The Sims 4

The Sims 4 Base Game Careers

Each career track introduced in The Sims 4 base game has two branches.

  • TS4 Career Astronaut Astronaut
    • Space Ranger Branch
    • Interstellar Smuggler Branch
  • TS4 Career Athlete Athlete
    • Professional Athlete Branch
    • Bodybuilder Branch
  • TS4 Career Business Business
    • Management Branch
    • Investor Branch
  • TS4 Career Criminal Criminal
    • Boss Branch
    • Oracle Branch
  • TS4 Career Culinary Culinary
    • Chef Branch
    • Mixologist Branch
  • TS4 Career Entertainer Entertainer
    • Musician Branch
    • Comedian Branch
  • TS4 Career Painter Painter
    • Master of the Real Branch
    • Patron of the Arts Branch
  • TS4 Career Secret Agent Secret Agent
    • Diamond Agent Branch
    • Villain Branch
  • TS4 Career Tech Guru Tech Guru
    • eSport Gamer Branch
    • Start-up Entrepreneur Branch
  • TS4 Career Writer Writer
    • Author Branch
    • Journalist Branch

Get to Work Careers

City Living Careers

Each career track introduced in The Sims 4: City Living has two branches.

  • TS4 Career Critic Critic
    • Arts Critic Branch
    • Food Critic Branch
  • TS4 Career Politician Politician
    • Politician Branch
    • Charity Organizer Branch
  • TS4 Career Social Media Social Media
    • Internet Personality Branch
    • Public Relations Branch

Part-Time Jobs

Teens can take a part-time job in addition to attending high-school.

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