aka Nunya Bizniss

  • I live in USA
  • I was born on August 15
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female


Female symbol This user is female.
This user is a teen.
Got Left at the Altar by -Sim- This user has never been in a relationship.
Flag united states america This user is American.
LeoLN The user is a Leo.
EN This user speaks English at a native level.
W7logo This user runs on Windows 7.
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This user contributes using Google Chrome.
TS2 Brown Eyes
This user has brown eyes.
This user has brown hair.
Lgbt-flag This user is a proud member of the LGBT Community, or an ally.
The Sims series This user has been playing The Sims since 2000.
Knowledge The user has the Knowledge aspiration.
Simoleon This user uses kaching and motherlode.
Buzz Crashed
This user doesn't like coffee.
Carbed Up
This user likes to eat sweets.
Good Memories
This user has good memories of family members, vacations, etc.
Saw Great Symphony
This user likes symphonies.
Carjunk This user wishes driveable cars existed in The Sims.

Trait Shy
This user has the Shy trait.
Trait Artistic
This user has the Artistic trait.
Trait Good Sense of Humor
This user has the Good Sense of Humor trait.
Trait Natural Cook
This user has the Natural Cook trait.
Trait Dreamer
This user has the Dreamer trait.
Trait Loves the Heat
This user has the Loves the Heat trait.
Trait Supernatural Fan
This user has the Supernatural Fan trait.
Trait Night Owl
This user has the Night Owl trait.
Trait Brooding
This user has the Brooding trait.
Trait Animal Lover
This user has the Animal Lover trait.
Trait Pizza Appreciator
This user has the Pizza Appreciator trait.
Trait Can Salute
This user has the Can Salute trait.
Balloon toyblocks This user has made a Userbox.
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