TSW-logo-monobook This user is a bureaucrat on The Sims Wiki.
Flag of England This user is English.
Male symbol This user is male.
ScorpioLN The user is a Scorpio.
NoWikiaChat This user dislikes Wikia Chat.
Wiki speech talk bubble This user chats regularly on The Sims Wiki IRC channel as GeorgieGibbons.
This user is this wiki's IRC Contact.
Mozilla Firefox logo
This user contributes using Mozilla Firefox.
Chrome logo
This user contributes using Google Chrome.
Moodlet no frame over worked work This user probably spends more time on The Sims Wiki than in the game.
PlayStation Network logo This user plays on PlayStation Network.
Stop vandalism This user hates seeing vandalism and they will fight against it in anyway they can!

Tin of spam This user hates it when others spam and they'll block you if you do it! Mwahahaa!

Daniele Donato
This user likes Daniele Donato. <3
Anti-Jeff BB
This user hates Jeff, especially for what he did to Dani Donato!
Dani Donato Shot
This user misses Daniele Donato and wants her to return to the Big Brother house. <3
Dani Donato Small
This user is #TEAMDANI
Balloon toyblocks This user has made a Userbox.
Moodlet icon smiley stir crazy insane This user makes useless Userboxes for users to use.
Windows xp logo This user runs on Windows XP.
Windows-vista-logo-1 This user runs on Windows Vista.
EN This user speaks English at a native level.
FR-1 This user speaks French at a basic level.
ES-1 This user speaks Spanish at a basic level.
Balloon boxingglove
This user takes part in Battles!
Trait Good Sense of Humor
This user has the Good Sense of Humor trait.
Trait Inappropriate
This user has the Inappropriate trait.
Trait Pizza Appreciator
This user has the Pizza Appreciator trait.
Trait Party Animal
This user has the Party Animal trait.
Trait Excitable
This user has the Excitable trait.
Trait Flirty
This user has the Flirty trait.
Trait Rude
This user has the Rude trait.
Trait Rebellious
This user has the Rebellious trait.
Trait Easily Bored
This user has the Easily Bored trait.
Fav Pop
The user's favorite music is pop.
Fav Blue
This user's favorite color is blue.
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