• I live in The Present
  • My occupation is Explorer
  • I am Chicken
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About meEdit

Hello, SimNation!

I'm a compulsive wiki drudge and lurker, come to stalk the neglected thoroughfares of your very own encyclopedic knowledgebase. Unfortunately, my intense focus is often short-lived, though as frequently cyclical in its recurrence. In other words, you may see my edits come in bursts with long pauses in between. I hope to contribute something worthwhile even so. Don't be afraid to let me know what you think of me!

Trait Absent-Minded Trait Bookworm Trait Dreamer Pet Trait Lazy Trait Perfectionist Trait quiet Trait Shy (removed)

My favourite pagesEdit

My favourites! In other words, pages that I want to see improved and will stop at nothing -- except maybe the occasional coffee break and not-so-occasional distraction -- to push along on its path to completion.

My Sims Edit

Name: Krauss
Lifestate: Plumbot
Traits: Sentience, Simulated Emotions, Limitless Learning, Efficient, Office Drone, Friendly Functions, RoboNanny
Story: Krauss began life as a humble Plumbot, brought into existence by an enterprising time traveler. Tasked with helping his creator build other Plumbots, he became so proficient in the skill that he surpassed his master. He granted himself sentience and became the renowned Pioneer of Plumbotics - just shy of a time paradox. His new-found curiosity drove him to study biology - which inexplicably brought him full circle back to plumbotics, when he discovered his own genetic code. What could this mean? What dark secrets lie deep within the workings of Reventlov's Bot Workshop?

My games Edit

My goals Edit

Explore, discover, share.

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