aka Simon

  • I live in the United States
  • I was born on December 23
  • My occupation is an Animator and a Scratcher
  • I am a Transgender Male
This user will be absent from May 6, 2018 to Indefinite due to the accusations that kind of broke my heart from late 2015.

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A reason why I will mostly be retiring this wiki:

I don't know if you'd like to hear this, but in regards from September 2015 to December 2015, I was in a severe delusional mode, making accidental messages that people find "threatening and horrifying". I will not be contributing to this wiki much anymore, because of the "hate replies" that I have received from this time period, so I am indefinitely semi-retiring this wiki. I will still be active in other wikis besides this one, so you can private message me why I indefinitely left this wiki. And speaking of my four or five fanons that are still remaining, I'll keep them in terms of keeping them as archiving, letting you still view them. I won't be touching my fanons here as much, so it is unlikely that they will be edited. I mean, I like visiting this wiki a lot, but I just feel like my edits here are now worthless, so I feel that it's best that my fanons, sims, characters, etc., are in a different wiki, so that it doesn't look like I'm spamming on my own pages. I mean, sure there are nice people in this wiki, but some just go too far, by accusing me of things I didn't mean to do deep down in my heart. Sure, block me all you want, but I refuse to take any more pain anymore, so...

If you would like to see me where I'm very active, you are very welcome to go to these wikia sites below:


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