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My first Sims game was probably The Sims (Sims 1). I remember very little about it, but I do remember that I loved the game even back then, especially the build mode. Sims 4 is actually my second Sims game, as I was detached from the series for a long time.

I loved Sims 4. Sure, there are flaws and things I would like changed, but overall, this was a great game. I especially enjoyed the build mode, although this time around, I also enjoyed the life progression and social lives of the sims too, as they are much nicer and more intelligent. I'm looking forward to Sims 5, which I hope will improve upon Sims 4, especially in terms of CAS features displaying more accurately while in live mode, more realistic interactions, a bit better graphics, inclusion of some crucial things such as certain build mode items especially from the beginning, and exclusion of clutter in interactions and items.

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