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Recently I went through all of my custom content and found that I had a ton of useful mods in my game that weren't listed here. Please bear with me as I try to find time in my schedule to add them here someday.

This is a personal list of recommended DLC for The Sims 2. A few important notes:

  • Need help with installing custom content? See here or here.
  • While I do use a large majority of items listed here, I don't use all of them. Don't ask why, just personal preference. This is mainly to list annoyance fixing mods that other people might benefit from.
  • If a download link here is broken, contact me.
  • Always read the mod description page. If a mod gives you specific instructions on a special place to install it, or some "Do's and Don'ts", read them. Please don't come running to me complaining about how a mod broke your game because you didn't read the documentation, because it's not my fault that you didn't read instructions. Some downloads may come with a "Readme" or "RTFM" text file - read that as well!
  • SimWardrobe doesn't allow direct links to individual pages. All links simply redirect to the main page. I will usually post directions on how to get to the mod, usually in the form of "The Sims 2>Fixes>Seasons fixes", as an example.
    • By the looks of it, SimWardrobe's site is dead. There is a folder on Sim File Share with archived copies of his TS2 mods and objects. If you don't want to sift through it all, a 150MB zipped archive of all of SimWardrobe's creations can be obtained here.
  • Many of Cyjon's mods require his Smarter EP Check mod. Many of BoilingOil's mods do too. I recommend you get this mod now so you don't have to remember which mod needs it or not, and just leave it in your Downloads folder. It won't affect your gameplay in any way or form, so you won't lose or gain anything just by having it.
  • Many of J.M. Pescado's mods are available in his Director's Cut. I may link to it occasionally. The complete list of mods inside the director's cut can be found here (just unzip the RAR file and extract the .doc file). Note: You do NOT have to install all the mods inside the Director's Cut! Only install what you want to install. Hack descriptions are available here.
  • This list may contain links to the Paysites Must Be Destroyed website. No, they're not illegal. In fact, EA's Terms of Use says that it is illegal to charge money to distribute custom content for any of their products. Any custom content you make for the game must be made available for free. Paysites like what used to be The Sims Resource and Simslice are illegal, pretty much. The EULA is cited on the website's home page, and it makes it pretty clear that paysites are illegal. By now I hope you will put away any complaints about how these links to freely obtained content that originally had to be paid for are illegal, because it's the other way around.
  • Some hacks may conflict with other hacks. Hack conflicts are not the end of the world, usually. The game usually loads mods in alphabetical order, so mods that are closer to "A" will load first, and mods closer to "Z" will load last. Code that loads last will overwrite code that loaded first, so usually the coding in the mod closer to "Z" will override earlier mods. More information on load order here and here. The Hack Conflict Detection Utility created by SimWardrobe can locate possible hack conflicts and lists them. The HCDU lists hack conflicts by load order, so the mod closer to the bottom of the list is usually the "dominant" one.
    • Anyway, the point I'm trying to make here is that I will usually list mod conflicts if they conflict with another mod that's also on this list, and I will usually provide a fix for it.
  • This is my own personal list, not someone else's.


"Must have" mods[]

Listed here because they really can save your life, or at least the life of your game. Really.

Name Author Description
Alfixes J.M. Pescado
  • This mod requires (and is pretty much mandatory for) Apartment Life.
  • This mod fixes countless bugs and glitches, many very serious indeed. It should be used alongside the AL patch, but does not replace it.
  • The original version disabled love letters that are delivered after a good date, largely because Pescado found it broken but didn't bother fixing it, since he never liked it himself anyway. I made a modified version of alfixes here. It's the same thing, just enables the love letters. In my experience, the letters arrive in the mailbox and are correctly placed in the inventory, but the notification that reads out the contents of the letter doesn't appear (I can live with that, as long as the darn letter arrives!). My mod should be used at your own risk — I had no modding experience when I made the mod, and I still don't have any today. I'd advise against using my version, but obviously I can't stop you if you want to use it.[1][2] Date gift flowers appear to be unaffected; I'm using my own modified version of the mod and I can get gift flowers just fine.
    • A modder named slig made his own modified version of alfixes here that also fixes the letters. It probably works better than mine, although I haven't tested it.
Anti-Redundancy J.M. Pescado
  • Only allows the game to generate one of each type of NPC, so hoods will only get one maid, one gardener, one repair-person, etc. The mod will allow the game to generate a new one if the first one is unavailable. This mod can prevent character file overload caused by the game generating tons and tons of NPCs.
  • This mod is critical for unpatched Bon Voyage.
Apartment Lots ... any incoming calls? MogHughson
  • Fixes an unpatched bug where all incoming calls to an apartment lot would fail. If you're noticing that you aren't getting any phone calls in an apartment, this is why.
Cyjon's Lot Inspector Cyjon
  • Can be used to inspect a lot to determine whether it is safe to bin or delete.
  • NOTE: Users who do not have Apartment Life or Mansion & Garden may find that the object doesn't work correctly for them. To make it work, press "Ctrl+Shift+C" to open the cheat box, type in boolProp testingcheatsenabled true, and click on the Lot Inspector. An object error dialog with "Bad gosub tree number" should pop up - click on "Cancel" to ignore the error. The inspector should then file a report.
Creature Fixes J.M. Pescado
FFS Lot Debugger J.M. Pescado
  • This debugging object contains various tools that can be used to fix various bugs and glitches. It's also required to delete a Sim the correct way.
  • This page should cover most, if not all, of the options found on the FFS Lot Debugger.
Memory Fixes Cyjon
  • Fixes a number of issues with certain memories in the game. I don't know the exact details, but I do know they're issues.
No Corrupted Death Memory J.M. Pescado
  • Prevents the formation of corrupted memories with "squiggly lines" in them. Won't fix existing ones.
No Unlinkage on Urnstone Delete J.M. Pescado
  • Prevents the game from shredding character file data when a tombstone/urn is deleted. Can prevent corruption that occurs this way.
Pie Menu Text Strings Fix Lord Darcy
  • A mod that fixes almost all pie menu issues, largely those with redundant functions, grammar mistakes, and terrible translations, especially in non-English versions of the game. Issues fixed include spelling errors, non-identical or silly translations (such as English appearing in the German version), or duplicate pie menu options because EA used the ellipsis character instead of the three periods they originally used.
  • Also fixes the Novellas Nouveau Bookcase issue where the bookcase was missing its "Read to Youngster" function.
  • Also fixes the pie menu for the cheap telescope in all non-English languages (e.g. seeing Watch for UFOs, written in English, in all non-English languages :facepalm:)
  • Also fixes the horribly broken pie menus for refrigerators in the German translation, which was a horrible mess, full of redundant functions and general crappiness.
  • Some issues in which you probably didn't even notice might be fixed in this mod, so just download it!
"Select your cemetery" after sims died arek_91
  • This is in the "Must have" mods because it is critical for Sims living in apartments. If the last Sim on a lot dies, his/her grave will be moved to a random community lot, which might wind up to a non-existent lot or just get deleted en route, which could potentially cause issues (graves cannot reside in an empty apartment). This mod always prompts you where you want the grave to be sent to.
Stuff Pack Object Fixes for Apartment Life Lord Darcy
  • Fixes the whole issue with stuff pack objects not having interactions for later (or even earlier) expansion packs because EA never bothered to update them, or decided to build them on an older game engine for no reason at all. Mindbogglingly unintelligent.
  • If you do not have Apartment Life or Mansion & Garden Stuff, do not download this compilation mod, and instead install each individual part of this mod. The links are in the mod description page, underneath the "Below is the list of fixes which were rolled into this collection. Remove them all to avoid conflict."
  • Various other issues were fixed in this mod.

Bug and annoyance fixes[]

Name Author Description
3 Base Game Bars Fix (NL/OFB functions enabled) Lord Darcy
  • If you have Nightlife or Open for Business, you may notice that the 3 bars from the base game are seemingly... obsolete. If placed on a community lot, they don't spawn a bartender, and if placed on an owned business, you can't assign a Sim to tend it. The only option that comes up is the useless "Juggle Tumblers" interaction. That's because EA completely ignored the bars, all the way to the last expansion pack, for several years. Unbelievable. This mod will re-enable those missing interactions, so you can now get drinks from them at a community lot, assign others to tend those bars, and can use those bars as eating surfaces.
  • Works with Apartments and Shopping on the same lot mod.
Abort Bed Making J.M. Pescado
  • When Sims cancel the "Make Bed" interaction, the Sim will now actually cancel the interaction, instead of defiantly going over to make the bed. This is a crucial mod IMHO, because it just makes absolutely no sense that this issue was never fixed.
Adult and Teen default replacement for a non-flip-flopped experience migamoo
  • Did you know that, in the H&M Fashion Stuff Pack, the set of swimwear for adults and teens was designed rather... stupidly? The trunks are okay, it's just whoever made the clothing never anticipated that Sims could actually swim in swimwear, not just walk around on the pool deck, because apparently they decided to add flip-flops to the swimwear. Now I don't know about you, but it's not easy to swim in flip-flops at least for me. This mod will remove those ridiculous flip-flops.
Age Transition - Teens Keep Loves TwoJeffs
  • When two teens are in love, all is fine and dandy until one of them grows up. The game then kills the Love flag between the two, and the two can't fall in love again until the other one grows up as well. So now they need to fall in love a second time... what sense does this make? None to me.
  • This mod forces the game to keep the two Sims in love. However, unless you have another mod that does this, the two can't perform any romantic interactions with each other until the other one grows up. That's how it is in The Sims 3 at least, so it only makes sense to bring it to The Sims 2 as well. Fine with me.
AL Mysterious Bookcase Name Fix Menaceman44
  • Fixes a typo in the "Mysterous Looking Bookcase" bookshelf, introduced in Apartment Life.
All Walkbys Cyjon
  • Makes it more likely that a walkby will be someone you know already.
  • I put it in the "Bugs/Annoyances" section because it just made no sense to me that friends were less likely to walk by your house.
Anti Business Decay J.M. Pescado
  • Supposedly, even if you check in with an owned business every day, it will still gradually decline until it stops tuning in a profit, after approximately 9 days. To stop this, your Sim needs to physically poke their head into the business in order to reset the decay timer and keep the business profitable. This mod eliminates that. Businesses will still decay if you ignore them, but if you check in with them over the phone at least once a day, you'll suffer no decay.
Anti Vacation Actions J.M. Pescado
  • Fixes the following annoyances:
    • Sims will no longer perform tai chi outside of Far East vacation neighborhoods unless they're dressed appropriately.
    • Sims will no longer perform tai chi in other vacation hoods.
    • Island vacation locals will no longer perform slap dance or tai chi while they're in an Island vacation hood
    • Mountain vacation locals will no longer perform hula dance or tai chi while they're in a Mountain hood
    • Far East vacation locals will no longer perform hula or slap dance while they're in a Far East hood
    • Sims will no longer autonomously sing the sea chanty outside of Island hoods
  • None of these affect player-directed actions. It only affects autonomous behavior. This mod is especially useful if you want your vacationing Sims to actually learn the local culture of the neighborhood they're in, instead of watching it get destroyed when they introduced the hula and hang loose like some sort of disease.
  • Requires Bon Voyage
Apartment Butlers Cyjon
  • Butlers and nannies can now enter the apartments of the people who hired them... I have no idea why butlers couldn't enter apartments, especially considering they were included in an expansion called Apartment Life...
Apartment Hack J.M. Pescado
  • Fixes a number of less serious annoyances in Apartment Life, as well as some new features that you may or may not like.
  • Neighbors now act based on the furnishings in their apartment unit and in the communal area. The motives that are restored while they are in their apartment is dependent on what they actually have in there, and they will leave their apartment and use objects in the communal area to fulfill motives that they cannot fulfill in their apartments. So if apartments lack their own bathroom and residents had to share a bathroom in the communal area, neighbors will leave their apartment to use the bathroom.
  • Neighbors will no longer run away for no reason when playable Sims attempt to interact with them.
  • Neighbors will emerge from their apartments with purpose only. They won't go outside to stand around doing nothing for hours.
  • The "rent-payer" hour (where all tenants leave their apartment on Monday to pay their rent) has been shifted to 19:00 hours (IIRC), so vampire tenants no longer have to feel left out because they couldn't go out without being roasted by the sun.
  • Sims can no longer get free Simoleons by moving in and out of an apartment
  • Apartments can now be rented with their furnishings without the use of testingcheatsenabled. The more expensive option is the one with furnishings.
  • Work motive drain for neighbors is equivalent to the normal drain for their job type and level, so they no longer get "magically restored" at work.
  • Apartments now work in college sub-neighborhoods.
  • Fixed a bug where Sims went into the wrong apartments.
  • Landlord will no longer attempt to host a weekend gathering if the pizza delivery Sim does not exist.
Apology Fury Fix Cyjon
  • The Apologize interaction will now reduce fury like originally intended.
Assign Be DJ Fix syberspunk
  • This should allow teenagers to be assigned to be a DJ at a DJ booth. For some reason, the interaction is incorrectly checked for toddlers instead of teens in the pie menu function (TTAB).
Attraction Traits Fix tunaisafish
  • Fixes the brokenness of the attraction system. Requires either Bon Voyage, FreeTime, Apartment Life, or Mansion & Garden.
    • Wearing Glasses or Jewelry no longer sets the Lycanthropy trait.
    • Jewelry now correctly sets the Jewelry trait.
    • OFB business owners (self-employed Sims) no longer have the Unemployed trait
    • Managers employed in the OFB ownable jobs now have the Hard Worker trait.
    • Robots no longer have a random hair trait.
    • Plantsim detect code fix - incorrect flag is now unset when Seasons is not installed.
    • Witch detect code fix - same as above, except for witches and Apartment Life.
  • Some bugs remain in the EA engine and are too deep to fix...
    • Custom Hair - This one is impossible to detect as the property is never set. You'll notice that when you use the "Change Appearance" interaction on a mirror. When you choose a custom hair the highlighted icon will be one of the black/blond/red/brown icons. It is the latter that is actually set in your Sim's properties. This way, you can decide which trait to exhibit when choosing custom hair for your Sims.
    • Glasses - Although glasses and jewelry are two different traits, wearing glasses also sets the jewelry trait, but not the other way around. If your Sim has a turn-on for glasses and a turn-off for jewelry... owch. However, having a turn on for jewelry but a turn off for glasses is fine.
    • Beards - When a Sim sports any facial hair (even light stubble), the following properties will not be updated when you add them via the "Change Appearance" interaction in the mirror: glasses, jewelry, makeup and full-face-makeup. As soon as you remove the facial hair, said properties are set, and therefore the correct traits. If you then re-add facial hair, the properties will remain set. The properties can be unset though without the need to remove the facial hair. Why EA made this so weird... I have no clue why.
    • Full Face Makeup - Plantsims and witches will always exhibit this trait, no matter what.
Autonomous Bath Fixes TwoJeffs
  • Sims will no longer autonomously waste time taking a bath if there's a shower on the lot, unless the Sim is pregnant or has very low comfort.
Autonomous Computer Fixes TwoJeffs
  • Various autonomy annoyances fixed, all regarding Sims apparent obsession with computers. Does not affect player-directed commands.
    • Improves on the "Computer In Use check", so Sims will no longer attempt to use a computer that's already in use dammit! Also checks to see if there's a chair available, so Sims will no longer throw a hissy fit over something you forgot. Sims that do find themselves unable to use an occupied chair will silently drop their interaction instead of complaining to you about being unable to sit in a chair - seriously, go complain to that jerk that stole your chair, not me.
    • Visitors can no longer browse the web or blog about their hobby on the computer (Apparently doesn't kill other interactions unless you install the No Autonomy version included, use Cyjon's Visitor's Behave instead).
    • Sims can no longer autonomously turn off the computer, which is more of an annoyance than something beneficial
    • Sims will only autonomously check their email if there is email in their inbox
    • Sims can no longer autonomously attempt to interact with a Sim using the computer, either interrupting their computer session or just wasting the initiating Sim's time
    • Sims giving financial consulting (available as a lifetime aspiration benefit for Fortune Sims) who have their interaction cancelled for whatever reason will now receive partial credit for their work, instead of being hosed and left empty-handed
    • A special version, labelled "No Autonomy", will completely disable autonomous usage of the computer.
  • Note: Conflicts with Cyjon's Visitor's Behave mod. Make sure Computer Fixes loads after Visitor's Behave.
Banned Food Fix for Food Judging Tables fway
  • Fixes an unpatched bug in FreeTime, where Sims could place a custom drink on a food judging table, which would cause an endless barrage of errors. This mod prevents anyone from placing drinks on a food judging table. Not required if you do not have any custom drinks in your game.
Basketball Quit Fix Cyjon
  • If the player cancels any interactions relating to the basketball court, the Sim will now stop immediately, instead of ignoring the player and walking all the way over to the court before aborting the action. Very annoying.
Bed Side Fix J. M. Pescado
  • Fixes an issue where Sims would always forget which side of a double bed they slept on. Normally, when you tell a Sim to sleep on a specific side of the bed by clicking on a side of the bed, they would keep sleeping on that side. For some reason, a bug causes them to forget this information, and they would always keep sleeping on one side of bed even when you tell them to sleep on the other side.
Better Butler Meals Cyjon
  • The butler will now only cook food that requires a Cooking skill of 3 or more, instead of slacking off and serving TV dinners. Seriously, I hired that butler in a high-class, fancy house, and you serve me this cheap garbage?
Bisexual Influence Fix Cyjon
  • Prevents the influence system from forcing bisexual Sims to choose a gender preference. Normally, when using influence on a bisexual Sim in an unmodified game, you can direct romance at Sims of only one gender. The game looks at the bisexual Sim's gender preferences and picks the higher, populating the influence list with only men or women. This mod allows Sims to pick from both.
Breadfruit Tree Fix Cyjon
  • Fixes an interesting bug with the breadfruit tree from Bon Voyage in which, if the tree catches on fire, the fire effect doesn't go away even after the actual fire is put out. The only solution then would be to sell the tree and plant a new one. The bug itself can't be fixed (oops, what I said earlier), so this mod just makes the tree fireproof.
Break Up Fix J.M. Pescado
  • Normally, when two married Sims that call "It's over" and leave each other, the one that had the break up action initiated on them are evicted from their home. However, if you're breaking up with a Sim that doesn't live in the house that's currently being played, now that Sim just gets evicted from his/her own house even though their ex doesn't live there! This mod fixes that. Now, if your Sim breaks up with a Sim that doesn't live in the same house, nobody gets evicted. However, if you break up in the same house, the Sim that initiated the break up interaction gets to stay while the other gets shown the door.
Bring Hobby Friend From Work Fix J. M. Pescado
  • A bug exists in FreeTime that results in a friend that had been brought home following a hobby chance card to be brought home every single day after that for the rest of the affected Sims' lives. This mod fixes that issue, but it won't fix Sims that have already encountered the bug. They will still bring that same Sim home every single day. Let's hope they're actually good friends!
Bubble Blowing is Social Neder
Bug Collection Fix Cyjon
  • Fixes the bug in which Sims could not complete the bug collection in FreeTime.
  • Note: This was fixed in the FreeTime patch, but broken again in Apartment Life/Mansion & Garden Stuff. So you only need this mod if you have AL or M&G.
Busker Tipping Hack TwoJeffs
  • When Sims tip a busker, they stand in front of the tip jar once finished, and they don't move away until they queue another interaction, or when another Sim forces them to move. This becomes a problem, especially when buskering on community lots, in which Sims will simply gather around the tip jar, making it harder for other Sims to tip the performer, resulting in (yes) a loss of profits!
  • This mod fixes that. When a Sim tips another Sim, they will move away from the tip jar, instead of standing in front of it like idiots.
Butler Asks To Fire Cyjon
  • When you hire a butler, he will ask if he can fire any existing service Sims, since he pretty much replaces them. If you say yes, he will simply fire any new staff that you hire later on, without asking you. This means that you can't change your mind later on.
  • This mod fixes that. Now, if you say yes, the butler will fire everyone else (Donald Trump style) as usual, but if you hire new staff, he will once again ask you if you'd like to keep them or sack them. If you opt to keep them, he won't ask you again.
Butler Fix Cyjon
  • Fixes the "butler won't cook" bug
Call To Meal Fix Cyjon
  • The "Call to Meal" interaction no longer calls Servos, PlantSims, babies, toddlers, or on-the-job NPCs, since they shouldn't/won't be able to eat anyways. People will respond to plates anywhere on the property, not just in the same room as the platter.
Cancel Diary Cyjon
  • If the player cancels the "Write In Diary" interaction, the Sim should now stop and abort the action, instead of defiantly scribbling a few lines. Hey, you're the master!
Cancel Paper Cyjon
  • If the player cancels any interactions relating to the newspaper, the Sim will now drop the paper immediately, rather than defiantly cracking it open to read a few lines.
Career Outfits are Added to Wardrobe Again in FreeTime Lord Darcy
  • Ever since the FreeTime patch, career outfits are no longer added to the family wardrobe, for whatever reason. This mod re-enables that, so you can now wear your police uniform as casual wear again.
  • This is not the same as Career Outfits being hidden from the CAS and Buy catalogs. Use the linked mod instead, or use it alongside this one.
Casting neutral spells doesn't change your alignment arek_91
  • Casting neutral spells no longer alters the witch/warlock's alignment.
Casual Jobs Fix cedrigo
  • When Sims are working at a community lot, they will no longer stop working immediately as soon as a visitor tries to interact with them, ruining parties all because someone wanted to tell a bad joke to the DJ. Wow.
  • Sims will still stop on user command, or when their motives drop too low.
Chat Invite Icon Fix Cyjon
  • If you invite someone over via the chat feature on the computer, the accept dialog will no longer show the icon of some random object. I mean, really? What the heck?
Children Say Goodbye Cyjon
  • Allows children to say goodbye to guests. Because they live here, after all.
Club Counter Dirty State Fix fanseelamb
  • The green tile "Club Counter" and matching kitchen island will no longer turn purple when dirty. Yes, this counter was from the base game. Broken for 5 years, all the way through The Sims 2 lifecycle. Wow.
Community Wedding Fix for Celebration Wedding Arch Lord Darcy
  • The wedding arch from Celebration! Stuff lacked marriage on community lot function, even though the feature was enabled by EA in Bon Voyage. This mod allows Sims to use the Celebration! Stuff wedding arch to get married on a community lot.
Couples Counseling Icon Fix Nopke
  • This mod fixes the icon for the couple counseling skill. In the original game, it looks fine in the memories panel, but when a Sim brought up the subject the icon in the speech bubble had an ugly pink background, because the transparency of the icon was broken. With this mod, that ugly pink background should be no more.
Cper and Csla Archetypes Argon
  • The 21st and 25th face templates in CAS (known internally as "Cper" and "Csla", respectively) are not correctly linked to other ages, but instead are linked to the 2nd face template. This means that Sims using these templates will display correctly when they're adults, but will look weird during any other life stage. More information is available at Genetics § Broken Maxis Templates.
  • This mod fixes the problem. Any new Sims created after this mod was installed will be fixed. However, it will not fix existing Sims. Tarlia's LiveJournal has some information on how to fix Sims affected by this bug manually.
Crafting Station Routing Fix SimWardrobe
  • Access this file via "The Sims 2>Fixes>Open for Business fixes"
  • If you own a business and have more than one crafting station (and more than one employee assigned to a crafting station), you may have noticed that all employees will hanker after one station. Whoever gets there first will start work immediately, but everyone else will simply go to that station, see that it's in use, and then go to a corner to start goofing off, doing absolutely nothing work-related. These mods will force employees to go to another crafting station if one's in use instead of giving themselves a holiday at work.
  • There are three mods in this package: one for the Robot crafting station, one for Toys, and one for Flowers. Install all three in your game.
  • Note: This doesn't fix the pottery wheel from FreeTime -- see the "Employees Make Pottery Dammit."
Crib Fix Inge Jones
  • This mod fixes the bug where Sims would pick babies and toddlers up from one crib only to put them in another, kinda like "musical chairs". It's not that fun, really, at least for the babies and toddlers who's motives are in the red. Dang.
Crumplebottom Fix J.M. Pescado
  • Fixes an annoying (but hilarious) trait of Mrs. CrumpleBottom that gives her "X-Ray" vision, which is why she yells at innocent Sims taking a shower. This is actually a bug caused by buggy code and was never patched. This mod fixes the code so Sims that should've been ignored by her won't be given the "Showing Too Much Skin" lecture anyway. This also removes her x-ray vision, so she can only detect Sims in the current room as her. You can make out safely inside the bathroom, as long as Mrs. C isn't with you.
Customer Cleanup Cyjon
  • This mod automatically removes family members from a customer list. This can happen when a customer moves in to the household of the owner, though it may occasionally happen when visiting an owned lot as a customer.
Cyjon's Lot Debugger Cyjon
  • Meant to complement the FFS Lot Debugger listed further down this list. Contains a number of fixes for bugs and glitches in lots.
  • The readme for the object is here.
Dance Advertising Tweaks Cyjon
  • EA made the new "Slap Dance" and "Hula Dance" introduced in Bon Voyage super attractive, to the point Sims completely forgot about the other dances as they proceeded to do nothing but slap dance all day. If it's EA's method of "Hey, check out the new stuff!", it's a terrible one.
  • The following personality/skill traits determine the dance preference of the Sim.
    • Outgoing - Dance Together
    • Playful - Smustle
    • Charisma - Dance Solo
    • Creativity - Hula
    • Body - Slap Dance
  • Also fixes the bug in the smustle dance that prevented it from advertising more strongly to people with high Music & Dance enthusiasm like the other dances do.
Dance Near Stereo Cyjon
  • Ever wondered why, when you have guests over at your house, they all start dancing by your mailbox instead of the stereo where the music is actually playing? That's because EA broke the "Move to" function to the "Dance" interaction in Bon Voyage and FreeTime, so Sims won't move towards the stereo before dancing. This mod fixes that. Sims will now move towards the stereo before dancing again.
Dance Sphere in use Fix TwoJeffs
  • Fixes the issue where Sims could not tell whether the dance sphere was in use or not, so if a Sim was already using it, they may autonomously try to use it and throw a hissy fit about not being able to use it because IT'S IN USE ALREADY!!!
  • Good one, TwoJeffs!
Date Bandatron Fix Cyjon
  • Non-playable dates will no longer go over to the Electrono-Ticket Machine and stare at it. When the playable Sim pays, the date is automatically paid for as well. Requires both Nightlife and Open for Business.
Date Gift Fixes Cyjon
  • Dates no longer tiptoe. It's cute but frequently doesn't get cleared right, leaving tiptoeing townies.
  • Objects are left at the mailbox, which is more likely than the front door to have a large space available.
  • If the date can't find a place for the object, the object is removed rather than floating in limbo creating problems such as unachievable wants.
  • Dates who hit any kind of problem leave rather than ringing the doorbell.
  • Note: Conflicts with alfixes. Make sure this mod loads after alfixes. Should work with my modified version as well.
Decorative Corbel Placement Modification Menaceman44
  • Alters the placement of the decorative corbel introduced in Apartment Life. Originally it was placed a bit off to the side, as if it had a twin (which it doesn't).
Dinner for 8 (extra servings for all meals) Neder
  • I put this in the "Bugs/Annoyances" section because it just made no sense at all that, while the largest table can hold up to 8 Sims and the maximum household size is 8 Sims... and yet a group serving of food only feeds 6 Sims??
  • This mod upgrades all in-game foods so they produce 8 plates/bowls, so they can feed a large household easily, without having Sims to cook twice, or even thrice.
DJ Booth Fixes Cyjon
  • Fixes various bugs and glitches with DJ booths. Unfortunately, it won't fix the "Can't hold dance competition with the Nightlife booth" issue.
Do not leave without me dickhurt
  • One thing that has bugged me to no end is how an owned vehicle (and the taxi) would leave if a Sim didn't get inside it in time. If you had a travelling party of 3 Sims, and two got inside the vehicle but one was still making his way down the stairs after using the toilet, if the third Sim didn't get inside the car in time his friends will drive off without him. The third Sim will not appear on the next lot unless the next destination was the home lot. That third Sim will be lost from the party forever until his friends returned home, where he would mysteriously reappear.... this actually seems to be a bug and not a feature. Maxis, please, fix those bugs!
  • This mod forces vehicles to wait patiently until all their passengers are safe inside, with their seat belts on.
Don't turn off or stop watching tv when fun maxed Digitalchaos
  • Provides two, no, three mods to assist with watching TV.
    • One stops Sims from dropping the "Watch TV" interaction even when their Fun is maxed out
    • One prevents Sims from turning off the TV when they're done watching
    • One always forces Sims to turn off the TV when they're done watching
Dorm Billing Fix J.M. Pescado
  • Fixes a divide-by-zero error that would occur if you played a dorm that did not have any "Myne doors". All pre-made dorms should have this door, so this mod is only needed for custom ones.
Dumb In Use Test Cyjon
  • Sims will be stupider about deciding if an object is in use...which is a good thing.
    • Here's the deal - many actions use a "smart" in-use test, where a Sim can only tell if an object is in use if it is within their view. While it seems realistic, it more often than not leads to silly situations. From Cyjon:

"A sim is able to tell a shower is dirty from ten miles away, but as he climbs the stairs he doesn't hear the water running, doesn't care about the closed bathroom door, doesn't see the steam coming out from underneath, and then is shocked to find his wife taking a shower. He exits, stands in the hall for a second, and then tries to clean the dirty shower again. And again. And again."

    • So this mod allows Sims to always know whether an object is in use or not even if the object is on the other side of the lot, up six flights of stairs, and has several doors in the way. This way, Sims will no longer waste time walking across the lot just to see that they can't actually perform the actions they were trying to do. Does not affect player-directed actions.
Education Bookcase Fix Cyjon
  • The education bookcase career reward from Seasons allowed Sims to study different skills, such as Creativity and Logic, options not available to normal bookcases. EA forgot to update those interactions, however, so Sims will consider studying these skills at the bookcase to be Fun activities instead of Skill activities, meaning they are more likely to autonomously quit.
  • Known annoyance: If you install this mod into any household that has a Sim studying from a book, they will throw an object error. If you play with testingcheatsenabled, just click on "Reset". Otherwise, the Sim will just "jump" out of the action. It is harmless, and will only happen the first time you enter the property with the mod installed.
Elder Female "Base Face Template" Chin Fix Sim-Wolf
  • Fixes the 2nd face template for elder women, which looks ugly and distorted, compared to the version on males and younger females.
  • Note: This does not affect Sims that already have this template. You'll need to give them plastic surgery.
Elevator Dormie Fix dizzy
  • Fixes the bug where dormies would forget that they were dormies if an elevator was installed on the lot. By "forget" they were dormies, they would basically think they were visitors, so they would leave the lot if it was past 2am, only to come back again. It gets very annoying.
  • Note: This mod has not been updated past Pets. It is unknown whether it still works for later expansions.
Employees Make Pottery Dammit SimWardrobe
  • Access this file via "The Sims 2>Fixes>FreeTime fixes"
  • If you own a business and have more than one pottery wheel (and more than one employee assigned to a pottery wheel), you may have noticed that all employees will hanker after one wheel. Whoever gets there first will start work immediately, but everyone else will simply go to that wheel, see that it's in use, and then go to a corner to start goofing off, doing absolutely nothing work-related. These mods will force employees to go to another pottery wheel if one's in use instead of giving themselves a holiday at work.
Engagement Memory Fix TwoJeffs
  • Fixes a bug where Sims would get the wrong type of engagement memory (bad/good).
Enthusiasm Overhaul tunaisafish
  • Fixes a crap ton of issues with the FreeTime expansion pack, largely centered around the Enthusiasm feature. It is broken up into five files:
  • File 1 (tunaisafish_enthusiasm-core.package)
    • This is the main file; all other files are optional, but they require this file to be installed.
    • Fixes the following annoyances:
      • Interests are no longer affected by hobby activity, which often resulted in the interests of a Sim going haywire just because of their actions, making it impossible for a Sim's interests to remain constant and straight enough for the player to wrap their minds around. Only the Sim's predestined (One True) hobby will affect the Sim's interests. Interest changes are made in a non-destructive way and won't constantly attack other interests like the original code did. (See the "Relevant Skills and Interests" table on the download page for the interests affected by the hobby.)
      • Only a hobby's "primary" interest will be affected, and only if the hobby is the predestined (One True) hobby.
      • Sims no longer randomly lose their bonus effects at higher enthusiasm levels (Examples include Sims losing their ability to instruct Sims in a hobby at level 10 when they could do it at level 9. Wow EA.)
      • The gain rate of enthusiasm is now steadier during long interactions
      • Pets are no longer given hobby enthusiasm, which is useless for obvious reasons
      • Alien abductions no longer subtract random interest points
    • Adds the following features:
      • Sims with a high relevant interest will gain enthusiasm for their related hobbies faster than uninterested Sims. Does not affect the boost from the predestined hobby.
      • Changes the relevant interests to hobbies (see download page)
      • Enthusiasm is now gained faster on hobby lots, so your Sims actually have a better reason to go there
      • Sims will only gain enthusiasm in a hobby if they have one point hobby's primary interest. Doesn't affect the hobby chance card gamble.
  • File 2: (tunaisafish_enthusiasm-o-maxOTHonly.package)
    • Optional file, requires the core file to work.
    • Features added:
      • Puts the One True Hobby as the one hobby for Sims. Sims will only get wants, and be able, to maximize their enthusiasm in their predestined hobby. All other hobbies cap at 9.99 points, so Sims will only be able to maximize the enthusiasm of their predestined hobby.
      • Sims will no longer get a want to maximize enthusiasm in a hobby even if they already received the plaque for maximizing it (This can happen if a Sim reaches the top, gets the plaque, loses interest in that hobby, and then start building it up again. No, you won't get another plaque.)
  • File 3: (tunaisafish_enthusiasm-o-decay.package)
    • Optional file, requires the core file to work.
    • Features added:
      • Sims with a higher level of enthusiasm will now have a slower enthusiasm decay rate. In the original code, Sims with a higher level of enthusiasm actually had a faster decay rate, for whatever reason.
      • In the original code, the first 4 points would take 400 Sim hours to decay, 100 for each point. By contrast, the last point, the 10th point, emptied within only 20 hours, so in order to stay in the zone, a Sim would have to do that hobby activity once per day. This mod reverses it, so the 10th point now take 100 hours to decay, and lower levels decay faster. This should allow really enthusiastic Sims to take some time off, while allowing the less-cared for hobbies to actually die.
  • File 4: (tunaisafish_enthusiasm-o-lesshobbylossmsg.package) (SleepyCat Edition)
    • Optional file, requires the core file to work.
    • Features added:
      • Sims will no longer get annoying "<Sim> is losing enthusiasm in <hobby>" messages if the hobby level is 5 or lower. Sims will still get messages if their hobby level is 6 or higher, or if said hobby is the predestined hobby. This should help with the annoying spam of hobbies that the Sim doesn't care about.
  • File 5: (tunaisafish_enthusiasm-o-nophonecalls.package)
    • Optional file, requires the core file to work.
    • Annoyances fixed:
      • Sims will no longer receive the "Keep it up" phone call from the hobby instructor at level 2 enthusiasm (This was probably removed in the FreeTime patch, and for a good reason — it was annoying as hell!)
      • Sims will no longer get the "Subscribe to our magazine" phone call when they reach level 3 enthusiasm. The option to subscribe is still available on the phone in case you want to subscribe to the magazine. You just won't be notified about it.
  • Note: This mod conflicts with Pescado's "interestlosshack", "nohobbyspam", and "ftminifixes". This mod works fine with all three of those mods, so feel free to ignore those hack conflicts. File 5 is not compatible with Christianlov's phone call annoyance removers. jfade's zone effect removal mods should work with this mod.
Exercise Tweaks Cyjon
  • This mod tweaks the motive drops for exercise equipment, balancing them out, because they are so absurdly unbalanced, unrealistic, and nonsensical.
    • Yoga: Hourly energy drain reduced from 10 to 0. Fixed incorrect motive limits.
    • Exercise Machines (treadmill, multipress, etc.): Increased hourly energy drain from 0 to 15.
    • Basketball: Reduced hourly energy drain from 45 to 15.
    • Soccer: Reduced hourly energy drain from 75 (OMG what was EA thinking here??!!) to 15. Increased body skill rate from 100 to 200. Fixed broken fitness delta so soccer will now improve fitness.
    • Jump Rope: Increased hourly energy drain from 3/5/7 to 5/10/15 for easy/medium/hard.
    • Exercise bike: Energy drain reduced from 20 to 15.
    • Punching Bag: Energy drain increased from 0 to 15.
Faster Pass Along Cyjon
  • Business perks are great. They turn your business into mega-million corporations. But what isn't so snazzy is the fact that they take for-fricking-ever to pass along to other household members! What?! It's easier to just start a business of your own and getting those perks yourself rather than listen to dad or mom ramble about them!
  • With this mod, passing along all 10 business perks takes as much time as studying a skill from 0 to 10 points.
Faster tip jar pick up Marhis
  • Sims will no longer moan or grin about whether they got tips or not after performing for tips. Instead, the tip jar will simply disappear and the money added to their wallets. No more moaning, no more grinning, no more animations - just pick up those Simoleons and shut up.
Fewer PlantSims Cyjon
  • Sims heal half of their insecticide damage each day, reducing the chances of them turning into a PlantSim. Sims who become a PlantSim will have all of the damage healed, so they don't turn into a PlantSim after being cured if they spray just one plant. This allows a Sim to maintain a small garden without dealing with that fuss.
Fewer Soccer Pests Cyjon
  • Sims will no longer autonomously try to pull Sims that have a command queued into their soccer game. They will only pick on Sims that aren't doing anything at the moment, instead of the grandmother that's trying to get into the house to wash the dishes.
FreeTime Mini Fixes J.M. Pescado
  • Some fixes for the FreeTime expansion pack, some of which are still needed after the patch or after installing Apartment Life. Because EA.
    • Restorable junk car no longer becomes unusable if it gets reset while in use.
    • The genie's "Give Me Wealth" wish no longer gets affected by other interactions in the queue.
    • Graduation diplomas, "Best of Best" business awards, and "First Simoleons" earned by a business no longer cause errors when the "View Many" interaction is used.
    • Hobby novels should no longer break study interactions.
    • Education bookcase now creates gold-covered books again.
    • Fixes a bug that caused Sims to randomly lose their ability to instruct Sims in a hobby at Level 10 hobby enthusiasm.
  • Conflicts with Enthusiasm Overhaul. Can be installed together without problems.
Fix for OFB Toddler Brown Badger Hat - Correctly shows up under PJs Lord Darcy
  • A misplaced catalog item. The brown badger hat for toddlers, introduced in Open for Business, was incorrectly categorized as Everyday/Formal/Outerwear, whereas other colors show up under Everyday/PJs/Outerwear. This mod fixes that, moving the lost sheep from Formal to PJs. The shepherd has found you, and will bring you back to the rest of the herd!
Fixed Rat Race Magazine MogHughson
  • When Sims read the "Rat Race" magazine, their interest in "Work" should now increase, as intended.
Flashing Blue Vampire Teeth fix for adult males and young adult males Aaroneous
  • Fixes a bug with adult and young adult vampires, in which their teeth would start flashing blue, removing their upper teeth. This mod works instantly, affects existing and future Sims, and doesn't require anything special.
  • While it requires Nightlife, it isn't really needed until Pets or later, when the bug first appeared.
Floor Sleep Fix Cyjon
  • Fixes a bug in which, if you save and exit a lot with Sims passed out on the floor, the game may not restore their Energy increase when you reload the lot, so they'll continue to sleep until motive failure wakes them up. If you play the Asylum Challenge or if you are a cheap and cruel player and force your Sims to sleep on the cold, hard floor, this mod is essential if you don't want Sims to wake up and die immediately after due to starvation. Because if my alarm clock doesn't wake me up in the morning, it's my growling stomach demanding that I feed it breakfast.
Frame of Preference Fix Cyjon
  • This mod correctly marks the "Frame Of Preference" arch from Mansion & Gardens as an arch rather than a door. Without this mod, the arch can be "locked", and will make door opening/closing sounds as Sims walk in and out of it.
Front Door Hack J. M. Pescado
  • This mod tweaks the code that determines what is considered to be the "front door". The front door of a house is the door where visitors and NPCs "ring the doorbell" to pay you a visit or deliver goods. Usually they're pretty sensible about it, but if you have a fancy sliding door at the back, they may go over there and ring the doorbell there. Also, if you have a garage, there's a good chance they're using that as well.
  • This mod fixes that. Garage doors should no longer be considered to be front doors, and Sims should no longer attempt to use the inaccessible fancy door in the backyard to leave their deliveries.
Frozen Customer Fix SimWardrobe
  • Access this file via "The Sims 2>Fixes>Open For Business Fixes"
  • Occasionally a customer in an owned business may become stuck when trying to pay for their merchandise at the cash register. The customer will stand there, frozen in place, until all other customers behind them throw down their bags in frustration and you lose customer loyalty stars because of an incompetent jerk. This mod should fix this bug.
  • Note: I still sometimes see this bug happen in my game from time to time. I'm not sure if it's due to a hack conflict (if it is, let me know). The best solution is to use the moveobjects cheat and move the customers around. For some reason this "unsticks" the interaction and allows a transaction to be made. It may result in some weird positions, such as a customer handing money to a cashier that's five tiles away, but I don't care, as long as it works and my customers don't get pissed.
Get Parents Fix tunaisafish
  • The "Get Parents" function is used by the game to find the parents of a toddler, child, or teen. The function is often called to decide who a toddler will follow, who a child cheers at when they get an A+, who NPCs decide who to interact with, and who the butler decides is his "employer".
  • The problem? The function is buggy and broken - right from the base game! For instance, if only one parent is found, it leaves garbage data in the second slot. EAxis tried to fix the bug in Apartment Life but just made it worse. If you play without adults (such as the Newson Family), it's a pain with this bug, as it would put a random object in the second slot, so you have toddlers thinking a street light is their mother, a child cheering at a bush, and the butler thinking he's employed by a car!
  • This mod fixes all of these bugs, in addition to fixing another quirk. In the default game, the function would always favor one parent more than the other. The parent it favors usually has a lower NID number (usually the first parent created), so one parent would be followed more, cheered at more, etc. This mod resets that to 50/50, so both parents have an equal chance of being picked.
  • Conflicts with Pescado's Apartment Hack. Pescado might have fixed it, but if you insist on having both in your game, make sure this mod loads after Apartment Hack.
Get The Closest Plate Stupid SimWardrobe
  • Access this file via "The Sims 2>Fixes>Generic (All Versions) Fixes"
  • This mod enhances plate and bowl cleanup for Sims. Normally, Sims were very inefficient with picking plates to clean up. They'd do so sporadically, picking up a plate here, and a plate there, and then walk halfway across the lot, crawl through broken glass and under barbed wire, pick up a plate there, and then go back through the military base training centre to finally get the last plate on the dining table, before shoving it all into the dishwasher. This mod will calculate distances between plates, so Sims will get the plates and bowls closest to them first, then go the extra mile.
Help Shoppers First SimWardrobe
  • Access this file via "The Sims 2>Fixes>Open For Business Fixes"
  • With this mod, employees that are assigned to be a salesperson will help customers that look confused before they attempt to sell items to them. This ensures customers that need help get help.
  • There are two versions of this mod. Use ONLY ONE:
    • Basic Sell Only: Only allows NPC employees to perform the Basic Sell interaction, regardless of their talent badges. This is safer than allowing your employees to foolishly choose "Dazzle" and lose customers as a result.
    • Full Sales Option: Allows employees to pick any sales interaction that their talent badges allow them to perform.
Improved Housekeeping SimWardrobe
  • Access this file via "The Sims 2>Objects>NPCs>Improved Housekeeping"
  • This mod fixes the incredibly useless housekeepers in Bon Voyage. Or rather, the "housetrashers" since that's pretty much what they did.
    • The housekeeper originally worked from 10AM to 6PM. If your Sims left the hotel before 10AM and returned after 6PM, they would never show up and no cleaning ever got done, so your hotel would be a total mess. This mod makes them work much longer hours so hotels actually get cleaned.
    • The housekeeper cleans by suites, which isn't a problem in itself UNTIL you get to the suites occupied by other guests, in which the housekeeper would disappear into their suites and stay in there for hours, to clean something that technically doesn't get dirty or is even noticed by the player anyway. This mod stops that annoying behavior so that housekeepers no longer go inside guest suites when there is nothing to clean. Like, stop admiring their luggage and walking out with jewelry in your pockets and a laptop under your uniform! Clean up, for hell's sake!
    • There was an odd bug in which the housekeeper would clean one item in a suite and then leave, even if everything else was a mess. This mod replaces the code so that the housekeeper will clean everything in the suite, down to every speck of dust, before deciding to leave.
    • The housekeeper is supposed to do all the cleaning, gardening, and repairing on the lot. Bugs in the code mean that the housekeeper may not perform all of these tasks correctly, so that they may completely ignore a broken shower right in front of them. This mod replaces the code so that they will now do those tasks properly.
  • Requires Bon Voyage, obviously.
Interact W/O Greet J.M. Pescado
  • Allows Sims to use social interactions on other Sims without the preliminary of having to greet them first. Only works if the selected Sim is in the same room as the Sim you're trying to use the interaction on.
  • Note: If Apartment Life is installed, this will not stop Sims from greeting each other. Use Squinge's No Autonomous Greets to squash that as well. Combined, the two mods make the game more or less pre-AL.
Interest Loss Hack J.M. Pescado
  • This mod prevents Sims from losing an interest entirely, either from reading magazines, or because of FreeTime hobby activities that caused their interests to fluctuate abnormally.
  • In my game, interests mostly remained static with this mod, with interests that they were interested in never dropping below 4 points (anything below 4 points results in a conversation rejection and the infamous "Fingers-in-ear" reaction).
  • This is absolutely critical in FreeTime, where hobby activities could modify a Sim's interest recklessly, often resulting in the interests completely changing within a day. Mind-numbing. This mod mostly eliminates that so the interests of Sims should never rise or decline in a destructive way.
  • Conflicts with Enthusiasm Overhaul. Can be installed together without problems, as long as Enthusiasm Overhaul loads last.
"Is Chair a Booth" / "Is Sofa a Sectional" global patches Inge Jones
  • This mod allows the game to recognize cloned booth chairs and sectional sofas as such.
Jukebox Animation Fix Lord Darcy
  • The jukebox introduced in Nightlife has a sick animation of replacing and retrieving the record when Sims turn it on or off. However, if you exit and re-enter the lot, the jukebox will lose these animations. This mod re-enables them.
  • Note: You must sell and repurchase the affected jukeboxes for the fix to take effect.
Jump Rope Fitness Cyjon
  • The "Jump rope" interaction from Apartment Life now builds fitness. The gain rate is the same as stereo workout. Useful for those Sims living in cramped apartments and have to use the communal areas to stay fit.
Just Leave Already Cyjon
  • Apartment Life introduced a(n) feature annoyance in which guests would take the time to personally say goodbye to your Sim before leaving. For a party that ran a little too late and it's 2am and everybody needs to go home because they have to work tomorrow, that's having every single guest staying at your Sim's place until 5am just to say goodbye when they could've just left and gained 3 more hours of sleep. This mod reverts to pre-AL behavior, so if a Sim is leaving your Sim's house, they'll just leave.
Kids and Pets Unattended BoilingOil
  • This mod allows children, toddlers, and pets to be left at home alone without a teenager or older Sim present. Very useful for single parent families, so they don't have to bother with a nanny if they need the kids to be home alone for just a few hours while they work to bring in money. In a sense, this mod can be used to have a child live alone without any adults or elder guardians present. How fun!
  • Despite popular belief, this mod will not disable social worker visits completely. The social worker will still come to deliver adopted children, or remove children with bad grades, etc.
Lacy Lingerie *Shoeless* Default Replacement migamoo
  • The new undies from the Kitchen & Bath Stuff pack for adult women were... ugh. Someone at EAxis decided to put slippers on them. Now who exactly goes to bed in slippers? Maxis, please get a clue. This mod removes the slippers. It is a default replacement, so it will affect any recolors of this object as well. It should take effect immediately.
Leaf Pile Fix jfade
  • EA, for some obviously stupid reason, decided to break the leaf raking interaction in Apartment Life. When you tell a Sim to rake leaves, they will rake one pile and then stop, instead of raking all the piles on the lot until they suffer from motive failure (or until they're finished). This mod reverts to pre-AL behavior, forcing Sims to keep raking until their done or until their motives drop too low.
Less Trash Duty Cyjon
  • Sims will no longer autonomously take out the trash unless the trash bin or compacter is at least half full. This was an annoyance in the original game, as Sims would always autonomously take out the trash as soon as the trash can had just one object in it. What's the point of a trash can, then? Will not affect player-directed interactions.
Lunatech 'Lighten Up' Ceiling Light Fix Menaceman44
  • The "Lunatech 'Lighten Up' Ceiling Light" is one of my favourite ceiling lights in-game. It gets the job done, lights up the room, looks cool, and works in just about any environment. However, if you have Apartment Life, you'll notice that EAxis made a pretty big mistake since the base game; the ceiling light isn't at the same height as all the other lights, which wasn't too much of a big (or noticeable) deal until ceilings were introduced. The error was then glaringly obvious, as the ceiling light would appear to "float" just under the actual ceiling in mid-air. EAxis didn't bother fixing the light at all, so this awesome light looked ugly with ceilings enabled.
  • This mod fixes that. It simply moves the light up so it fits snugly inside the ceiling. It will automatically alter existing lights.
  • Note: While you do not actually need Apartment Life to install this mod, it's a bit pointless unless you use custom ceilings, since you probably won't notice it anyway (But now that I've mentioned it, you might just be inclined to install it anyway).
Make out _IS_ a romantic social, dammit! Marhis
  • For some reason, making out doesn't trigger the crush or love in Sims. This mod fixes that.
Makeout Want Fix Cyjon
  • Occasionally a Sim will roll both a want to kiss someone, and a want to make out with someone. If you initiate make out, the "kiss someone" want is fulfilled immediately, but that usually causes all the other wants to re-roll, so you get snuffed out of the make out want. This mod causes both wants to be fulfilled right at the very start of the interaction, so nobody gets cheated out of a want.
Maxis Centerpiece... as Centerpiece! (Centerpiece Enabler for Maxis Small Objects) Lord Darcy
  • What this mod does is allow Sims to eat at tables that have a centerpiece on them, such as a small decorative object (sculpture or plant), dishes (plates, bowls, platters, and cake, so Sims with small dining rooms and a small table don't have to eat in the living room while the serving bowl is the sole occupant of the dining table), some small electronics, and lamps.
  • Quite useful for restaurants or for the lovely patio where there are small lamps on the tables - which are always vacant because nobody can eat at them! Well, with this mod, now they can.
Missing Default Wedding Dress Restored for Kitchen & Bath Stuff Pack Lord Darcy
  • The default wedding dress from the base game was shamefully hidden due to a silly coding error in Kitchen & Bath Interior Design Stuff. Originally, you needed to enter debug mode in CAS just to get the wedding dress. This mod re-enables it, so you no longer need to look like a computer-programming geek just to get this wedding dress.
  • Important: You may find this wedding dress even with K&B Stuff installed. Only install this mod if you can't find the wedding dress outside of CAS Debug Mode.
Missing Hair Fix "afhairmediumcenterpart" J. M. Pescado
  • The "afmediumcenterpart" is a hairstyle that could only be chosen in the child, teen, and elder life stages, and could not be chosen in the adult or young adult life stages due to a bug. However, if you chose this hairstyle and then aged a Sim up to adult or young adult, it would be retained.
  • This mod fixes that. Now the "afmediumcenterpart" hair can be chosen in CAS or in front of the mirror during the adult and the young adult life stages.
Modular Synth Fix Cyjon
  • Fixes the synthesizer so it is now treated as a skill object, rather than a fun object. Sims stick with skill objects longer than they do fun objects, so this allows Sims to actually build their creativity skills with it.
Money Tree Fix Cyjon
  • Fixes a bug where money trees would not have their money supply correctly updated when watered by a Servo or an NPC.
More Fun Cyjon
  • This mod allows Sims to stick with "fun" activities longer. In the unmodded game, Sims will break out of fun activities faster, sooner, and more easily than "skilling" activities. This becomes a problem when you want the Sims to actually play for much longer, such as to keep them occupied. (Besides, who seriously just stops playing that easily in order to scrub the bathtub? Nyah!) This can permit some fun objects, such as the Tribal Flame a la Coconut Pinball, to actually have a positive effect, rather than a measly peanut machine.
Move away from the bus door xptl297
  • Sims will now walk away from a bus door (i.e. a school bus or the bus in the Athletic career) when they disembark, so people behind them can get off the bus.
Neon Flamingo wall hanging (fix) (Pre-FT) dickhurt
  • For some reason, between Nightlife and FreeTime, the Neon Flamingo wall hanging deco vanished from the buy mode catalog. It wasn't until the FreeTime patch that this was corrected. However, people who do not have FreeTime are unable to enjoy this neon flamingo as a result. I mean, it's NEON!!!
  • If you have the base game, University, or the FreeTime patch, you DO NOT need this mod.
No "Zone" Effects jfade
  • When Sims get really enthusiastic about an activity, they can get in the zone. When they do, they start glowing white and a loud, annoying sound plays. I can stand the glowing white, since it makes my Sims look like angels, and I like that. But the annoying sound? It's cute when it happens once in a while, but not when it happens over and OVER and OVER again! Examples include running the obstacle course, watering a massive garden, and when Sims dream about their beloved hobbies. The only sound I ever want to hear from an angel is Michael's trumpet. Ugh. Did EA seriously think we'd actually like this?
  • There are two mods in this package. One removes the annoying sound of being in the zone, but not the glowing effect. The other removes BOTH the sound and the glowing. Neither of these mods actually remove the "In The Zone" effect — they'll still get the motive/ignorance boost they're promised.
No Allergies TwoJeffs
  • The "Allergies" introduced in Seasons that appeared during spring were horribly designed, and didn't exempt Sims like Servos or other robots. This mod simply removes the feature from the game, so Sims can enjoy the lovely spring weather without acting like they've been overprotective children that have never played outdoors before, because I don't let that happen in my game. Does not affect sneezing caused by disease.
No Auto Finger Wiggle Cyjon
  • Sims will no longer autonomously play the finger wiggle game with cats, since that'll just eventually wind up with them getting hurt. Cats won't autonomously ask for it either. Does not affect player directed interactions.
  • This also prevents cats from asking to be thrown in the air. Sims can still do it autonomously, and of course, if you want your cats to vomit, you can still command them to do it.
No Autonomous Greet Squinge
  • Apartment Life brought with it lots of new opportunities for my Sims to meet new Sims... and even more annoyances that shipped with the awesome stuff. Apartment Life changed the way Sims behave on community lots drastically, in that Sims had to greet each other before they could perform any other social interactions on them. This resulted in Sims just walking over entire lots just to greet someone, and then turn around to go home because they had to pee now. It also made doing just about anything virtually impossible on community lots because everybody would go out of their way to try to greet Sims trying to work as a cashier, a DJ, or being a busker, causing Sims to stop what they were doing and never return, breaking community lots and being a major annoyance to the player.
  • This mod prevents Sims from autonomously using the new gestures in Apartment Life. Also stops unselectable Sims from autonomously greeting other Sims.
  • Note: This will essentially make community lots unsettling, quiet places. In my experience, Sims will never autonomously greet each other, but they won't socialize with each other either. Pescado's Interact W/O Greet mod fixes this. I use both in my game and it more or less reverts to pre-AL behavior. With both mods installed, Sims will never bother greeting each other and they instead go straight to chatting with each other. Now that is a game that I like.
No Commercial Recharge Cyjon
  • Servos will no longer attempt to recharge on a community lot, which often results in them trying to recharge while indoors or at night. If their batteries run low, they will leave the lot instead.
No Dancing in Silence TwoJeffs
  • Sims should no longer initiate the "Dance On Toes" interaction (the "Dance Together" option between a child and an older Sim) unless there is a stereo playing in the same room. Which is good, because I just couldn't stand the apparent attractiveness of the interaction, to the point my Sims could do it all day. Stop dancing and go to school already!!
  • Note: Some users have reported that this mod only reduces the probability of the interaction occurring, and that it occasionally still pops up. I have not seen this in my game, but useful to keep in mind.
No Engine Weenies Cyjon
  • Sims working on the restorable car will no longer quit if the engine blows. They will keep working until they're finished fixing the engine, or if their motives drop too low.
No Hidden WooHoo Cyjon
  • When Sims have WooHoo, they are temporarily hidden from the lot. Since Nightlife, this is done by giving the Sims the "hidden" flag. If the WooHooing Sims are the only other playable Sims on the lot, visitors on the lot will automatically leave, thinking the house is empty. This mod reverts to pre-NL method of hiding Sims, so visitors won't leave when the residents WooHoo.
  • May not be needed if you have Visitor's Leave, but I have both in my game, just in case.
No Hyperactive Children Cyjon
  • Fixes a bug where children would be in indefinite "run mode" after aging up from toddler. You can also fix their movement by using the "Fix Movement" option on Cyjon's debugger.
No Jitters after espresso Numenor
  • This mod removes the jitters Sims get after drinking a mug of coffee or espresso. Seriously, I drink coffee and I don't come close to jittering like a 9.0 earthquake, so why should my Sims do the same?
No Lecture Baby BoilingOil
  • Sims will no longer lecture a baby or toddler when they soil themselves. They should only lecture children and older who should know better. Sims will still react to the smell, though.
No More "Dance Face" Neder
  • When a Sim dances, they wear this... "Confused" look on their face. If the game developers thought it would pass for "suave" or "constipated", well they're wrong, because it just looks stupid. It looks stupid especially when two Sims dance together. Seriously, if you get asked to dance, why would you wear this confused look on your face? Have you never danced before? Sims will now smile when they're dancing, because... dancing is fun!
No More Witch Squinge
  • This mod prevents the NPC witch from spawning on any lot. It will not prevent Sims from using a teleporter to force them over, and it will not affect playable witches. They just got so annoying to the point they were creating so many useless character files with their useless spectral cats or whatever. The way they made it rain on the lot and the way they made the lot glow... it was just so annoying, it's a wonder I haven't smashed my keyboard on the wall yet!
  • Warning: This mod can cause issues in a high-witch lot, in which these NPC witches must spawn for the lot to work correctly. If you need to buy reagents or parts, you can use the teleporter (link above) to force an NPC witch over to your home lot, and then buy the stuff from there. Reagents can also be obtained from the Sim Manipulator, or make them buyable here
No Podium Play Cyjon
  • Prevents children from autonomously playing with the podiums - both the "Teleprompter" (obtained as a career reward for the Politics career) and the "I Object" (obtained as a career reward for the Law career) podiums are covered. The interaction is usually very annoying, as kids will constantly try to play with the podiums, burping and giggling into them. Players can still direct kids to use the podiums if you want them to be a great public speaker (so may as well get over the "Hey look, this thing makes my voice louder!" fit when they're younger).
No Sim Loaded BoilingOil
  • A little Sims-2-trivia: The "Sim Loaded" token is a completely useless token that the game generates and gives to your Sim when you load them. This token has no real use in-game, so I have no idea why they even kept it. Anyways, when you load the Sim again, the game will try to generate a new Sim Loaded token, but find that the Sim they're trying to generate it for already has one, so it follows this ridiculously complex procedure to get rid of and generate a new useless token to waste time. This mod will routinely clear out the useless tokens. This will NOT harm or affect your game in any way, and it is said to improve loading times!
  • There are three versions of this mod:
    • The "Basic" version only kills the Sim Loaded token, nothing else. It will clear out tokens upon loading a lot. Since these tokens do not return until the load is reloaded or another lot is loaded, it will not continue running in the background, so it won't hog your game.
    • The "FINAL bugfix" version kills a lot of stuff the FFS Lot Debugger can remove via the "Nuke" and "Fix" options. It will remove useless controllers, stuck move-outs, fridge tiles, kickybags, poo-bags. It will also remove attraction markers and all attraction memories, as well as gossip. It will also kill the "Super Duper Hug" debug interaction, if found.
    • The "Special" version is the same as the FINAL bugfix version, except that it does not remove gossip.
  • This requires Cyjon's EP Check.
  • Note: If you use the FINAL bugfix or Special version, Sims' motives will not freeze when they meditate.
Non-Townie Outfits Cyjon
  • This mod changes the categorization of certain clothing so townies don't spawn in Everyday wear in them. I mean, which Sim would wander around in a dragon costume? They can still spawn in those outfits in different types of wear, such as the kids "floaties" in the swimwear section, so child townies will only wear them when at the pool, not when walking by your house. Doesn't affect existing townies.
  • This mod is broken up into 5 parts. You can download and install each of them individually. You do not need to install all of them, only the ones you want.
    • Dragon affects the dragon outfits from Family Fun Stuff.
    • Floaties makes the kids swim floaties from Family Fun Stuff swimwear only, not everyday wear.
    • Holiday affects baby new year, Santa Claus, and Mrs. Claus outfits from the Holiday Party Pack.
    • Veils covers the teen and adult female hairstyles from Celebrations and Glamour Life that have veils. It also marks them as hats for turn-on purposes.
    • Nightcaps affects the child nightcaps from Family Fun Stuff and also marks them as hats.
  • None of these affect player decisions.
No Random bursting into Flames SimWardrobe
  • Access this file via "The Sims 2>Fixes>Seasons Fixes".
  • This effectively prevents spontaneous combustion from being too hot, because seriously, who catches on fire when they're hot? You'd have to be well over 100°C (212°F) before you bursting into flames even becomes a concern. And I guarantee you, your blood will boil and you'd die from that, not from a fire.
  • NOTE: Conflicts with Pescado's Warmth Fixes. Add a "Z" in front of SimWardrobe's mod so it loads after Warmth Fixes, if you want spontaneous combustion to be eliminated from the game.
No Random Calls Cyjon
  • This mod comes in four files, and you can pick and choose which ones you want to install. You do not have to install all four files, only the ones you want.
    • CJ-NoRandomCalls-Strangers stops people with a low relationship score from calling you to chat (I hardly even know you, mate!).
    • CJ-NoRandomCalls-Contacts stops calls from people you have never met, only because you have a mutual friend.
    • CJ-NoRandomCalls-DatesOutings puts an end to the Date or Outing invitation calls, on "Hey, I found some new places Downtown!" or "That was awesome, let's do it again!" calls. I'd love to go out and hang out with you guys, but Beau needs to learn how to talk first.
    • CJ-NoRandomCalls-Subscriptions stops the annoying "Hobby Magazine Subscription" spam calls introduced in FreeTime. Yeah EA, I'm not sure if you know just how annoying these people are in real life, so annoying that we want to piss our Sims off too. You will still be able to subscribe to these magazines manually over the phone, you just won't be given a stupid phone call at 3am from people that are spying on your Sims.
No Reacting to Rain or Snow SimWardrobe
  • Access this file via "The Sims 2>Fixes>Seasons Fixes".
  • Stops Sims from going over to windows or looking at the sky to do the "Oooh... it's raining/snowing" thing. It's cute at first, but eventually, ESPECIALLY if it's an adult Sim, it's annoying as hell. It's rain. You've seen rain before. You're not a child anymore. Get over it!
No Return Home Animation Cyjon
  • Family Sims will, upon coming home from work, stand by the curb and proudly declare to the heavens that they are home. First of all, how many people actually do that in real life? No matter how much you love your family, you're not going to waste your life rabbling by the mailbox about something stupid. Secondly, this was SO FRICKING ANNOYING because I need my Sims to do something after coming home from work, like, say, take a shower, or tend to the baby like a FAMILY Sim would!
  • This mod nerfs that interaction. When they come home, they'll just await your next command (or do something else on their own will) like any other Sim.
No Servo Do Chores J. M. Pescado
  • You might be wondering, "Why did you put this in the 'Bugs/Annoyances' section?" Well, Servo's "Do Chores" function is useful at times. Servo automatically has that pushed onto them and they'll go around the house cleaning things, repairing anything that's broken, and cooking meals. This interaction is pushed hourly, however, and it usually results in the Servo quitting what they were doing beforehand. Since Servo is now a fully playable Sim, as opposed to the "object" it was in The Sims 1, it means that I actually want Servo to, say, build a skill, or converse with a Sim. The "Do Chores" interaction now just gets in the way. It can be disabled by turning free will off, but seriously, why go that nuclear?
  • This mod completely nerfs the "Do Chores" interaction. You'll have to manually tell Servo to clean and repair stuff, but at least it makes Servo more of an awesome Sim that never has to eat, sit down, take a shower, or use the toilet.
No Shade Eyes Salute TwoJeffs
  • This prevents Sims from doing the annoying overlay animations introduced in Mansion & Garden Stuff when they go outdoors, including the "Shade eyes from sun" salute, which doesn't check to see whether the Sim has something in their hands. This usually leads to Sims putting objects on their heads, including but not limited to: garbage bags, babies, plates, cans, and baby bottles.
No Social Worker for Hot or Cold SimWardrobe
  • Access this file via "The Sims 2>Fixes>Seasons Fixes".
  • This prevents the social hater worker from kidnapping confiscating children just for being too hot or too cold. Why can't those uneducated folks come when a child is actually being abused, not just because they had too much fun building snowmen!
No Stinky Dancing Cyjon
  • What's up with EA and dancing? Not all dancing is intense and sweaty, so I'd gladly invite some EA employees to play Just Dance or something and see for themselves. This mod reduces the absurdly high hygiene drop dancing provides, which often results in dance clubs and the homes of music enthusiasts to be filled with Sims with green whiff clouds coming out of them. Also reduces the energy drop as well, so Sims don't pass out in the middle of a party.
  • SimWardrobe made a similar mod, accessible at "The Sims 2>Fixes>Generic (All Versions) Fixes". It basically does the same thing.
No Watchout for Driverless Vehicles dickhurt
  • Sims will no longer have the "Watch Out!" interaction pushed on them if they are in the way of a vehicle, especially one that doesn't even have a driver. The interaction originally caused issues with entire command queues being wiped out with such a pointless interaction.
  • Note: Sims might be "run over" by cars with this mod installed, but it won't harm them, the car will just pass right through. Sims cannot die from a car running over them, or from a car accident. I think you'd prefer that over your well-thought-out plan for the day being erased.
No Weekly Report TwoJeffs
  • "Stops the idiotic dialog every week from sims about their aspiration score since even if their entire family died last week, if you happen to get them platinum right before the dialog pops it will be the best week ever. Stupid Eaxis."
  • Best description ever lol
No Weightlifting Weenies Cyjon
  • Fixes coding stupidity in which active Sims were MORE likely to quit using exercise equipment than lazy Sims, because EA made those activities as "Fun" activities for active Sims rather than Skill activities. The problem is, Sims drop Fun activities more often and more easily than they drop Skill activities, so you have active Sims stopping as soon as they are a little bit tired.
No Welcome Home Hugs BoilingOil
  • Every time a parent comes home from work, their children will drop whatever they're doing and rush out to greet them. This quickly became annoying, because 1. How many kids, regardless of background, would actually do that? 2. I'm trying to get the kids to do something and this interaction, which wipes out the entire queue, isn't helping at all, and 3. It's cute the first few times, but after a while it just got so annoying I wished it would go away!
  • This mod completely nerfs that interaction, so it's back to the good ol' days of The Sims 1. Keep jumping on the bed. Mom and dad don't need to know.
Oaktowne Dining Chair Fix Klaartje
  • Fixes a silly EAxis graphical glitch with the Oaktowne Dining Chair.
Object Sound (Soundinfo) Fix for Maxis Objects Lord Darcy
  • Objects make distinctive noises when Sims are interacting with them, such as a soft, cushion sofa making a squishy noise. However, sound attribution in later EPs were largely disregarded, such as the Seasons roofed bench making the soft cushion noise. Some objects won't make any sounds at all, because EA broke the coding for them. This mod fixes the sound for most pre-made objects.
Outdoor lamps on till dawn mod Marhis
  • Outdoor lights no longer turn off at 2am. I've never got the point of that. Sure, maybe it's to save electricity in far-off rural areas, but in urban and suburban regions, it's just silly, dangerous, and useless. With this mod, outdoor lights will turn on at 6pm (as usual) and remain on until 7am the next morning, when the sun comes out. Now if there was only a mod for this in The Sims 1...
Paper Count Fix Cyjon
  • Suppose you get this warning that you have too many newspapers on the lot and that today's paper won't be delivered, when you only have one or two around. Or do you? Look around closely, and you'll see a Sim sitting on the crapper with a newspaper out, and the game apparently counts that as a legitimate newspaper! This mod fixes that by only counting newspapers that are real and were delivered by the newspaper deliverer, not whipped out of thin air by a Sim on the toilet.
Pet Interaction Enabler for Forgotten Objects

Lord Darcy

  • Several objects from several expansion and stuff packs just never had pet interactions enabled for them, because EA simply forgot about them. With the controlPets cheat, it's possible to see which objects have pet interactions enabled, and which don't. This mod enables those interactions on those forgotten objects, so pets can sleep, nap, chew, and scratch them.
Phone Hack J.M. Pescado
  • A variety of bug and annoyance fixes, though quite annoyingly, it also introduces a bunch of "features" you probably don't want or care about in your game. Thanks, Pescado, for forcing us to have this. Requires patched Open for Business or later.
  • Bugs fixed:
    • If a Sim is on the phone with a child on the other end past 6pm (or whatever the curfew for children is, if you don't have a mod that changes the time), the parent of the child will no longer show up on the lot to pick up the child (because Sims on the phone are technically considered to be on the lot) even after the phone call has ended. They will see no child to pick up, and simply invite themselves inside your house, which is probably why you see this random Sim watching TV in your living room. If that happened in my house, that parent better get out fast or be literally kicked to the curb. It's my property, after all.
    • The Headmaster will no longer invite himself when he calls you, nor will the phone freeze up and break the whole scenario.
    • Sims can now properly invite new headmasters even after the player has moved in one
    • Teens should now be able to Go Out and Sneak Out correctly in Pets.
    • Calling in sick for work will no longer generate a useless NPC to clog your game files.
    • It is now possible to invite the headmaster over even when a toddler is about to age up at 6pm while a headmaster scenario is underway.
  • Features added that I like:
    • Teens can now Go Out and Sneak Out, even if they lack an older Sim. Very useful if you have a household comprised of only teens or younger, since those teens will have no guardian to ask to Go Out/Sneak Out, so why can't they just do it? Go out, have a ball, and run from the cops. You won't have a parent to do hefty explaining to.
      • Note: You can get a teen to live alone either by creating a family in CAS and then killing the adults and elders so only the teens are left, or by using a tool like the InSIMenator to grant them the "Independent Teen" flag, have them move out via the "Find Own Place" interaction on the newspaper or computer, and once they've moved in, age them back to teen.
    • Friends who miss you will no longer make pointless phone calls just to warn you that your friendship is about to expire. They will instead make a useful phone call and start chatting with your Sims, so they can bring the relationship back up.
    • Sims will no longer place casual phone calls when they are NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HOME! I've had kids call my stay-at-home Servo when they were supposed to be at school (playing with the teacher's phone, I see!), and older Sims calling when they should've been at work (Though I guess they can call during their break, but hey, I can't call them back anyway, so it's only fair that they can't call me!).
    • Teens should now be able to introduce people to adults over the phone. They will no longer be yelled at unless their phone call join is rejected.
  • Features I could care less[3] about:
    • If you attempt to have a Sim call another Sim after 2am (when the call would normally be rejected automatically), a dialog box will pop up, warning you that you were about to disturb another Sim's beauty sleep. It will allow you to continue to pester the Sim and encounter a drop in relationship, or pass and hang up. Useful I guess if you don't keep an eye on the Sim clock. Which I do. Also, I believe this is why BoilingOil's Phone Make-over and other mods that allow certain Sims to be called at night don't work properly.
    • Sim kids will no longer call random adults they bumped into on a community lot. Sim kids will only phone relatives or other kids. TBH this wasn't an annoyance to me, but I guess it drove Pescado bonkers.
  • Features that I absolutely don't care about:
    • Phones now have a "Set Ringer" option, which allows you to set the amount of rings a phone will make when an incoming call is detected. Choose from 5, 10, 15, 20 (default), or OFF. Kinda obsolete in Apartment Life, I guess, when Call Screening and "Turn Off Phone" options were introduced.
Phone Make-over BoilingOil
  • A complete overhaul of the SimCity Telephone Company (SCTC)
  • What it contains:
    • A slightly enhanced hybrid of Cyjon's CallNPCs and Paladin's FreeTime-PhoneBookFix.
    • An enhanced version of Cyjon's NightCalling (which in turn is based on faiuwle's ServosDontSleep).
    • Cyjon's NicerPhoneMessages.
    • BoilingOil's PhoneCheckFix to overcome a bug in Pescado's phonehack.
  • What does it do?
    • Paladin's phonebookfix failed to filter out certain AL-related NPCs (not to mention it prevented apartment dwellers from calling their neighbors!), while Cyjon's Call NPCs was a little less specific with the pre AL NPCs. This mod takes the best of both worlds and merged them into one. Sims should now be able to call any NPC that's safely callable.
    • Faiuwle's mod simply allowed people to call servos at ANY time of the day or night. Cyjon based his NightCalling off of that, adding PlantSims and Werewolves to the list, while also including that Vampires sleep during the day, instead of at night. BoilingOil took the third step, assuming that Witches will use their Thrones, and therefore won't need to sleep either. Though, in my experience, I can't seem to call any of these Sims at night if I have Pescado's phone hack installed. Drat (or maybe it's because I'm playing an apartment lot, and the rules there seem to be different, weirdly enough).
    • Cyjon's NicerPhoneMessages is great as it is, except for a conflict with Paladin's PhoneBookFix. This mod merges both mods together. Cyjon's mod makes the messages you receive when someone isn't home a lot nicer (The original ones were quite rude, to say the least!) and - where possible - includes the time at which they would be available, so if you don't know which time that Sim comes home from work, now you know.
    • BoilingOil's PhoneCheckFix. Like NicerPhoneMessages, merely added for completeness, to overcome a bug in Pescado's phonehack. The PhoneCheckFix mod allows Sims to call vacation tourists, locals, service NPCs, Garden Club members, hobby instructors, etc., whether they have a phone or not. That was how the developers originally intended to be, but Pescado's PhoneHack broke it.
  • Important: If you have Pescado's Phone Hack, you must rename this mod and add a "Z" to the start of the file (e.g. ZBO - Phone Make-over). This mod must load after PhoneHack to work properly.
Photobooth Try for Baby Fix TwoJeffs
  • Fixes a bug where Sims could reset, or "jump", when trying for a baby in a Photo booth. If Testingcheatsenabled is on, the error is 'Stack Number out of Range'.
    • Note: Not needed if you have InTeenimator, as this bug fix is already included.
    • Note: Not compatible with Syperspunk's risky WooHoo hack for the photo booth.
Pregnancy controller fix dickhurt
  • When a normal Sim gives birth, a pregnancy controller, also known as a "PC", is generated to handle the pregnancy. It delivers the new child, manages the birthing process, and, once there's a bouncing baby out in the world, it destroys itself because it is no longer needed. Pets get a pregnancy controller of their own, which functions similarly to normal Sim PCs, except it doesn't remove itself from the lot once it's done its job. It will simply hide on the lot, invisible to the player. If a pet gives birth afterwards, a new PC will be generated, and that will join the existing PC in their state of dormancy. And again. And again. Soon, a lot will have a graveyard of pet pregnancy controllers, just clogging up the lot doing absolutely nothing. This can eventually render the lot unplayable, if it becomes very serious. This mod will remove the pet pregnancy controller after a birth, and will also remove any existing dormant pregnancy controllers before the hack was installed.
  • I think the FFS Lot Debugger has an option to remove pregnancy controllers as well, though I'm not sure if it's for pets. I'd still recommend having this mod, because this is just a silly oversight by the developers.
Proper Hobby Enthusiasm for Decorative Items Richi3frog
  • When FreeTime was released, many in-game objects were updated so they would give the relevant hobby enthusiasm when viewed. But, surprise, EA forgot some. Not to mention EA gave some objects the wrong hobby enthusiasm... just, wow. This mod should update the forgotten objects and change a few incorrect ones.
  • Note: Some objects in Apartment Life still have the wrong hobby enthusiasm... *sigh*
Quick Bedmaking BoilingOil
  • When Sims make a bed, they will simply throw on the covers, like they do when told to Relax on an unmade bed, instead of the unnecessary, time-wasting fuss of patting the blankets down. Saves a lot of time!
Ramen Fix - Restores Uni texture taken over by BV ramen, Fixes the broken thumbnail Lord Darcy
  • Bon Voyage overrode the Cup O' Ramen texture from University, so it's no longer used, being replaced with the newer Ramen texture from the Far East food stand. Yet for some reason, Sims still use a fork to eat Cup O' Ramen, even though Sims use chopsticks to eat Far East Ramen. This mod restores the University Cup O' Ramen texture, fixes the broken thumbnail for the Ramen bowl, and either allows you to get Sims to eat Cup O' Ramen with chopsticks, or with a fork like the original did.
  • Note: Sims will still use a spoon to eat Cup O' Ramen if they're not eating at a table.
Read to Sleep fix tunaisafish
  • The "Read to sleep" interaction that an older Sim can do with a child was... broken. This fix disables the interaction in which it would cause an error. You should be able to place children's beds diagonally without running into the bug.
  • An alternative to this (especially if you find the interaction to be the most irritating in the world, with completely random adults with 0/0 relationships trying to read random kids to sleep) would be to use this mod by Simlogical, which disables the interaction entirely. You can also try this mod by Cyjon which adjusts the interaction so it's less annoying.
Repair Animation Fix for 2-tiled Floor TVs - Sims hold the screwdriver correctly Lord Darcy
  • Certain TVs need to be "pulled out" by a Sim before they are able to tinker or repair them. The only one in The Sims 2 is the base game two-tiled, standing TV (not the wall-mounted TV, which I haven't even observed to break yet). If you don't know what I am talking about, wait until that TV breaks (or forcefully break it with testingcheatsenabled) and have a Sim repair it, or use the "Tinker" interaction if you have FreeTime. They will need to yank that TV forward in order to gain access to the rear panels.
  • What's so wrong about this? Nothing, at least if you have that TV. The Sim's screwdriver will be where it is supposed to be, and the TV will be fixed normally (And if your Sim screws up, they get electrocuted). However, if you use any custom TV that needs to be yanked out before tinkering/repairing, or even the pre-order TV from Glamour Life, Sims hold the screw driver the wrong way. Their screwdriver, instead of being pointed towards the TV, juts out awkwardly away from the TV, looking awkward.
  • This mod fixes that. The correct animation will be used for two-tiled TVs that need to be pulled out. Not needed if you do not have Glamour Life or custom TVs.
Reputation New Friend Fix Cyjon
  • Fixes a bug with the reputation benefits "new friend" perk in which the game overwrites a variable, which could result in unsafe NPCs being befriended.
Resized Seasons Adventurer Career Reward - Now table-deco sized Lord Darcy
  • A brave adventurer that has raided more tombs and temples than Indiana Jones will get the Golden Skull of Jumbok IV, a priceless artifact that makes even the most unhappy of Sims a little bit happier when they stand near it. That is, if they aren't intimidated by its monstrous size.
  • EAxis thinks every Simmer wants a gigantic BFG that takes up all the air in the room as a reward for being adventurous, so the career reward is massive. It won't fit on a shelf or table without moveobjects and even then it'll probably poke through the ceiling. It towers over every Sim in the house, and it will probably scare even a burglar when they enter your house. Your quaint little home (or at least, a comfortable apartment) just isn't once you bring this Goliath home.
  • This mod uses the small mesh for the career reward, so instead of being a demon in the house, this reward is now a comfortable, almost cute looking little statue placeable on dressers and tables. No longer shall the peacefulness of a home be ruined by such a sculpture.
Restocking Skill Bonus tunaisafish
  • Talent badges can be gained faster depending on the skill level of the Sim, as follows:
    • Mechanical - Toy Making, Robotery, Fishing
    • Charisma - Gardening, Sales
    • Body - Stocking and Restocking
    • Logic - Cash Register
    • Creativity - Pottery, Sewing, Flower Arranging
    • Cleaning - Cosmetology
  • ...but guess what? EA forgot to implement the Body skill check when Restocking, which is why it seems to take FOREVER to gain the talent badge, to the point you may as well use a hacked object to give him an instant Gold badge. This mod fixes that.
Robots are Science/Toys are Tinkering/Flowers are Nature Neder
  • Balances the absurdly biased hobbies in FreeTime. The mod is broken up into different parts, to which you can download and install individually, to match your tastes:
    • Building robots now builds science enthusiasm, not Tinkering (Hey, tinkerers get to build a musclecar! C'mon!)
    • The toy crafting bench now builds tinkering, not Arts & Crafts
    • Flower arranging bench now builds Nature, not Arts & Crafts
  • Remember, you can install the above separately and individually, so customize at will.
Runaway Skills Cyjon
  • When teens run away from home, their skills get randomized, which could potentially ruin some of the skills they have. This mod changes that behavior so that, instead of skills getting randomized, teens will instead slowly build their skills. Because when you're out on your own on the streets, you do, in fact, learn stuff, despite popular societal belief.
Semi-Autonomous Movies Neder
  • Movies were probably the most annoying new aspect of FreeTime, since Sims would gladly waste a party just watching TV instead of winning a dance competition. This is literally the American lifestyle - just watch TV and everything will be better. Even if you spent all that money on a DJ booth - who cares, just watch TV. Well, I say NO WAY.
  • Sims will no longer autonomously "Watch Movie" except under the following circumstances:
  • They are the currently selected Sim (in which case you can cancel the action if you desire) or
  • The have Film/Literature as their "One True Hobby" or
  • Someone who meets one of the above criteria is already watching a movie.
Show Item To Fix SimWardrobe
  • Access this file via "The Sims 2>Fixes>Apartment Life Fixes"
  • Apartment Life changed businesses in that you had to greet customers before the "Show Item To" interaction was available. Some people just don't run their business that way. This mod will fix that.
Skunk Attraction Fix TwoJeffs
  • Fixes a bug where the game would attempt to calculate the attraction between a Sim and a skunk. Obviously that's not possible, so it would error out.
Smarter Cashier J.M. Pescado
  • Makes it much, much easier for a cashier in an owned business to get the Cash Register badge, which is probably the hardest badge to earn in the game, which is absolutely RIDICULOUS because IT'S NOT HARD TO COUNT CHANGE AND OPERATE A CASH REGISTER!!
Smart Milk Fix Cyjon
  • Fixes the bug where toddlers keep the smart milk learning bonus after they grow up. Won't fix existing Sims - use the FFS Lot Debugger instead.
Spy Microphone Fix Cyjon
  • Fixes a number of bugs with the Intelligence career reward:
    • Fixes "That sounds like a great tip for getting ahead at work!" and "That sounded a bit like a ghost..." events to give the proper rewards.
    • Ghost events only occur if there are tombstones on the lot
    • Job events only occur if the Sim has a job
    • Angry neighbors and ghosts are chosen randomly rather than picking the first one the game finds.
  • Note: Not compatible with Sophie-David's "Buyable aspiration/career rewards" (located further down this list), in that you cannot buy the spy microphone from buy mode. It will have the CC icon and can be clicked on, but you simply can't bring the object into the world. You will need another method of getting the spy microphone (I believe the original method of being in the Intelligence career still works), or remove Cyjon's mod.
Stuck Object Remover J. M. Pescado
  • This object is a yellow cube with the "Nuke" symbol on it, buyable from buy mode for just §1 in the Miscellaneous -> Miscellaneous section of buy mode. It can be used to remove stuck, invisible tiles in which Sims cannot walk on and objects cannot be placed on, yet there is nothing to be seen on that tile and you can't pick anything up in buy mode, even with the moveobjects cheat.
  • To use it, simply buy the object from buy mode and place it on top of the stuck tile. Enter live mode and unpause the game. The yellow cube will remove whatever is on the tile before deleting itself, and will send a notification of whatever object it removed from the tile.
  • While this object will remove the stuck, invisible object, it will also remove any and all objects on the tile it was placed on. To avoid having the remover casting your furniture into oblivion, be sure to move any nearby objects out of the way before plopping this object down.
Table Slot Height Fix Lord Darcy
  • All Maxis tables, desks, and end tables have a fixed slot height of 0.8. If the table mesh height is lower than that, you'll end up with the mysterious ghostly floating plate. Higher than 0.8, and the table will partially "eat" the object it holds. While this glitch mostly happens for badly made custom content, some pre-made tables suffer from it too. This mod readjusts the slot height for affected tables, so objects are no longer eaten by their tables.
  • Note: You must sell and re-purchase the affected tables for the changes to take effect.
Temperate Beach Activities maybesomethingdunno
  • This mod prevents Sims from being able to "sunbathe" when it is cold. Seriously, it's snowing out, and yet you still feel the need to lie shirtless on a frozen beach?
  • Conflicts with Treeag's Sunbathe anywhere. This mod includes the features of Sunbathe anywhere, so remove Treeag's mod to avoid unnecessary conflict.
Toddler Bob Fix fanseelamb
  • Ever noticed how the red toddler "bob" hair has a cute, messy fringe while the other colors have harsh straight bangs? Do you know why that's the case? Well, guess what - EAxis linked the black, brown, and blonde hairs to the wrong textures. So this mod fixes that.
UI Text Fonts Fix for AL/MG DanTheMann15
  • Just when I thought EA couldn't screw up the last expansion pack for The Sims 2 any more, I am proven wrong.
  • For whatever reason, EA decided to resize the text in dialog boxes so that they needed a magnifying glass to read. Seems like EA is incapable of fixing pressing issues but are very good at creating new problems.
  • The following text size issues have been fixed:
    • The "Needs" text, which appears above the motive bars in Live mode.
    • Several dialogs, such as those given during birth.
    • Replaced the odd asexual gender icon for the spectral cat (really looks more like EA got lazy with the images) with a spectral cat icon
    • Tooltip for the spectral cat icon now says "Spectral Cat" rather than "Baby Boy".
  • Replaces the old Live UI "Needs" Font size fix for The Sims 2 AL/MG mod.
  • You only need this mod if you have Apartment Life and/or Mansion & Garden Stuff, since the fonts were perfectly fine before those two. Dunno where EA got this fetish of shrinking stuff.
Unlocked FreeTime Career Outfits (for FreeTime Patch) Lord Darcy
  • After the FreeTime Patch, career outfits could not be purchased from CAS or the Buy catalog at a clothing rack. This mod re-enables that, along with some minor changes, such as townies being unable to spawn in career outfits (seriously, who wanders down the street in a ballet tutu??).
  • This is not the same as career outfits no longer being added to the family wardrobe. Use the linked mod instead, or use them together with this one.
Visiting Children & Teens Stay Later - AL Squinge
  • This mod allows visiting children to stay until 12am and visiting teens to stay until 2am, instead of the 6pm (!) and 12am they previously were.
  • Note: This mod is for Apartment Life and/or Mansion & Garden Stuff. If you don't have those expansion/stuff packs, use this version instead, but it requires Open for Business or later.
  • Note: Conflicts with Pescado's Phone Hack. Just rename this mod to "zchildrenstaylater", so it loads after Phone Hack. If you don't do this, parents may show up to bring their kids home, effectively defeating the purpose of this mod.
Visitors Behave Cyjon
  • Prevents visitors from autonomously using the ballet dance bar (either the buyable one or the career reward), violin, DJ booth, computer, cauldron, spell book, or tent (they can be asked into a tent). They also cannot greet visitors or fish (they can join existing fishing interactions). Restrictions do not apply for on-the-job NPCs or on non-home lots. Also fixes a bug in BFF distance greets.
  • Note: Conflicts with TwoJeff's Computer Fixes (I need that mod to kill a few irritating autonomous actions Sims were doing on the computer). Make sure Computer Fixes loads after this mod (which it should do by default, if you aren't using sub-folders and you haven't renamed either mod).
Visitors Leave Cyjon
  • If you send all your household members to bed or to school/work, but if you have a few visitors playing chess or on the pinball machine, those visitors will stay in your house, playing away, until you either use testingcheatsenabled and force an error on them, or if their queue somehow gets interrupted and they realize it's time for them to go home. With this mod, visitors will forcefully have their queues cancelled and will leave the lot if 1. The visitor is a vampire and it's daytime, or 2. There are no household members awake or on the lot. This will stop visitors from staying until 5am playing chess when the household is asleep.
  • Note: Visitors will linger about 10 to 20 Sim minutes after the last household member turns out the lights. This is to eliminate false readings caused by other activities that temporarily set the hidden flag, like "Teleport" and "WooHoo".
Walk to Lot Fix fway
  • Bon Voyage and later expansion packs allowed Sims to forgo the taxi and even the car by allowing them to walk to lots. However, EAxis forgot to update the text that displays when Sims are out in a group, like an outing, by asking the player "Who needs a ride?" Who needs a ride -- I'm walking!
  • This mod changes that text to "Who's coming along?" Keep in mind that the same text string is used by cars and taxis as well, so it will change that as well.
Warmth Fixes J.M. Pescado
  • Several fixes regarding temperature that was introduced with Seasons.
  • NOTE: Conflicts with SimWardrobe's No Random Bursting into Flames. Add a "Z" in front of SimWardrobe's mod so it loads after Warmth Fixes, if you want spontaneous combustion to be eliminated from the game.
Weather Fix Chris Hatch
  • If you have Seasons installed, you may have noticed that the weather on community lots don't line up with the current season correctly. When Sims travel, the game gives them a weather token that stores the current weather on their home lot and carries it over onto the community lot they're travelling to. The problem is that the token doesn't store temperature data, so it defaults to zero on the community lot after about thirty Sim minutes. This may result in unusual behaviour; for example, if the home lot that was being played is in winter, it'll be unusually balmy on community lots, enough for Sims to ditch the outerwear. This bug will eventually resolve itself, but only after staying on the lot for a couple of days, since the game constrains weather changes in order to prevent the temperature from fluctuating too dramatically.
  • If you have Bon Voyage installed, hotel lots suffer their own bug in which the displayed season on the UI may not be the same as the actual season used to generate weather.
  • This mod fixes the weather token so that it uses the home lot's current temperature on the first community lot the Sim visits. This allows the weather on community lots to function normally. If for some reason the lot in question doesn't use the weather token (such as when it has a different season quadrant), the mod permits the weather controller to generate new weather based on the current season, sans the constraints, in order to ensure that the weather and season make sense with each other.
  • On hotel lots that your vacation party considers to be a "home point", the weather will reset to the correct season upon loading the lot. This may cause some unusual circumstances where the weather on the hotel lot will differ from the one you just came from, but this shouldn't be a concern since the time of day will have changed anyway.
  • Alpine lots: This download includes a separate object in a separate file called the "Alpine Bunny" that allows you to create lots with alpine winters. You can buy this object from the "General > Miscellaneous" section in buy mode. If placed on a lot, the weather controller will set the temperature of the lot below the threshold required for snow, and on community lots will reset the weather to deep snow. This allows you to have lots with alpine winters. This extra is optional and is not required for the rest of the mod to work.
Yoga/Meditation Fix Cyjon
  • Yoga and meditation commands will no longer drop out of the queue if the Sim is not selected. This mod should allow Sims to stick with yoga long enough for them to gain body skill out of it, and to meditate long enough so it actually feels like they're meditating. You can simply stack up yoga and meditation commands, so Sims will resume immediately if they fall from yoga.

Buying objects for lots (to furnish that empty shell)[]

Name Author Description
Buyable Aspiration & Career Rewards for Lot Builders Sophie-David
  • This allows career rewards and aspiration reward objects to be purchased in Build or Buy mode. Very useful for lot builders that want to include a punching bag or podium in a community lot, or if you're a filthy cheater.
    • Note: Not compatible with Cyjon's Spy Microphone fix as the microphone appears in buy mode, but cannot be purchased. Remove Cyjon's mod to fix this.


Name Author Description
Checkbook SimWardrobe
  • Access this file via "The Sims 2>Objects>Home Life Improvements>Checkbook"
  • This nifty little object will allow a Sim to send money to another Sim. Simply set the amount of money you want to send, select the Sim you want to send it to, and send it. It will appear in their inventory. The next time you play the Sim, pull out the check, place it on a table, and select "Cash Check".
Food Replicator Simslice
  • This handy little food replicator allows you to instantly materialize any of the in-game foods right at your command. Now if your Sim wants to eat pancakes but doesn't have the cooking skill needed to prepare it, all they have to do is use this little gizmo and they'll be eating like a king in minutes.
  • The food replicator also includes a number of custom foods that you may or may not want. I personally don't care and excluded their supporting files. The replicator works just fine without those custom foods.
  • You can download this object here. If you have FreeTime, download the updated version to get the new FreeTime foods.
  • Note: For some reason the protein shake option on the FreeTime version of the replicator doesn't produce an actual protein shake, just a liquid instant meal. No idea why.
Home Shopping Phone Simslice
  • This nifty little object allows you to pick up the phone and dial up for the instantaneous delivery of any aspiration reward, career reward, and many other exclusive objects that would normally take some effort to obtain. These include treasure chests (obtained after digging for treasure and hoping you get lucky), booty plundered from the pirate ship, Mr. Humble's gift, all hobby plaques and magazines, the maps to all the secret Bon Voyage lots, etc etc etc. Occasionally you will also find an option to purchase items at a discounted price off the black market, although Slater, the "generous" merchant, seems too good to be true at times (Some of the objects I bought were broken right out of the box. Wow, thanks Slater.).
  • Note: Don't click on the phone receiver as that will cause your Sim to "jump". If you have testingcheatsenabled turned on, they will receive an Object Error dialog, which you can resolve by clicking "Reset". Click on the phone base to access the options. It can function like a regular phone. Children can use this phone like any other phone, but won't be able to make purchases.
  • You can download this object here. If you have FreeTime, download the updated version.
Improved Hanging Exerto Punching Bag Honeywell
  • This is a one-tile punching bag, slaved to the Exerto Punching Bag career reward, that can be purchased without the need to be in the Athletic career. Saves a lot of space!
Incendiary Bomb SimWardrobe
  • Access this file via "The Sims>Objects>Other Objects???>Incendiary Bomb"
  • This bomb allows you to start fires in one click. Simply place the bomb where you want the fire to be. Then, click on the bomb and pick your radius. The larger the radius, the more fire there will be (and the more lag). Once you're ready to begin your Sim BBQ, click "Detonate". Fire has never been easier!
Newspaper Rack cmomoney & MogHughson
  • This object allows you to buy a newspaper on a community lot. Useful if you have a "No Newspaper" hack or if some pesky neighborhood brat stole your newspaper. Also great if you want something to put in the compost bin.
  • Object will have two interactions: Buy, and Read.
    • "Read" will simply cause the Sim to remove a newspaper from the rack. It costs nothing and Sims will be able to read it. Once they're finished, they'll simply put it on the ground or on a surface. Without the Build Buy Enabler mod, they won't be able to put that newspaper into their inventory.
    • "Buy" will cause the Sim to grab a newspaper and purchase it at a cash register. The newspaper will go into their inventory.
  • Note: The rack works in all game installations, but Nightlife or later is required to purchase newspapers from the rack. Otherwise, only the "Read" interaction will be available.
  • This rack currently does not work in owned businesses. When marked for sale, Sims will simply buy the entire rack, not a newspaper.
  • This rack does not work on residential lots. I did some tweaking in SimPE to make it buyable on residential lots, available here. Use at your own risk (although do let me know if I uploaded the wrong file) or do it yourself. In my experience it works without problems; Sims can simply grab a newspaper for free without hassle.
No Employee Door SimWardrobe
  • Access this file via "The Sims 2>Objects>Business Facilitators>No Employee Door
  • This door will allow everyone but the employees of an owned business to pass. Useful for home businesses.
Phae's Phone Book Phaenoh
  • This nifty little object will allow your Sim to "look up" any living Sim in the game, whether it be a townie, your neighbors, or an NPC. The Sim you look up will appear in the selected Sim's relationship panel. You will be able to call that Sim on the phone and strike up a relationship.
  • Note: Dead Sims, and Sims that are unsafe to play as should not be listed.
Servo Charging Station SimWardrobe
  • Access this file via "The Sims 2>Objects>Robots>Servo Charging Station"
  • Are you sick and tired of having your Servos slump awkwardly over in the sun to charge? Or let's say it's night and there is no sun, so now they have to nap on the couch! Robots don't need to sleep! What the heck! Robots are known for their ability to stay up all night while humans (ahem, Sims included) have to sleep. What was EA thinking here, honestly??
  • With this object, recharging your Servos is as easy as 1, 2, 3, no chopping or dicing -- The Magic Bullet does it all! Just select a Servo and direct them to use the charging station. They'll get in and their power bar will be restored within Sim minutes... not Sim hours. It can also restore Fun and Social as well (although you can disable this if you want)
  • This station works for employee Servos as well, so they can recharge themselves while they're on break.
  • Requires Open for Business
The Sim Bouncer NixNivis
  • This is a trampoline that your Sims can use to gain fitness and body skill! It occupies only one tile and builds the Fitness enthusiasm if you have FreeTime installed. Children and older can use it, and once anyone has three or more body skill, they can instruct other Sims in that activity.


Name Author Description
Bon Voyage Swimwear for Kids rosahege
  • Bon Voyage came with some very nice swimming trunks for adults and teens... perfect for an Island vacation! But it seems Maxis left kids out again, and if it's not a romantic getaway, no vacation is complete without kids.
  • Four "miniature" versions of the BV swimming trunks are now available to children. Surfs up!
H&M Swimwear for Kids rosahege
  • Aside from the ridiculous flip-flops, the swimming trunks for male adults and teens from H&M Fashion Stuff suited my Sims well. But, well, apparently Maxis feels that they didn't have to bother with the kids section. Which sucks, because for pretty much all of The Sims series, the childrens' section has always been the smallest.
  • Miniature versions of the 3 H&M Fashion Stuff swimming trunks are now available to children. Oh, and the creator removed the stupid flip-flops, so kids don't need to try and swim in flip-flops... which is very, very hard.
  • Note: If you're looking for the default replacement for the adult/teen version that gets rid of the flip-flops, see [1].

Cheaty/Hacked objects[]

Name Author Description
Book of Talent treeag
  • Ah, this popular mod can instantly maximize your Sim's skills, including hidden ones. The correct memories will be given and any relevant wants will be fulfilled. If you have Open for Business, you can also give your Sims shiny gold talent badges with the snap of a finger - again, wants and memories given! If you have Pets, you can use the "boolProp controlPets true" cheat, select your pets, and then click on the book to teach them commands in the blink of an eye! No more grumbling about how your pet followed you when you told them to stay! With Bon Voyage, your Sims can learn the gestures (though they will not master it, so you might still need to have them meet a vacation local to master the gesture), massages, dances, and any other skills without the need to pack a suitcase and catch a cab to the airport! Heck, you don't even need to leave SimNation! If FreeTime is installed, you can use this to max out your hobby enthusiasm in the specified hobby you choose, as well as learn the new Parenting skill! If Apartment Life is installed, Sims can learn all the new life skills, as well as their magic skill and Breakdance skill. Seriously, just get it!
Sim Transformer treeag
  • This lovely little object will allow you to change your Sim's life state. Change from Normal, Alien (a bit buggy, since Sims can only be born alien), zombie, vampire, werewolf, PlantSim, and witch (Evil, Neutral, and Good). You can also make hybrids pretty easily with this object too! While you cannot turn a Sim into a Servo, Bigfoot, or Genie (and vice versa), you can still spawn them with this object.

The InSIMenator/Sim Blender/Sim Manipulator[]

These get a section of their own... because they are so unique. These objects will allow you to do things like adjust a Sim's personality points, motives, relationships, age, predestined hobby, etc., all without the need of quitting your game to open up SimPE. Have fun!

Name Author Description
The InSIMenator Eric
The Sim Blender TwoJeffs
  • Functions similarly to the InSIM, but it is supported by the creator.
The Sim Manipulator Aaroneous
  • Functions similarly to the InSim and Sim Blender, but is supported by the creator. It also seems to have a lot more features, IMO.

All three of the above have their own advantages and disadvantages. I use all three of them in my game. The choice is yours.

Sim interactions[]

Feature adding mods[]

Name Author Description
Anyone Fight Burglars reaper with no name
  • Allows other Sims to fight burglars that enter their home, instead of just the police. Very useful if your Sim works in the law enforcement career and you're tired of them screaming and panicking at the burglar. Seriously, just go and beat the living crapola out of that thief!!! Requires Pets.
Apartment Life Shelving Fix Sims99Fanatic
  • The wall shelves that came with Apartment Life are absolutely fantastic, giving life to those barren walls that once could only hold the crude painting that you made when you were a kid... and yet you couldn't place plants and sculptures on them?
  • This mod fixes that. Anything that fits on an end table will fit on these shelves. Finally, you can put some nice stuff up on your walls rather than on the floor or on a table, taking up valuable space. Because if you live in an apartment, you should know that space is a luxury you don't have.
  • Place this file in your "Program Files/EA Games/Your latest EP/TSData/Res/Catalog/Bins" folder, not your Downloads folder; otherwise, it will display the annoying custom content star, and the Delete button will be activated.
Apartments and Shopping, on the same Lot! MogHughson
  • Allows certain community lot objects to function on apartment lots, so Sims can live in a "Mixed-use building", with stores at the foot of the building and living space on top.
  • Read the mod description carefully! The 3 base game bars will still be the bland, empty ones that don't spawn bartenders unless you have 3 Base Game Bars Fix (NL/OFB functions enabled) by Lord Darcy.
  • You cannot run an owned business on an apartment lot, even with this mod. This is currently not possible, and a mod for it would be beyond complexity.
BBQ "Close Lid" anak_ponti
  • This mod adds a "Close Lid" interaction to any barbecue who's lid is open. Sims will simply leave the lid open after they're done grilling, which I think is weird. Who leaves the lid open on their grill overnight? I don't.
Bigger Families Cyjon
  • Yeah, I know there are hundreds of mods out there, like BoilingOil's mod. Doesn't matter, they all do the same thing -- allow an unlimited amount of Sims in a family, instead of the default 8 Sims.
  • While this mod works for having new babies, moving Sims in, etc., it won't work for merging households from the neighborhood view. To enable that, add the following to your userStartup.cheat file:
uintProp maxTotalSims 50
uintProp maxTotalHumans 35
uintProp maxTotalPets 15
  • The numbers don't have to be exact, but the total number of humans and the total number of pets must equal the total number of Sims.
  • You should also get Relationship Decay Fix if you have this or BoilingOil's mod.
Build Buy Enabler cathair2005
  • Always enables build and buy mode, and always allows access to the inventory regardless of circumstances. You can use these modes during a fire, a burglar, whilst on a community lot, an unowned, non-home lot, etc. etc. etc.
Child Computer Chat Cyjon
  • Sims can now chat with both children and teenagers and older, regardless of age. In the original game, only children could chat with other children, and teenagers and older had their own separate group. This mod now adds two sub-menus to the computer chat interaction. In one menu, all child Sims online are listed, and in the other menu, all teen+ Sims are listed, effectively removing the absurd ageism here.
Downtownie Walkbys Cyjon
  • Downtownies can now walk-by lots in the main neighborhood.
Labels for Witch Spells Aaroneous
  • This adds a short label next to each spell's name, which will tell you what the spell does. Because EAxis apparently fails at the fake-Latin names... ugh. No more looking up what each spell does on this wiki!
Marriage: Last Name Chooser Marhis
  • Allows you to choose which last name both Sims will inherit during a marriage, instead of just the Sim that initiated the marriage.
Maxis Modular Stairs Passage Fix Lord Darcy
  • This mod allows you to place objects under modular stairs, you know, those that you can place on both foundations and on stories - even a 6 story drop for extra-long stairs. Even without this mod, it was possible to force objects underneath the stairs with the moveobjects cheat. However, they had to be decorational, as Sims often couldn't use those objects. This mod allows them to be placed normally, so a computer underneath the stairs is possible, instead of that seemingly wasted space.
  • You can either allow all modular stairs to have objects crammed underneath them (even the ones with supports under them), or only those without visible supports.
  • Note: Existing stairs must be reconstructed for this mod to take effect.
Pets and Children share Bed MogHughson
  • This mod allows children and pets to use the same side of the bed at the same time. The pet sleeps or relaxes at the foot of the bed while the child sleeps or relaxes at the head of the bed. Perfect for those comfy nights!
Spawn Objects BoilingOil
  • This nifty little mod will add an option when you click on your selected Sim on a non-home lot. It allows you to spawn useful objects, like an FFS Lot Debugger or Teleporter Cat, on a community lot, without the hassle of trying to use a buy mode enabler or something! Once you're done with those objects, you can delete them from the lot using the same menu. It's that simple!
  • Note: This mod does not add those objects to your game. It can only spawn said objects if they already exist in your game.
  • Note: This mod comes in two packages - the "Controller" and the "Data". They will appear to conflict with each other in the HCDU. Don't panic - this conflict is intentional.
Sunbathe Anywhere treeag
  • This allows your Sims to sunbathe anywhere, as long as they are outdoors. Sims no longer have to be at a beach lot just to get a nice tan.
Teens can use massage table DarkPhoenixxx
  • Teens can now use the massage table. It makes no sense that teens can't get a massage (illogical ageism) so it only makes sense to have this mod.
  • This mod also has the interesting side effect of allowing Servos to use the massage table as well. Hey, not that I'm complaining; I think Servo should be able to give massages, at least.
Teleport Anywhere treeag
  • Bon Voyage came with a more useful way of getting Sims from Point A to Point B -- teleportation. Once your Sim correctly answers the ninja's question, they'll be able to teleport anywhere... that their feet can't already take them.
  • Seriously, you can't have Sims teleport into rooms with no doors, rooftops with no entry, an area enclosed by a gateless fence, the bathroom of the opposite gender, and behind the Very Mysterious Shelving door from Apartment Life.
  • This mod removes this restriction so Sims can truly teleport anywhere like a real ninja would. Because which ninja ever let a wall get in their way?
Unbreakable Elevators BoilingOil
  • Elevators are now unbreakable. They will never, ever break. Useful if your Sims live in an apartment. No more fear of being trapped in the elevator that's literally just inches from your home!
  • Sims will, unfortunately and annoyingly, still get the fear of plummeting in an elevator. Well, it might be fortunate, since it uses up a fear slot that might have otherwise contained an aspiration-destroying fear.
Watch TV from all chairs MogHughson
  • Gives Sims a larger variety of seating arrangements to use when watching TV. For instance:
    • Sims can watch TV at a 45° angle, or even at a 90° angle. Sims can now watch TV further back. This mod should reduce the amount of Sims standing up to watch TV even when there's a logical seat near the TV for them to sit on.
Waterproof Servos dolphin26
  • Servos are now immune to most water-related activities, notably showers, bath tubs, hot tubs, and swimming pools.
  • Note: This mod has not been updated for a long time. I believe Bon Voyage activities, like swimming in the ocean, are not covered (if you have the Bon Voyage patch, a Servo should be able to swim in the ocean in a vacation neighborhood, but may not be able to do so in other hoods). However, Servos can still use the hot tub, shower, or bath tub without issues, up to and including Mansion & Garden Stuff in my testing.


Name Author Description
SimLogical Teleporters Inge Jones
  • This teleporter allows you to teleport any Sim over to the lot instantly, as well as adopt any children or strays, as well as allowing you to "Zap" any unwanted Sims from the lot. It can also be used to move townies and such in, and also allows you to make Sims a townie, downtownie, etc.
  • Important: The coding to make Sims a vacation local works, but the only issue is that they will not have the coding to master the vacation gestures and dances. Use Argon's Townie Brick for custom vacation locals instead.
Visual Teleporter SimWardrobe
  • Access this file via "The Sims 2>Objects>Other Objects>Visual Teleporter".
  • Works similarly to the teleporter above, except it's graphical and more newb-friendly.
  • Note: Users without Apartment Life or Mansion & Garden Stuff may notice that their Sim gets reset, or "jump", when mousing over or clicking on the teleporter. If debug mode is enabled, it will throw the error "Flag reference is out of range". This error isn't serious and the teleporter will still work, just be sure debug mode is off before you click on the teleporter.


Name Author Description
Freezer Clock treeag
  • This nifty little clock allows you to freeze time or a specific Sim. Very useful for movie-making and photography.
  • Freeze Time will freeze the in-game clock, although gameplay will continue. Good for a cheaty way to give your Sims an indefinite amount of time to prepare for the carpool, or to prevent the sun from rising or setting when you don't want it to.
  • Freeze Sim allows you to freeze a specific Sim in their current pose. They will not be able to move until you unfreeze them. Good for elaborate photos where all Sims must be in a specific pose at the right place at the right time. Also good for defying the laws of physics.
Hula Dance & More Squinge
  • Are you an avid movie maker or Sim photographer? Or are you just looking for a way to get your Sims to do something wild and wacky? No matter your preference, this nifty little mod is for you!
  • This mod is kinda like a posebox, except that there is no physical object to purchase. Simply click on the currently selected Sim, select "Hula & More", and pick an animation, pose, or reaction! Have your Sim panic at non-existent fires, swoon at non-existent Sims, and suffer from aspiration failure without actually going into aspiration failure! Excellent for movie making, or for taking pictures.
Magic Wand J.M. Pescado
  • This is an interesting one. This "Magic Wand" - really just a cubical box - does two things to your lot:
    • 1. It resets all objects to their minimum value, so if you sell the objects or sell the lot, all the objects will be sold at the price of Honest Ed's doormats.
    • 2. It can attempt to force a lot that had Live mode locked for some reason to be playable. There has been various issues with owned business lots being locked out of Live mode and you can only access Build and Buy mode. While this can try to unstick the lot, you should see this thread first. The bug seems to occur more frequently if your Sim drives their own vehicle to the business lot. If you have Bon Voyage or later, try walking to the lot instead. Otherwise, take a taxi.
  • To install this object: The "magicwand.package" file goes into the Downloads folder. The "magicwandcollection.package" file goes in the Collections folder. Both folders are in the "My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2" directory.
  • To find this object: This object does not appear in the buy or build mode catalog. You must enter build mode and then click on the "Collections" tab at the bottom (it should be the icon of a folder or something like that). The magic wand will be in a collection with the OFB logo, so hover your cursor over the icons to check.
  • To use this object: Simply take the magic wand from its build mode collection and "wave" it around the lot. Just wave it around your lot a couple of times and see if your problems are fixed.
No Pause Frame Nopke
  • This mod removes the red pause frame that appears when you pause the game. Mostly used to aid in picture taking, allowing you to capture the entire screen without any obstructions when combined with the cameraman mode.
Seating Aging Fix Cyjon
  • Sims can no longer avoid death just by sitting in a chair. The game won't age up Sims who are sitting or lying down. This means that technically Sims can live forever just by sitting in a chair (quite unlike reality![4]). With this mod, the Grim Reaper will rudely interrupt Sims when it is time for them to go.
Turn On / Off All Lights Mootilda
  • This is a cube-like object, similar to the FFS Lot Debugger, that you can use to turn on all the lights on an unoccupied lot. This is great if you're building a community lot and want to see what the lights look like at night.
  • To use this object, simply drag the object out of the Miscellaneous -> Miscellaneous section of buy mode. It should work immediately once you wave it around the lot (If it doesn't, just plop it down; you can remove it once the lights are all on). There is also an object that turns off the lights in a similar fashion. When combined with the "Day/Night Toggle" option in build/buy mode, this will help you see what your lot looks like at night. Good for picking out rooms that you have forgotten to install lights in, or to see how far away outdoor lights need to be in order to avoid unsightly "dark patches" between them.
  • This requires at least one expansion pack or stuff pack (doesn't matter which one). Won't work in base game alone. It also does not work on occupied lots (since you can just click on the lights in live mode and turn them on/off).


Name Author Description
Memory Commander j7n
  • Seems to have something to do with managing memories or something. I don't know, haven't used it, but it looks useful.
  • This post contains the original author and a short description.


  1. How I got the idea for the mod
  3. Look, I know the "correct" way to say this is "Couldn't care less", but this was intentional. I could care less about this, meaning that I do care, at least a little. Not a lot, though.

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