
Saw Great Movie.png
This user likes watching movies.
This user's favorite subject is math.
Aa club art.png
This user loves to paint.
Skill photo photography camera.png
This user likes photography.
GeminiLN.png This user is a Gemini.
Knowledge.gif The user has the Knowledge aspiration.
Trait Artistic.png
This user has the Artistic trait.
Trait Loner.png
This user has the Loner trait.
Trait Brooding.png
This user has the Brooding trait.
Trait Coward.png
This user has the Coward trait.
Trait Virtuoso.png
This user has the Virtuoso trait.
Flag greece.svg This user is Greek.

EL This user speaks Greek at a native level.

EN-4 This user speaks English at a near-native level.

ES-2 This user speaks Spanish at an intermediate level.

IT-1 This user speaks Italian at a basic level.
Fav Blue.png
This user's favorite color is blue.
Fav Rock.png The user's favorite music is Rock.
Fav Spaghetti.png The user's favorite food is Spaghetti.
TS2 Brown Eyes.png
This user has brown eyes.
This user has brown hair.
The Sims series This user has been playing The Sims since 2004.

The Sims 2: Double Deluxe Gamehas dx2.gif
The Sims 2: Ultimate Collection The Sims 2: Ultimate Collection
This user prefers The Sims 2 games to any other Sims games. Patricia Gabe Jules Snowman.jpg
SHIFT + CTRL + C This user cheats.
Simoleon.gif This user uses kaching and motherlode.
Strangetown Deceased Jessica Ebadi Original Appearance in TS2.jpg
This user believes that Olive is a murderer!
Juliette Capp.png This user is a fan of Juliette Capp.
This user prefers Veronaville's Capp Family
to the Monty Family.
Veronaville story.jpg
This user is a fan of Veronaville.
Lilith Pleasant.png
This user is a fan of Lilith Pleasant.
Darren Dreamer.png This user is a fan of Darren Dreamer.
Brandi Broke.png This user is a fan of Brandi Broke.
Pleasantview story.jpg This user is a fan of Pleasantview.

Isla Paradiso thumbnail.png

This user is a fan of Isla Paradiso.

Oasis Landing thumbnail.png

This user is a fan of Oasis Landing.

PlumBotIconTemp.png This user is a fan of Plumbots.
This user is a fan of the StrangeTown Monty (STM) Machinima Series..
Sims plum-bob1.png
This user is a fan of the PlumbBob!
This user is a fan of SimPE.

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