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Yo! I'm Katrina the Rich Girl (you are what your username is). Though, I'd prefer if you call me Katrina. I love The Sims Series and I will try and help the wiki as much as I can. I own... I think almost own like all of the games! My favourite (I'm from London, so yeah- I got an accent) one has got to be The Sims 3 and all of it's expansion packs. It's so creative and the best one yet. To all of you people who think it's not, compare these to the other games:

  • You can finally explore the houses, community lots, rabbit holes, and tombs (EEP!) around you. Who wants to be cramped in one simple lot all of the time? I DON'T!
  • You can finally use cars. Well, you can in some expansion packs for other games but in The Sims 3, you can still drive with ZERO expansion packs.
  • You can finally collect things. From bugs, to diamonds (EEP!), to fish, to... more stuff.
  • And- um, more stuff. I kinda am lazy to type more stuff as you can see. Maybe later I won't be... NOT!

I'm too lazy to add user boxes, because there are so many. :O

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