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About me[edit | edit source]

Hi I'm Khaemwaset, fourth son in line to the throne of my famous father; pharaoh Ramesses the Great. I was born about 1285 BC. In reality though, I was born in 1996. I'm from the Netherlands, not Ancient Egypt (sometimes I wish I was though). Like the ancient prince, I also happen to dedicate myself to preserving history. Both ancient Egyptian history as well as the historic information of the Sims Stories Series.

Past and Future Edits[edit | edit source]

So far I've made some "major improvements" (if I may say so myself) to the Sims Stories pages. In the future when my sims stories work is finished I might bounce over to the Sims 2 and see what missing information I can provide there. I might translate pages to the Dutch language too, but that's still far away from now. Also because the incoming hieroglyphics sims wikia has priority ;) Oh and I speak quite decent Spanish too. Just throwing that in there.

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