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This bot is no longer active
Remember when I said it died? Well I managed to resurrect it but unlike Deus ex machina, I'm unable to run this 24/7 due to script issues. So I've released it over at GitHub for anybody who wants to use it.

AnvilBot is an IRC bot running mIRC which resides in #wikia-sims. It was formerly an "abuse" bot but has been revamped as a trivia bot for leisure commands as well as a memo service as an alternative to MemoServ.

The bot is currently not on IRC at all times due as it has no bouncer and Georgie doesn't want to pay (another) large electricity bill.

The bot is tested in ##AnvilBot. If five questions go unanswered, the bot will stop the trivia session to prevent flooding.


These are commands used by the bot. Please note that these commands will not work via a private message or any other channel outside of #wikia-sims or ##GeorgieGibbons.

Trivia commandsEdit

  • !trivia <number> - starts a game of trivia (i.e., "!trivia 50" will start a round of trivia with 50 questions)
  • !strivia - stops trivia
  • !trivia team <number> - starts team trivia
  • !join 1 - join team one
  • !join 2 - join team two
  • !showteams - shows what users are on what teams
  • !pause - pauses a trivia round
  • !resume - resumes a trivia round
  • !stats - shows your trivia stats
  • !roundscores - shows the scores for the current round of trivia for all players who have scored a point
  • !add <question>*<answer> - adds a question to the question list (the asterisk is necessary; i.e., "!add What is the capital of Denmark?*London)
  • !report <text> - reports a question or problem (i.e., "!report London is not the capital of Denmark" ; it can also be used to report other bot problems and to confess dark secrets :P). Alternatively, you may drop me a message on my talk page.
  • !rank - shows your current rank of all-time.
  • !record - shows the record times, streaks etc. of trivia players.
  • !hof - shows the all-time player rankings starting from the highest to the lowest score.

Leisure commandsEdit

There are some leisure commands which trigger an automated response. These can be used for entertainment. Currently there are only a few of these but more will be incrementally added. The commands are:

  • !beer <user>
  • !pizza <user>
  • !cake <user>
  • !pie <user>
  • !coke <user>
  • !abuse <user>
  • !drpepper <user>
  • !cookie <user>
  • !7up <user>
  • !brownie <user>
  • !coffee <user>
  • !donut <user>
  • !popcorn <user>

Some words (notably swag, yolo, Minecraft and ^ at this time) may trigger an automated response. Please note these are just for comical purposes and should not be taken seriously. After all, the bot is aimed at providing entertainment to IRC-ers. ;)

Operator commandsEdit

This section applies to #wikia-sims channel ops only.

Please do not ban the bot or its IP. Operators can disable and enable public use of trivia if it is being abused. To do so, all a channel operator needs to do is type any of the following commands after going into +o:

  • !disable - disables the bot
  • !enable - enables the bot

Note: This does not affect the memo service.

Memo serviceEdit

AnvilBot can be used to send memos to users who may be offline. Whilst similar to MemoServ, the benefit is that AnvilBot can be used by non-registered users. The bot will PM anyone who has unread memos. To send and read memos, type these commands into a channel or PM window with the bot:

  • !send <user> <message>
  • !read

This feature can be used by anyone either typing /join ##AnvilBot or via a PM. Messages sent through the bot are not logged though someone else may be logging the channel used to send a memo. Any abuse of this service by using it to spam, harass, troll, flame and whatnot will result in either a ban from using AnvilBot, a ban from ##AnvilBot or both.

Conversation systemEdit

AnvilBot now includes a system where one may have a conversation with the bot. The bot uses these commands for this:

  • AnvilBot - this shifts the bot's conversation to you. You don't need to say the name in every line of the conversation - it will function as you're actually talking to him. For example:
<User A> AnvilBot
<AnvilBot> <whatever>
<User A> What's up?
<AnvilBot> <whatever>
  • shutup - self-explanatory, stops him from talking to you.


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