Deus ex machina is an IRC bot running Python which resides in #wikia-sims. It is the spiritual successor to AnvilBot. The bot is primarily used for leisure commands with a few other useful commands to use. The bot does aim to reside in the channel 24/7 pending on server uptime.

Tasks Edit

The bot currently undertakes the following tasks:

  • Allows a game of trivia to be played.
  • Can shorten URLs via and tinyurl.
  • Can host a game of Uno.
  • Has various other leisure commands such as 8ball.
  • Logs the channel in order for the bot's server to generate the stats page.


These are commands used by the bot. These commands will work via a private message but it's pointless to use them this way.

Trivia commandsEdit

  • !trivia start <number> - starts a game of trivia, substitute <number> with the number of questions you wish to play.
  • !trivia stop - stops trivia

Uno commands Edit

  • !uno start - starts a new Uno game.
  • !uno join - join a current game of Uno
  • !uno play <card> - play a card (i.e. !uno play red 0, !uno play wild blue, !uno play draw, !uno play done)
  • !uno leave - leave the current game
  • !uno rules - list a URL containing game rules

Other commands Edit

  • !roulette - pulls the trigger for Russian Roulette
  • !8ball <question> - asks 8ball a question impending an answer.
  • !goo <URL> - creates a short link for the specified URL
  • !tiny <URL> - same as above only substituting for tinyurl.
  • !expand <URL> - expands a shortened URL into the full target URL.
  • !dict <word> - finds a dictionary definition for the specified word.
  • !fml - shows a random quote from
  • !bofh - random BOFH-style excuses.
  • !hipster - random hipster quotes.
  • !chucknorris - when you IRC with Chuck Norris, you will use this command.
  • !automeme - random meme quotes.
  • !ustats <user> - pulls the IRC user's stats link from the IRC stats page.
  • !mystats - pulls the IRC user stats link for your current nick from the IRC stats page.
  • !statspage - links to the IRC stats page.
  • !ip <IP> - links to the listing for the provided IP.
  • !mydrunktexts - lists humourous drunk texts.
  • !advice - a motivational tool for the angsty teen inside of you.
  • !bash - lists quotes.
  • !bitcoin - lists bitcoin trade statistics.
  • !callook <callsign> - looks up callsigns in a radio DB.
  • !debt - tells you how much the U.S.A is in debt.
  • !dinner - thinly veiled rant term telling you what to have for dinner tonight.
  • !megamillions - lists U.S lottery statistics.
  • !nerdman - lists random quotes.
  • !randomfacts - exactly that.
  • !powerball - lists powerball lottery draw statistics.
  • !woot - lists random stuff nobody wants from

FAQs Edit

  • Why is the bot lagging?
    • I don't know the exact cause but if an abundance of comamnds get sent to the bot at once, it will slow things down. If you notice it slowing down, don't flood it any further.
  • Why are some commands slower to respond than others?
    • Commands like Trivia and stats page listings are handled locally and don't require data to be pulled from other sites, and therefore are bound to be faster.
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