Flag canada This user is Canadian.
FR This user speaks French at a native level.
EN-3 This user speaks English at an advanced level.
French sims wiki logo This user also contributes to the French Sims Wiki. Flag france
Mysterious Mr. Gnome This user is a proud Wiki Gnome.
Stop vandalism This user hates seeing vandalism and they will fight against it in anyway they can!
Rude Guest
This user doesn't like it when other people are rude.
Too Many People This user is an introvert.
Mummy This user prefers The Sims 3 games to any other Sims games.
SHIFT + CTRL + C This user cheats.
Don Lothario and Bella Goth
This user believes that Bella was abducted!
Moonlight Falls thumbnail

This user is a fan of Moonlight Falls.

Knowledge The user has the Knowledge aspiration.
Play ViolinWin Dance ContestClassic Dance

This user's hobby is Music and Dance.

Female symbol This user is female.
Got Left at the Altar by -Sim- This user has never been in a relationship.
This user has brown hair.
TS2 Blue Eyes
This user has blue eyes.
This user is a young adult.
Knowledge The user has the Knowledge aspiration.
AriesLN This user is an Aries.
Trait Childish
This user has the Childish trait.
Trait Couch Potato
This user has the Couch Potato trait.
Trait Loner
This user has the Loner trait.
Trait Perfectionist
This user has the Perfectionist trait.
Trait Virtuoso
This user has the Virtuoso trait.
Fav Soul
The user's favorite music is soul.
Fav Stir-Fry
The user's favorite food is stir-fry.
Fav Spiceberry
The user's favorite color is spiceberry.
Good Memories
This user has good memories of family members, vacations, etc.
Moodlet no frame I graduated
This user has good grades.
Singer career icon
This user likes to sing!
Yummy Goodness smiley
This user likes ice cream.
Eternal Joy smiley
This user enjoys life a lot.
W7logo This user runs on Windows 7.
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This user contributes using Mozilla Firefox.

About meEdit

Lafflip is a shy contributor who loves userboxes. She is a big fan of the Wolff family in Moonlight Falls.

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