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About meEdit

My favorite game is the Sims 2 and I play it every weekend. And of course, my favorite color is lime green=)

When I was about 7 years old I was introduced to The Sims 2. When I was over my cousins house I went in her room and I found the game on her desk and I asked her if we could play it and she said yes. The reason I was so drawn to the Sims 2 is because I have a huge imagination and when I was a child I liked to make up people in my head and draw them or write little books about them. When I played Sims it was like I could do that by using better graphics and it was so fun! I got the Sims 2 when I was about 10 years old. My Dad waited ontil I was 10 because he didn't like the Sims. He thought it was a bad influence with the stuff you could make your sims do like streak, woohoo, make out and ect. He still thinks the stuff you could do on Sims are suggestive but I'm old enough now that I could handle it. I am really good at making houses on the Sims 2 and I like showing them off to my dad when I'm done because he likes building things.

In real life I am an excellent drawer (not meaning to brag.) I like to all the time. If I could name my favorite things to do it would be playing sims, playing lacrosse, and drawing:)

On YouTube I have a series called Best Years. Here's the first episode:
Best Years 1

Best Years 1.01- Big Mistakes

Best Years 1.01- Big Mistakes

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