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About meEdit

Currently my Projects include

  • xxxHolic Wiki(Admin)
  • Onepiece Wiki(Editor)
  • Mitsudomoe Wiki (2nd Founder and Admin)
  • Claymore Wiki(Sysop)
  • Tsubasa wiki (Helper)
  • Sekirei Wiki (Editor and Helper)
  • Twilight Saga wiki (Reader)
  • How To Train Your Dragon wiki (Fan)
  • iCarly Wiki (Fan & Reader)
  • Victorious Wiki (Fan & Reader)
  • Sims Wiki (Info Reader)
  • Claymore Fanon Wiki (Admin and Helper)
  • xXx Holic Fanon Wiki (Founder and Admin)


  • born: 21st 7 1997
  • lived: Section Shah Alam
  • liked: Eating,Simming,Drinking,Swimming and Sleepin
  • interest: Sims,Drinks and Food
  • hobby: Simming and Sleeping
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