This is the updated hack description for J. M. Pescado's hacks. The original file is located at,14444.0.html


Tired of Sims suddenly going into an obsessive-compulsive bed-making spree that you can't stop even if you X it out well before they get to the bed because they suddenly got this pointless urge from across the room? This hack makes "Make Bed" abortable like everything else, so if you X it out before they begin, the behavior will cease. No longer will your Sims waste an hour making the bed and miss work. Who the hell actually does this, anyway? You're just gonna sleep in it again.
Added: Sims will no longer automatically queue-as-continuation "make bed" if their queue already contains other actions.


1.  Cellphones can now be answered without being eated.
2.  Receiving NL-mail at an apartment now works, no longer renders mailbox
    unusable and dooming your sim to eventual eviction.
3.  Cooking skill is FUBAR'ed by moving into an apartment.
4.  Inactive apartment residents no longer slowly drained of hobby enthusiasm.
5.  Pianos no longer ADHD due to function arguments being garbage.
6.  Teens able to work on restorable car again.
7.  Apartment resident kids not in the active family no longer lose grades
    every day and automatically fail school and get taken by the SS.
8.  No longer required to greet Gypsy(impossible) or employees<->customers.
9.  Should be able to retrieve date rewards dropped outside apartment now.
10. Love Potion no longer restocks as Nice Potion instead.
11. Chance cards at work/school no longer error if you walked.
12. NPC rentpayer hour moved to 1900 so vampire tenants don't suicide at noon.
13. Social Group townies no longer all generate as the same sex.
14. Vacation townies will no longer need to perform AL greetings.
15. Pets no longer error when returning from work. (ALp2)
16. Fixed Physiology for MGS again because Stupid EAxis deleted a necessary line
    of code for absolutely no reason, causing the variable to be used without
    initialization while still full of randomjunk.


Sims will no longer drop their entire queue and clip through their chairs to lecture or yell at babies(or anyone else) when somebody soils themselves. The lecturing and shouting will only be permitted when they aren't doing anything already.


Businesses no longer steadily become worthless as long as you check in.


Resident sims no longer drop off date flowers on their own doorsteps, stomping their queue, and then sometimes running off the lot and disappearing. Because those flowers are useless, anyway.


Stop adult sims from catching fireflies and butterflies. Apparently not working for young adults.


Sims will not consider foodnap until energy is lower (-75 -> -85). Odds of foodnapping proportionately adjusted upwards (25 -> 40), but sims will not attempt to foodnap if hunger is low enough that foodnapping can be fatal.


The visual effects of bugs and ladybug houses are not displayed, because they cause horrible lag. This prevents the horrible lag produced by those items.


Ever wonder why, for some bizarre reason, sims seem obsessed with peeing, to the point where they go to other sim's houses for apparently the express purpose of using someone else's terlet? Eew. Maxis is weird. Sims will no no longer insist on arriving with a full bladder only to storm off again, sometimes immediately. Parties will no longer be about swarms to use the bathroom.


Serious sims no longer autonomously pull juvenile pranks. Guests may no longer initiate waterballoon-throwings in someone else's private residence. Water balloon and snowball fighting discouraged between non-silly, non-friends.


Eliminates spawning of unnecessary redundant NPCs. Should only spawn one per type, more only if needed because the first is unavailable. All spawned NPCs should be equally accessible instead of just the first 3.

Shady Charlatan and Tour Guides should no longer spawn apparently without end.


Sims, particularly locals, will resist performing inappropriate vacation-related
- Tai Chi will not be performed outside of Far East unless appropriately dressed.
- Tai Chi will not be performed in other vacation neighborhoods.
- No Slap/Hula Dancing by locals in other vacation neighborhoods.
- No autonomous Sea Chanties in other vacation neighborhoods.


Obviously stops sims from visiting campus :)


Sims no longer "WATCH OUT!" for unmanned vehicles. Only manned vehicles will shoo sims off driveways.


Sims no longer woken up in middle of night or queue stomped to gawk at weather.


1. Neighbor behavior in apartments now depends on furniture installed inside
   their apartments and common area: Motives restored on going into apartments
   depends on what furniture that the neighbors have in there, and neighbors
   leaving their apartment will do so to resolve motives based on things
   located in the common area.
2. Neighbors will not suddenly run off for no reason while you are trying to
   interact with them.
3. Neighbors will not emerge and stand around for hours with nothing to do.
4. Rent-payer hour moved to hour that is non-suicidal for vampire tenants.
5. Cash exploit for fixtures removed: You can no longer receive free cash
   merely for moving into an apartment and then moving out because you are not
   charged for the value of fixtures, but are still credited for them on move
   out: Sims must pay an initial deposit equal to the sell value of fixtures
   in their apartment, which is returned via the normal move-out process.
6. Option to rent furnished integrated with above: Door will display two
   rental prices, the higher deposit value being the furnished price.
7. Going to work/on errands no longer magically restores neighbors. Work motive
   drain is equivalent to the normal drain for their particular job and level.
   Errands will still restore typical motives, much like your own sims can go
   and green on community lots (Gain Hunger/Soc/Fun/etc., energy not so much).
8. Apartments made functional in universities: YAs can now rent apartments and
   generated NPC apartment neighbors will spawn as YAs and go to class.
9. Fixed bug where sims were going home into the wrong apartments.
A. Landlord will not host gathering if pizza person does not exist (no spam!),
   or if swarm of resulting Zergs exceeds legal visitor max (major lag!).
B. Visiting sims no longer get stuck forever in apartments that black out or get
   lost in the wrong apartments.


Noodlesoother, Thinking Cap, Energizer, and Love Tub are now rechargeable, so you don't have to go into buy mode to dispose of used ones. The cost to recharge is proportional to how much has been used. The drop behavior of the hats has also been tweaked slightly so Sims preferentially favor surfaces in the room, rather than dropping them on the kitchen counter and blocking the food preparation because the counter was deemed "closer" on account of being on the opposite side of the wall.
Sims no longer autonomously barge into your special tub, wasting its charge. They should only enter if you tell them to, or ask someone to join.
Used Noodlesoothers and TCs can be disposed of if you do not wish to recharge them, such as if you have too many or you're putting them on community lots.

There's no cheat involved there. When you recharge an aspirational reward, you are billed the partial or complete replacement cost of the item. This just saves you the disruption of having to stop the game, go to buy mode, delete it, switch to reward mode, and put another one in exactly the same place as before.


Place in your MYDOCU~1\EAGAME~1\THESIM~1\DOWNLO~1 directory. Buy it from Misc/Electronics and plant it upon a wall.

This object can be bought and placed in any room, inside or outside, upon a wall. Once in the game, you can set its security preferences by programming the allow, deny, and override settings for various classes of people.

All visiting, non-NPC, non-resident sims are denied. If on a community, this affects all of the naturally occurring wandering visitors, but not the Sims you control (or invited - seperate Maxis bug).
This category includes all malicious NPCs: A social worker coming to steal your children, and the burglar are all hostiles. Note that a burglar is reclassified to EMERGENCY if he has been arrested, and to SERVICES if he is coming to purchase the virus (although we do not know how this can happen normally). All NPCs which are invited by phone are considered visitors for the duration of that visit. Some Social Workers can walk through walls and are not affected as a result.
This category consists of hired workers that perform disruptive activities if allowed to wander too freely around the base. This category currently includes only the Nanny and Evil Mascot.
This category consists of NPCs who are touring the base and can become stuck on certain types of objects if allowed to wander into them. Members of this class include the Headmaster and the Boss(disabled scenario), as well as all the non-service-related University NPCs like the Cheerleader, Professors, and Mascot(Llama).
This category consists of NPCs that are hired to perform services on the base. Members of this class include the Gardener, Repairman, Maid, Pizza, Newspaper, and Grocery Delivery persons, Bartender, Postal Worker, Social Worker (when delivering an adopted child), Burglar(when purchasing the virus), the Cashier, and the Chinese Deliverator.
This category consists of emergency personnel: Firefighters, Police Officers, the Burglar(when arrested), and the Exterminator.
This category consists of NPCs not otherwise recognized presently. No members are currently classified as such as of this edition. Any custom NPCs created in other hacks, or NPCs added in expansion packs not supported, may be classified in this category.
This category consists of resident controllable sims that are not performing a user-priority interaction or greater. Also includes, or perhaps *specifically* includes, Sims trying to puke.
This category includes all babies and toddlers. While babies are not normally mobile, should a baby somehow acquire the ability to move while still being classified as a baby, it will be prevented from entering. Toddlers will be unable to pass through this setting.
This category includes all Sims of the "Child" age stage.
This category includes all Sims of the "Teen" age stage.
This category includes all Sims of the Adult and Elder age stages.
D.	PASS-THROUGH: (unreliable)
This category includes everyone, regardless of anything else, who is routing to a destination that is not within the room itself. It is not applicable in Lockdown Mode. Anyone who is attempting to navigate to a point or object not within the room itself will be denied access to enter this room. Set this on your bathroom if your sims insist on trying to route through the bathroom, then being unable to pass through because somebody's legs are in the way: The room will then be rendered invalid for pass-through routing and sims will always go around unless they are attempting to go into the room itself.
Everyone not classified as UNTOUCHABLE is a member of this category. If this setting is set, nobody may pass through this door when the lock is engaged, and everyone will be denied access.
OFB Owned Business Employees. Anyone employed at the current business, including the owner if the lot is being visited by a third party.
Pets and other sim-animals. Does not include object-based animals.
This category includes the Social Bunny, Therapist, Ghosts, the Repo Man, and the Grim Reaper. This category is always able to pass through due to their non-corporeal, imaginary, or unstoppable/game-critical nature.

In all cases, the most restrictive setting applies: A Maid is classified as "SERVICE", "ADULTS", and "EVERYONE", for instance. DENY disallows that class of people from passing through locked doors. PERMIT removes a previously set DENY. LOCKDOWN sets DENY on the entire base, even in rooms without a panel. A HOSTILE deny lockdown is automatically triggered, as well as the intruder alert, if a hostile burglar is detected.

This command engages or disengages the door locking for the room, or all configured rooms. Unless the room is locked, people who are set for DENY will still be able to pass through the doors.

This command adds a specific Sim present on the lot to the OVERRIDE list, or removes a previously set OVERRIDE. Sims set for OVERRIDE may pass through all doors locked by this system on the lot regardless of permission settings.

Activates or deactivates the alarm. All sims present in a room with a panel will be awakened by the alarm. Lockdown will not auto-change when the alarm has been sounded. A HOSTILE deny lockdown is automatically triggered, as well as the intruder alert, if a hostile burglar is detected.

Compatible with all FFS hacks. Should function with all versions of TS2, but only tested on TS2OFBp1 - TS2Seasons.

As of v5.0, due to the issues involving other hacks and the general inadvisability of using it, the Electric Death option has been removed. There are plenty of ways to kill your sims now without this.


Place in your MYDOCU~1\EAGAME~1\THESIM~1\DOWNLO~1 directory.

Restrain the townies who oft drop by. Inhibit the playables with homes of
their own. Bridle the Students who refuse to die. The Choice of Autonomy is
now yours alone. One Hack permits them All. One Hack Denies Them.  By Group
or Sim, it is your call, Autonomy Defies them, in the Directory of Downloads,
where the .package lies.


Place in your MYDOCU~1\EAGAME~1\THESIM~1\DOWNLO~1 directory.

Secret Door bookcase now auto-usable without clicking as a normal door by
Selectable Sims permitted by Authorized Personnel Only.


Adds "automatic socializing" to your sims: To use, either click on the target sim and choose "Macro.../Socialize", or if holding a party, click on your sim and choose "Macro.../Socialize Friends". Must be seen to be believed. Individual Socialize includes "Good" or "Bad". You decide!

Does not alter PersonGlobals menu.


Adds the following calling features to your phone:

Automatically picks and chooses existing friends and calls until relations are repaired. Will not appear if you lack any friends in need of calling or if nobody is available to be called (at work/school, too late, etc.)

Automatically picks and chooses existing disliked sims to harass until relations bottom out (unilateral). Will not appear if you have nobody you dislike or nobody can be harassed at this time (too early, not home).

Presents a dialog of family members looked up in the phonebook, including those you haven't personally met yet: Useful for introducing sims to their relatives without ridiculous amounts of shuffling between lots. Will not appear if there are no relatives with STR < 95: Use "Call Friends" instead.


Are you tired of your sim's inept baby-care skills? Here is something new and more awesome: It tells your sims how to do it instead. When combined with the anti-harassment package, it is truly awesome. More awesome than YOU, anyway. Family members of the baby, or nannies, will be directed to take care of the babies as needed. Whether you're just inept, or merely lazy, the eye in the sky has got you covered.

Enables or disables the management of babies or toddlers.

Decides what you want to do with used bottles: Ignore them and let you deal with them yourself, instruct a sim to dispose of it, or vaporize them as if you went to buy mode and deleted them.

Enables or disables a lobotomy-equipped nanny's standard baby care loops. If the nanny is lobotomized it will spend its paid time wandering around your lot doing autonomous visitor crap until the baby controller directs it to perform child care. If not-lobotomized, it will harass your children as normal. See description of Lobotomy Package for details.

If the override is enabled, the baby or toddler will not be directed to do anything while it is selected, or a valid selected caregiver is present in the room with it, allowing you to perform a manual interaction without being interrupted.

If this option is enabled, toddlers will preferentially always be fed smart milk, in hopes of triggering the smart milk emitter bug which sometimes causes them to retain the skill bonus into childhood, or maybe because you just like doing it.

If this option is enabled, a warning dialog will appear once per half-hour if a baby requires attention but its relatives are all busy.

If the emergency stop is chosen, all baby controller options are suspended until resumed. Useful if the controller has gone berserk or you have other big plan in mind.

Recommended supporting packages include "Lobotomized Nanny" and "No Baby Harassment".


Are you tired of Sims using the bathroom all at once, causing bathroom pileups? Well, in Soviet Russia, you don't use bathroom: Bathroom uses YOU! Handles many configurations of bathroom, including single toilet + shower and multiple stall toilets + seperate shower rooms, or stall toilets + communal shower room. Accepts room-only and radial device search modes. Compatible with all standard showers, toilets, and urinals. Because in Soviet Russia, ass wipes YOU!

Instructs the bathroom to use the Sim.
ROOM ONLY: Controller will only search for devices inside current room.
RADIUS: Controller will search for devices within specified radius.
OFF: Bathroom will only use people found loitering in the bathroom.
ON:  Bathroom will use resident sims as required.
For optimal results, place them at least one per bathroom minimum, preferrably one per toilet. For optimal results, the "stall" toilets are recommended.


Fixes bug with double beds where sims no longer are capable of remembering which side is theirs, instead always going for the same side of the bed when trying to sleep, even if specifically told to go for the other side.


BFF nonsense now limited to 12 and under or family. Seriously, have you ever heard an adult have such silliness in anything other than a decidedly sarcastic way? 12s keep them when growing up, but do not gain any more afterwards.


Breaking up on with a non-resident no longer evicts the non-resident from his home. If a married couple is living in separate houses when they break up, the breakup-ee no longer is evicted. If a couple breaks up on a community lot, the breakup-ee no longer is no longer sent to "The Family". You will have to move him out yourself.


It stops the "chased by bees" after bughunting from stomping your entire queue. Instead, your sim will just be chased by bees as a continuation of the bug-hunt action, and retain his queue.


In Soviet Russia, you do not run business, business runs YOU!

Requires all previous FFS controllers.


Sims will now run when called over if they are active or the distance they have to travel is very far, rather than ambling across the lot at 2 mph taking 3 hours to cross the other side, then turning around and going home because they need to pee now.
If sim called over is a pet and has learned the "Come here" command, a dog will run over quickly. A cat might...if it wants to.


Inappropriately dressed friend from work:
Friend is now properly dressed in accordance with own rank.
Unloading clog for vehicles with insufficient doors reduced.
Inability to load more than one sim into a helicopter at at time without annoying queue drops fixed.


It is the phonebooks under misc-misc which allows you to do several census for the neighborhood, such as male/female percentage, aspirations, etc. 

clothingtool.package & clothingtool-globals.package

It's a clothing tool. Lets you buy new clothes for your sims in all categories with a single command (and inflated price premium!), and snarf career and special-event (wedding, graduation, etc.) outfits worn by your sims for use in the "Plan Outfit" dresser, plan all of your outfits at one click (after aging!), as well as gives you one last shot to plan your outfits before returning home from college (if global override hook included in zip is installed) so that your sims do not return to the family bin looking like hobos! 


Sims no longer hike 30 miles in the snow uphill and against the wind both ways just so they can put their coffee cups on a table. If no surface is nearby, they're content to just drop the damn thing. They'll even put it straight into a dishwasher if one is really close! Sims no longer attempt to clean up cups still docked at their stand or barista cups, hiking halfway across the lot to do so (most noticeable in NL community lots with both restaurants and baristas).


Place in your MYDOCU~1\EAGAME~1\THESIM~1\DOWNLO~1 directory.
Buy item from Misc/Misc and place on lot.

Reset or Fast-forward College Timer back to either 72 hours or 1 hour.
Freeze College Clock for all controllable students in family via either pie menu option or "aging off" for as long as a clock remains present on lot.
Reroll Lifetime Want if your sim wants something really lame and dumb!
Synchronize clock to selected sim so all residents have the same semesters.


Controlled sims, NPCs, and townies may gain skills while visiting community lots, including non-college community lots. Notifications of skill-point gain will only be displayed for controllable sims. Enthusiasm may now be gained on community lots and while visiting.


Mrs. Crumplebottom should no longer interrupt showering sims to scream at them.  A Crumplebottom action should no longer stomp your queue.


For ages, OFB businesses have been hampered by one thing: The inability to target your business at a specific clientele without random idiots showing up who don't fit the profile you want. With this shiny gray box, there are now dozens of configurations to choose from!

For optimal results, it works best with the new version of noplayableshoppers, and the new Business Controller. It will function alone, but noplayableshoppers causes the normal spawner to yield to the Customer Selecter rather than having to fight. Although if you don't have it, the Customer Selector is prepared to do battle against it.

SHIFT-Click while in debug mode gives an option to reset all options to default.

How to use it:
Buy the controller block (small gray box in Misc/Misc for §1) and place on lot.

There are three choices for each option - OR, NOT and AND. 
Depending on the option, they're either set at OR or NOT by default. A setting of NOT will disallow a sim from being acceptable to this block if they have the NOT-characteristic. A setting of AND will allow a sim ONLY if they have that characteristic. A setting of OR will allow a customer if they satisfy the above and any requirements for visitation as normal.

You can make blocks that configure customer interest settings as well, targetting Sims who are looking for something specific like Entertainment or a restaurant. 

Timepiece - Another gray box in the Misc/Misc catalog for §30, which turns into an alarm clock when placed.
You can attach it to one of the gray blocks and cause it to load a different policy at a specific hour. For optimal results, you should place two clocks per box, one to change it at a specific hour and one to change it back.  This is helpful if you have a club that you want to be frequented by vampires at night, but regular Sims during daylight hours.  The blocks are conveniently numbered with ID numbers so you can attach the clock to a specific block.

There are import and export settings on the clock - import copies your current settings of that particular block onto the clock, saving them so you can order the clock to apply it at a specific hour.  Export applies those settings back to the block right now so you can edit them and reimport them, or just because.

Multiple controller block to create 'OR' groupings. If, for example, you want gay vampires or male robots, you can create one block with permissions for gay vampires, and another block for male robots.  That way these two specific groups show up and you don't have to override one or the other. Simply place more than one controller.


The Gardener will now come every day. Gardener next no longer maintained for conflict avoidance - code modification only.


Improves the cowplant logic so your sim has to be a little stupid to go for it. A lack of logical reasoning would help (only sims with low logic will go for it). That means townies tend to fall for it. Your sims tend to be smarter.
Darwincowplant affects whether or not a sim tries to take the Cake of Death, not what happens after they do. The cowplant, however, refuses to eat sims with low hygiene.


Prevents resetting of food plates.

Food is frequently shot when you install a new expansion or patch, resulting in all food stored as shop inventory, live on counters, or in character inventory being shot. Remember, don't shoot food!


Sims no longer look and wave at you when they're upset or whatever, instead just doing their thing (screaming, passing out, peeing themselves, dying) without stopping to wave at you.


Doorbell is no longer loud enough to wake the dead.


Issue where doors could stuck "in use" by lights or stair endtiles. Doors will now properly close and become not-in-use.


Fixes a divide-by-zero that occurs if there are no dorm doors on a dorm lot.



Prevents creation of drama professor "lost best friend" visible and invisible memory spam and "met self" memories.


Causes the extinguishment of old love/crush hearts during the marriage process.


No more eggplant juice memory spam.


Are you tired of the annoying micromanagement involved in trying to use the Encourage options on your simchildren? Is it so irritating that you give up because you have to repeat it so many times to accomplish anything, and it cannot be queued, and usually somebody wanders off in mid-encouragement? The Encouragificator handles this task management for you! Simply choose Macro.../Encourage.../Whatever, and it will automatically encourage the sim in question for you, over and over, until a mood failure occurs or you tell it to stop.

NOTE: Like with normal Encourage, you cannot queue orders to occur after it, as the Encourage system does not take well to this. As a result, if you queue anything after encourage, the action will be terminated.

Finally, you can whip the lazy out of your miserable snotrag sim children!

Does not alter PersonGlobal menu. 


Enemy status does not disappear over time if you ignore the relationship. Keeps negative relationships negative, instead of their natural progression towards buddies if your sim doesn't force the issue.


Evil sims make evil toys regardless of talent badge.


Makes NPCs more expensive than EA had originally planned.


Try-on clothes no longer uses extended pointless rack flipping. Go woohoo. Old buying flip already smitten in Maxian updates.


Detonates the Headmaster Controller, which can become corrupted and prevent the headmaster from appearing correctly on your lots.

Upgrades an Adult or Elder sim to 6 want slots/2 locks + Uni graduation with no major. Most useful for pre-Uni sims so that they aren't permanently confined to second-class citizen status.

Destroys the party controller, which can become corrupted and result in the inability to hold parties, neverending parties, or corrupted party scoring. Any currently in progress party is immediately terminated.

Scrambles the sim generator by advancing the sequence a random number of places to avoid the identical-child-personality "firstborn" effect. Will exit the lot without saving as a side effect. Save before use.

Grants or revokes permanent platinum LTW status in a sim. Use for bugged LTW satisfactions where status is not granted, to remove if you simply don't like it, or because you're a cheating lamer.

Removes "static motives" flag from all visiting sims and dormies.

Deletes all potentially stuck bills hiding on and off the lot.

Indiscriminately removes all sims loitering invisibly off-lot. May cause undesired side effects if used at the wrong time.

Attempts to reenable build/buy/save/exit.

Deletes the "haunted" emitters which cause sims to freak out at random objects, even if ghosts are not present on the lot.

Fixes the platinum-asp mood boosts for all sims on the lot.

UNSTICK ME (debug mode only) (experimental)
Attempts to unstick a sim that has lost the ability to move for some unknown reason. Experimental.

Nukes the college move-out controller, which can become corrupted and prevent sims from moving out of college.

Attempts to retrieve a missing sim which is stuck off-world by teleporting it to the mailbox and forcing an error.

Attempts to remove stuck invisible tiles potentially blocking fridges.

FIX FUNKY MOVEMENT (debug mode only) (experimental)
Attempts to force a sim back to walking normally and stop the "iceskater" effect. Experimental - intended for testing only.

RE-GIVE DIPLOMA (debug mode only) (Uni)
Re-issues a sim's diploma in the event that it is lost/stolen/eaten.

MAKE ME SMART/STUPID (debug mode only)
Applies or removes "stuck smart milk" effect to sims.

FORCE ERRORS (experimental)
Forces all objects of specified locality (all/in-world/off-world) to error. Do not run while debug mode is ineffect or thousands of error dialogs may appear! May crash, freeze or spam your game. Consult your doctor before use.

Returns percent-learning rate (100 is normal) for current sim.

RESPAWN TOMBSTONE (debug mode only) (experimental) (NL)
Regenerates a tombstone for a dead sim. Note that the dead sim must be the selected sim, which means you must spawn him somehow, then make him selectable and choose this command.

Nuke Stuck Poobags (NL)
Removes stuck invisible flaming bags of poo from horrible dates.

Nuke Stuck Airplanes
Removes invisibly stuck paper airplane reserve tiles.

Fix Broken Selectableness
Fixes broken selectable bits occasionally found on newly moved-in sims.

Fudge Astrology (debug only)
Forces a sim's astrological sign to the one corresponding to the number chosen. Useful for creating sims based on real people with personalities that may not match Maxian archetype.

Wipe Mystery Sim Memories
Removes all irrelevant "Mystery Sim" memories on freshly created so your sims can experience the relevant moments with some real sim instead of blabbing about this mystery sim thing. Option not available on sims with chronologies that removing these would invalidate.

Remove CLP (debug only)
Removes the community lot populator object if debugger is on community lot. If you don't know why you want to do this, don't touch this.

Decimate Neighborhood (debug only) (do not use!)
10% of your neighborhood is randomly given the death token, causing immediate death on lot load. DO NOT USE THIS OPTION. Will give warning box if you attempt to touch it.

If your werewolf is stuck in perma-hairy mode, try this button to perhaps cause him to become normal (during the day anyway). Not available at night when you're supposed to be hairy.

Not all options are displayed unless applicable to current sim and situation.
Not all options displayed are applicable.


Sims will no longer moth fires when panicking when something catches fire. Sims that are have seen more than one fire before will attempt to extinguish it rather than panicking. Visitors finding your house to be on fire will immediately declare this to be somebody else's problem and find an urgent and pressing interest in being elsewhere, rather than going into aspirational failure....after all, why should they care...unless they are on FIRE?


Fish caught by customers of a business lot fishing area now go to their inventory instead of the owner's inventory. Fish caught by employees and family members of the owner of a community lot go to the owner's inventory. Fruit and vegetables harvested by family and employees of an owned business go to the owner's inventory instead of the employee's inventory. Ending fishing now works correctly and no longer causes a jerky "skip" with corresponding minor-sim-reset as if you had deleted his interaction object, and should no longer erase smartness. Autonomous fishing attempts should no longer repeatedly lag the crap from your game.


Townies, etc. can now become fit or fat as a result of their behavior so that the NL turn-ons may actually do something.


Deliverypersons should no longer be irresistibly drawn to the inaccessible door of the mausoleum in the backyard when making their deliveries. Garage doors are not considered front doors regardless of level. Doors leading to garages are strongly discouraged from consideration as front doors.


Fixes the following minor issues in FT:
1. Restorable car is no longer unusable if reset occurs while someone is using it.
2. Genie money-from-sky no longer queuestomped.
3. Diploma/Best of Best/First Simoleon no longer cause View Many errors.
4. Hobby-written novels should no longer break study interactions.
5. Edumacation Bookcase creates goldbooks again.


Makes standard jobs harder: Uni graduates no longer receive automatic L8/L9 start and upper-level jobs have limited numbers of openings. Also includes pay and recognition fixes for TS2OFBp2 "Owned Business" jobs.


The parent-home-from-work hug will no longer wipe out your entire queue.


A Gwilly-requested shiny that makes the hydroponic garden train the gardening badge.  Also gives creativity points.


Indoor plants not exposed no longer become (over)watered by rain.
Indoor plants now unlikely to have weeds if grown in sealed environment.


Has it always bothered you that you have to greet people, thus giving them free run to traipse through your house at will, even if the only thing you plan to do is pummel the living crapola out of them for kicking your trashcan? Want to just unceremoniously pummel the living crap out of them, or say a word or two to passers-by, and then let them go on their way, without having wave, hug, or do whatever it is that sims insist on doing? Want to beat the snot out of that cow? Go for it!


Prevents a sim from losing an existing interesting entirely, although their current crazes will fluctuate. They should retain a minimum of 4 points in any interest they previously had 4 or more points in, which is the level that they need to not FINGERS IN EARS at a topic. A sim with many overloaded interests may suffer drastic initial drops on trying to read about a new interest, but will still retain previous interests. Interests that they previously hated will drop to 0, however.


Fixes a whole metric assload of brokenness relating to OFB jobs in TS2Pets,
as well as the preexisting problems in OFBp2:
 Teen OFB job now properly recognized.
 OFB jobs no longer autopromote to invalid levels.
 Retiring a pet now provides correct(?) pensions and doesn't demote your sim.

And all previously existing issues, like the retire exploit, teen hours bug,
and soforth.

Required for harderjobs.package.


Reduces senseless relations-destroying game-rage much like Puddle Rage. Since it makes no sense to hate your friends over an outcome that you don't actually have any control over anyway. Not FT only, runs as far back as NL.


Adds rel-level sanity checks to hostile pet interactions. Pets should no longer repeatedly attempt to kill each other for no apparently sane reason and then run away despite having high rel.


Fixes the EAxis borkinating of the skating skill that prevents sims from getting better at skating.


Sims whine less, particularly about stupid things. Also fixes teens always immediately leaving on being greeted in OFB.


This is a supporting package for the FFS Baby-O-Matic system that enables the lobotomization of the nanny, deactivating all nanny-related work routines on command.

This hack is intended for use withh the Baby-O-Matic system. It has no useful, and should have no harmful, effect when used without it. 


Sim residential walkbys now will only be people who actually live in your subneighborhood, so it will greatly prefer actual neighbors, not "guy who walked all the way here from Pleasantview".


Lifetime wants for careers are no longer strictly aspirationally correlated, and will instead vary by appropriate interests and personality. Career-wants for varying careers may appear outside of aspirational boundaries due to family influence, and sim personalities will match desired occupation. Crazier lifetime wants (Marry Off 6 Children, Have 6 Grandchildren) will disappear in neighborhoods of advanced age and therefore population to slow down Armageddon.

macrotactics.package & skillinator.package

Most features accessed by clicking on your sim and choosing Macro.../Option.

Harvests money trees on lot. Option appears if your sim is in gold+ aspiration and you have money trees on your lot. Your sim automatically travels from tree to tree harvesting the shinies until he either runs out of trees, his mood becomes very critical, or he loses gold aspiration.

Your sim will stand there and idle until you or something else tells him to do something more intelligent, or motives become really low. Option is only available in "Free Will", since the purpose of choosing this is mostly to block your sim from choosing other actions if you want him to simply wait for something.

Your sim will seek out the nearest designated and appropriate bathroom and perform bathroomly tasks. Requires properly installed and configured FFS "Bathroom Uses You" controllers (>= v1.68). Option will not appear if none are installed or appropriate.

Your sim will go to sleep in his designated bedroom. Requires properly installed and configured FFS Sleep Clock. Option will not appear if none are installed, or your sim is not assigned to any of them.

Your sim will concentrate on his present task, boosting it in priority so that it will not immediately drop if you queue another order after it. Examples of when to use this include an autonomously chosen task you want your sim to complete, not abort, when you queue things after it, and tasks like "teach" or "help with homework", which have the annoying habit of cancelling themselves if you tell your sim to do anything after it.

Your sim will seek out things to clean, repair, and garden, using better search algorithm than "apparently at random" that the maid uses.

Your sim will empty the trash. Including the trash compactors. This will be automatically called after "CLEAN" is invoked, or it can be called manually.

Your sim will seek out and kick the nearest flamingo or gnome, re-standing them up if they fall automatically so that they can be kicked again. Requires properly installed and accessible Lawn Flamingos and Gnomes. Fastest source of fun in the entire game!

Your sim will chug-a-lug the coffee to restore his energy. Bathroom breaks will automatically be taken as appropriate if "USE BATHROOM" option is available. Chugging will continue until energy is filled or a critical motive becomes too low and cannot be resolved.

Your sim will seek out homeworks belonging to him on the lot (where-ever) they may be hidden, and do them. If Fun or Bladder is too low, the sim will attempt to resolve the problem by kicking stuff or using the bathroom before continuing.

Seeks out the mailbox, fetches mail, and pays affordable bills.

Accessible from the "College" menu, begins a rampage where your sim studies for college using all of the college tools until he maxes his current grade-o-meter! All needs except hunger automatically are taken care of during the rampage.

Sim will scavenge for available edible foods and eat foods that can restore his hunger without being overfilling. If no foods are available, sims with adequate cooking skills will cook one. If OFB is installed, the inventories of resident sims will be pillaged for foods if none is found present, as if you dragged it out of the inventory and dropped it on the floor.

Sim will autonomously handle all basic needs. Will autonomously call friends if AutoYak is available, using cellphone if available. Sim will respond to any orders you give it while performing this function. If not given any orders, and all needs are satisfied, sim will do something quiet and not disturbing, like cleaning the room or sitting quietly in a couch. Will not bogart the desk chairs and render it impossible to use the computer.


It's magic, you wave it around and either it unbreaks your unplayable lot because your sims have all gone missing, or it depreciates everything to minimum normal value, so you don't need a meditation dummy. It's a magic wand.


Navigation Orders (Go/Run/Skip Here) will no longer be erased from the queue if you queue another order after it: Sims will now travel to their destinations by the route and means of your choosing if you plot their route for them!


The marriage "spouse" line is no longer automatically disconnected after death. The surviving partner may remarry as usual, which will correctly connect the line to the new partner and disconnect the old one, but unless the survivor remarries, when he dies, their marriage line will still show as connected on the family tree, like those of the deceased Maxian families.


Female gets male's last name, regardless of who initiates the proposal. Useful for getting townie last names into the game, or just for those of us who like to do things the traditional way. For same-sex unions, everybody keeps their own name, but they still get a line on the family tree.


Do you has: The courage, the determination, and the five bucks? Buy this item in Misc/Misc and send money to your Sim's friends and family! In pre-Uni games, this object also serves as the controller for the receipt of money, so the receiving Sim must live on a lot with one present, although it does not need to be used. Buy an extra and bury it someplace out of sight and you can send and receive all the money you want (NOT needed in Uni+). Or at least have. Yours for only one half of ten bucks.

No global overrides.  Made amount menu dynamic for people who want to pass out ridiculous sums of money from their cheated and bugged families.


Eliminates the magic 20K handout when a sim moves out or graduates from college. A sim moving out will simply take a proportional split of the cash reserves of the current family. No more. No such thing as a free lunch. If a sim family breaks up, the sim being booted out will take the minimum amount to afford a lot, 3K, from the treasury if available. Otherwise, he gets whatever is left. If that's not enough to afford even the odd 2x2 lot....too bad! Life's a b**** and then you're raped by wild boars!


Removes ADHD (Sims repeatedly stopping and starting an activity). Sims will tend to finish what they are doing before doing something else (so no more pick up a book to read, and immediately drop it to go watch TV).


Gets rid of the "age discrimination" that locks elders into only crappy jobs, also making it impossible to retire without "Get Useless Job" wants clogging the want panel. To get a real job, use the computer. If, for some reason, you actually WANT the lousy job, you can still get one with the newspaper.




Everyone and their dog will no longer swarm to the room where you have chosen to have somebody grow up. Only people currently in the room and not busy doing something will watch.


Only the first A+ memory is recorded.


Assignments left behind by dormies or visiting sims disappear instead of taking up valuable table and floor space.


Visiting playable sims will no longer purchase new pets, putting you in the uncomfortable position of ending up with a million pets...or having to kick out some poor animal.


Are you tired of your sims poking, prodding, badgering, and otherwise harassing your babies and toddlers 57 times an hour? This hack shuts off autonomous baby pestering, in a non-pie-menu way.


Dishes will not be washed in the bathroom. Affects all sinks by placement, not by type of sink. Truly, it is More Awesome Than You.


Most sims teen and above will no longer bogart the swings. Certain sadly immature individuals who also seem to enjoy playing Pirate in bathtubs will continue to exhibit this obviously childish behavior, though.


Private homes and frat houses are no longer considered appropriate venues for buskers to setup in, unless there is a party occurring.

Do not attempt to use with wrong version.


The formation of the corrupted death memory, as seen in gossip of the form "jagged lines", "tombstone", "dead Sim", is now suppressed. Existing corrupted death memory markers not affected, and will continue to spread unless eliminated in SimPE. You can usually identify corrupted death markers, because one will follow every directly-experienced death of visitor or family member, and is flagged "invisible", with no event owner. It will spread to other Sims in gossip, and all memories of this form (no event owner, $Subject Died, Dead Sim), are corrupted "jagged line" memories. Delete these whenever they show up in gossip, noting which sim possesses them, and which sim received it. Find the corrupted memory in both Sims and expunge it from anyone you can find.

For non-advanced or lazy users, you're stuck with your existing jagged lines for now. New neighborhoods will be clean.


Greatly reduces the crying and moaning when sims insult, slap, and otherwise harass each other. Only really nice wussies do this now.


Resolves an interesting and annoying behavior of autonomous dining when your sim appears on community lots as a visitor: Whenever they try to eat, some random townie is dragooned to their table. Instead of randomly picking the first townie on the lot, it will instead try to pick an actual friend of that sim who is also visiting the lot.


Dormies no longer spawn when vacancies exist in dorms. Existing dormies are unaffected and continue to function normally. Special-university townies like the Secret Society members should be unaffected - only the random dormie population is affected.

This is obviously useless without the expansion pack and will do nothing.


Eliminates pointless dropping of tired babies and toddlers. Since when could people not hold onto an unconcious baby, anyway?


Graduational memories should no longer be duplicated for strange reasons.


Sims (who are not fat or lazy) will no longer stuff themselves until they explode. Lazy and fat sims will continue to eat everything and thus can still become fat, because sometimes, you just want fat people. Sims who would not eat out of a trash can will cease eating food that has gone spoiled.

Sims will talk considerably less when eating, especially if they are in a hurry (because they're tired, starving, need to pee, have more orders), or if they're eating without the benefit of chairs.

Replaces Phedge's "No Overeating" hack - do not use together.


Sims will only bring co-workers home from the same job level that they are currently on.

It stops sims from dragging home co-workers of grossly different job level. With OFB, it now also makes sure that sims are actually working in the same business, and not simply sharing the "Employee" track.
Last but not least, it adds the feature that friends from work and school being dragged home will be suppressed if the sim already has after-work assignments queued.


Eliminates hobby spam like the Jfade-based version, but with fewer BHAV edits, most of which are stubbings, and no need for text override, so doesn't break international compatibility.


Makes Humble Computer buyable. Gets rid of the actual Rod Humble visitation and shameless unremoveble L&P pluggage clogging the play menu. Because the pluggage makes SSX3 almost tolerable. Humble will not return even when this hack is removed. By the power of Awesomeness, I cast thee out! Begone!


Sims should no longer automatically and instantly fall in love at the first flirt. Chance of being hit with hearts now depends on attraction level and is influenced by aspiration and personality.



Non-townie sims with jobs >= L6 or who are already working in a user business are no longer considered eligible hires and will not clog the hiring pool, nor be available with the "hire" option unless they quit. Sims will never want to hire anyone who already has a job.


Employee salespeople are no longer allowed to give away your store by lowering your prices. What the hell kind of salesmanship is that, anyway?


The desire to stalk and harass children and customers, and bug total strangers, should be greatly curtailed. Sims will no longer stalk other sims from the opposite end of the mall, either.


The memory and want satisfaction are now correctly assigned even if somebody else answers the publisher phone call. The typewriter will thus appear over the head of the author, not merely the person who happens to pick up the phone.


Playable sims no longer show up at stores to waste all their family's monies buying junk they don't need that has to be sold back at massive losses in time and family funds, unless given an FFS Money Order object placed in their inventory to designate them as shoppers (so you can sell them useful stuff!). Placing one on the lot will make the lot visitable by all playables.


Eliminates the full-queue-stomp, stomping only the head action (thus keeping macro-requeuers intact), and doesn't bring the camera in to look at it. Because it's not cool to watch.


Neat Sims no longer become irrationally furious at someone when told to clean a puddle (right after enthusiastically cheering, at that!). Game apparently does not distinguish terribly well between puddles of pee, puddles from water balloons (which were thrown by the sim in the first place!), puddles from showers, puddles from puddles...


Do you hate the way the rabbit toy spins whenever you cancel the order to use it, usually causing it to spin to an inaccessible facing? Is it just creepy? This hack makes the damn rabbit STAY facing the way you put it, unless actually blocked, not merely because you cancelled it! Nyah!


Attempts by non-selectable sims to reassign workers are ignored. Managers and community lot owners will not be able to randomly reassign workers when not controllable.


Sims may no longer hold pillowfights in the road: The target must now be in the same room, and a nearby bed in the room is required.


This is an improved version of the original "No Route Fail" that retains some feedback (the route failure thought) and reduces the abruptness of the stop, while continuing to eliminate the screaming hissy fit in the annoyingly loud, obnoxious, and generally violence-inducing voice. Now you can see that something is clearly blocked if you did it on accident, without having to constantly listen to that screaming if it is, in fact, blocked deliberately and you have no intent of moving it precisely because you DON'T want them to have access.


Servo no longer constantly tries to do chores without your input, for better or worse. Enjoy.


Outgoing sims will no longer shriek when they see other sims naked.


Gets rid of the 5-mile-baby-drag when feeding a toddler smart milk: The toddler is no longer pointlessly and unnecessarily picked up unless it is inside the crib.


Eliminates respawning of Secret Society members. Secret Society members should not be spawned to replace ones you happen to kill for whatever reason, except as a very last resort of total desperation (which should be near-impossible, but is there just in case), in which it will create one member. If there are not enough SS members, when the game attempts to generate one, it will, instead of generating a new NPC, induct a YA townie instead, and use him. The game will also not insist on generating more to fill max visitor count when you are abducted (IF you still are abducted: should theoretically work with no-abduct). Therefore, if there is no SS townie, the game will first attempt to create one by promoting an existing YA townie. If it cannot, it will only create one if there is not even a single available member to perform the initiation ceremony. If for some reason your university has a dormie population of zero, don't kill this last guy.


Stray animals no longer respawn. Existing animals unaffected. Animals that exist in play may become strays, but no new random ones will generate. Please don't kill the animals. Now includes anti-respawning in the adoption pool as well, reducing minimum pool size requirements, and first dragooning stray animals before creating any new ones as a last resort.


Most memories are no longer transmitted telepathically to relatives that they have never even met before. They can still be passed normally by gossip, but memories do not begin appearing in the relative's memory bar unless they've actually met that person. With TS2U+, "death of relative" no longer wipes out aspiration bars on random toddlers that have never met aforementioned dead person.


Townies no longer regenerate when removed from the townie pool. Existing townies are unaffected and continue to function normally. Service NPCs continue to be generated as needed. See "antiredundancy" to reduce their numbers. Vacation locals will only generate to maximum of one per zone.


Disables the "magic invulnerability protection" given to non-selectables in Uni dorms and frathouses that appears to have activated itself due to NL/patch. Dormies and visitors will now be required to eat, sleep, pee, and bathe like everyone else again. Hilarity ensues!


Game no longer partially destroys sim file on deletion of tombstone. May resolve potential random tombstone losses when moving tombstones to community lots resulting from shredded character files produced by unlinkage. May also contribute to global warming.


Sims that don't need coats because they can't freeze should no longer bother to waste time wearing them. Because it's all about the cape.


Nondormies no longer vanish into dorm rooms.


No more "What's This?" and "Where did it go" actions. If they appear at all, they will not cause the sim to take any direct action.


Servers no longer forget about a customer forever if interrupted by something after taking the customer's order: When the server resumes his
task, the customer will be delivered his ordered food.
Fixes catch-22 situation associated with trying to sign up at a bandatron
where you can't move to the bandatron unless you sign up but you can't sign
up or even go home unless you move to the bandatron.
Foods now respond to "Set Price of Type".
Reporters no longer spawn an erroneous "change wage" dialog.
Fixed "who are you trying to call" when checking in with a manager at an owned community lot.
Fixed horrible lag caused by ghosts trying and failing to use elevators.
Customers bag throwing will no longer occur immediately due to route blockage.  Standard timeout duration now applies instead of immediate throwing merely because some other sim obstructed the line.
Robot stands must now hold the correct robots to restock. Munchies no longer restock as Sentries, Hydros no longer restock as Cleans, and vice-versa.
Fixes the "double pay, double decay" fix with businesses that causes the remote payout popup to appear twice in succession, before you can reasonably check in after the first popup.


Orchard trees no longer f*cked up. Should now properly Tend/Spray Many again. Because Maxis f*cked with it for no good reason and broke it.

phonehack.package & phonehack-talkmodule.package

Place in your MYDOCU~1\EAGAME~1\THESIM~1\DOWNLO~1 directory.
Install optional TalkModule if you want the smart-conversation-lengths back.

The parent of a child who is on the phone will not invite himself inside.
The Headmaster will no longer self-invite himself when he calls you, nor will the phone freeze up.
You should now be able to properly invite new Headmasters even if your Sim has married a Headmaster.
Teen Go/Sneak Out in Pets hopefully unfarkled.


Teens can now go and sneak out even, or especially if, they lack a guardian. This should not be construed as support for parenticide, although we're sure some of you are going to try it now. In event that no adult is present, the teen sim no longer requires permission to go out, because, obviously, he has nobody to request it from but himself. The options to "Go Out" and "Sneak Out" will appear at the appropriate times.
Harassment Call Lock - Ever wondered why your Sims somehow seem to decide to go to sleep earlier when you're not playing? Tired of them simply screaming at you even though normally, they never go to sleep under YOUR direction until like 2 in the morning? We couldn't make insomnia-tracking to determine which families are regularly insomniacs, but you are now protected from accidentally doing this: If your sim attempts to call another sim outside of valid calling hours, he will pick up the phone, then realize this is a bad time and put it down before bugging the other sim. You may still attempt to place emergency, service, transportation, sneak-out, and crank calls normally.
No more dumbass phone calls: Friends who miss you no longer make stupid phone calls just to waste your time with their whining: They will instead make a USEFUL phonecall, so if a friend you haven't heard from in awhile calls you to talk, instead of b****ing about it, this is why.
Sim-children should no longer bug random adults that they bumped into on some community lot by phone. Sim children should only call their relatives or other children.
Sims should no longer place casual calls when they are NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HOME. No more truant children calling for kids which are at school, or people calling when they SHOULD be at work.
Now possible for teens to introduce people to adults using the phone: Teens no longer shouted at unless phone call join is declined.
Now possible to invite headmaster if toddler will auto-transition at 1800 while headmaster scenario is in progress.
Calling in sick no longer generates a useless NPC to clog your data files.

Set Ringer - Set the number of rings you want your phone to ring when an incoming call is received: 5, 10, 15, the default 20, or even OFF, which means you will not be notified or receive any incoming calls.

NOT COMPATIBLE WITH INTEEN: Benign conflict. Pregnant teens will be unable to sneak out. Otherwise, there is no harm of running the two together.


Visitors should no longer insist on jumping into your pool at the first unattended moment: They will only use the pool if appropriate dressed for it, as opposed to magically pulling their swimsuits from their butts the moment you leave them unattended for 3 seconds and then proceeding to wander the house soggily after you shoo them out. Sims no longer change back immediately after chickening out from diving. Sims who are being WATCHED while diving will not be able to wimp out anymore. People would make fun of you for that. And then push you in anyway. Last but not least, the option to swim naked has been made available, so if your sim is already naked, he won't change before diving. Making your sims get naked for the task is left as an exercise for the reader.


If your household has kids in the private school, it will be charged §200 per day (per household, not per kid). This is how EAxis probably intended it anyway.

JORDI’S INTEENIMATED VERSION AVAILABLE, UPDATED FOR SEASONS! (not clear if the Seasons version will work in BV or not.)


New from the company that brought you Coffee Cup Hack: Punch Cup Hack!
Do not use with original game!


Stops sims from trying to relocate from the spot you set them to do it at, because it's a highly positionally sensitive radius action. The alternative to using it would be to use the floor dividers to chop up the room to prevent any other unbroken 2x2 blocks except your target spot until it looks like a bomb went off there.


Wages demanded by employees must now be relevant: Salary demands will no longer be exhorbitant simply because a sim has a ton of useless skills. Just like in real life, your degree in underwater basket weaving is completely useless. Sorry, man. Also, the salary demand increase applied to managers will now be correctly applied to actual managers, instead of to random people whose binary garbage happens to coincidentally coincide with their job level, causing them to spontaneously become underpaid and quit without any apparent cause.


Sims no longer obsessed with eating at restaurants in endless loops when not full, or drinking coffee when not tired. Also cuts down desire for sims to commit bladdericide from the above.
Seats occupied by your sims & bar patrons less likely to clash with host seating assignments, resulting in queue stompage. Queue stompage BAD!


Sims can now exhibit loyalty to existing relationships and do not randomly fall in love with anyone who happens to flirt with them. Pleasure sims have resistance only when in a committed relationship, Romance sims have none. All other sims have resistance values if they already are in a relationship. This value increases with level of commitment. Object-assisted actions not presently supported and bypass this check. Still provides defense against cow attack!
Sexual orientation of a sim now actually matters! A very straight sim will decline homosexual interactions and vice-versa.
Sim-jealousy will make more sense: Romance/Pleasure sims, depending on personality(Nc+Pl+Ou >= 15), are more likely to have "open" relationships (Pleasure sims only do this outside of commitments), and will not become jealous (although some are simply hypocrites who think the rules apply to everyone but them and pleasure si), and sims will no longer spaz at random people for no discernably sensible reason. Romance sims should never spaz. It is no longer defined as "cheating" if you are not in an actual committed relationship, and you will not have knives-memories or "caught cheating" fears satisfied unless you are actually caught by a partner in a committed relationship (steady/engaged/married).
Flower rage is stomped. Sims no longer spaz out when looking at datereward, since these have no timestamp and could pertain to a preexisting relationship or one that no longer exists.


Makes Rock Paper Scissors less destructive and more want-satisfying, so sims can win games playing it.

Friends and serious sims no longer destroy relationships playing it. RPS will be played if sims are playful, and the interaction won't risk destroying a relationship because they don't have one. Friends will not attempt this due to the destructive potential.


Active sims who have "run here" automatically run to class instead of walking.



Visitors will no longer rob your money trees. As of 1.0p1, it seems the gardener, whenever he waters it, will, however! As this appears to be an intentional feature, it has been left unmodified.


Sims will now put the scanner gun back where they found it rather than ditching it godknowswhere. If it gets dropped, it will be automatically moved back to its original resting place. Sims will refrain from scanning objects likely to disappear on them, like things that are in use, and vehicles. If an object manages to disappear anyway while being scanned, the sim will gracefully stop scanning things rather than jump and lose the scanner, their hat, and their queue.


Shooing no longer causes groups to break.


Sims will no longer look at wall hangings (with a few exceptions) and laugh for no reason.  Because…well, it’s stupid.


See macrotastics.package


Sets the hour you want the setting sim to wake up. That sim will then wake up at that time if his energy bar is full, instead of at the utterly ridiculous, thoroughly boring, and very premature hour of 0600. Unless, of course, you specify an even more boring hour. Sim will not awaken even if his energy bar is full/you queue stuff until the appointed time, unless his energy bar is full 6 hours in advance of the time (as standard). Only affects the targetted Sim if he sleeps in the room with the clock in it. Can store settings for two sims at a time. Only affects residents.

Clears the assignment for a Sim so you can set a new setting for another Sim. Clock only holds settings for two Sims at a time, so if one Sim moves out or dies and you want to program for a new Sim, clear the absent Sim.

Clock will automatically compute the hour at which your Sim should go to go to sleep based on your desired waking hour, the class of bed you have set, and the energy level of your Sim. The order to go to sleep on a bed in the same room as the clock will be automatically pushed at that time. Setting this to "Max" will result in the instruction overriding currently queued user orders.

Sets the class of bed you are associating with the clock. Classes are as follows:
E8-40: 40 NRG/hr: vampire Coffin! Even for non-vampires!
E8-38: 38 NRG/hr: Includes Medieval(dbl/UNI), Lux(dbl/GLS)
E7-37: 37 NRG/hr: Includes Sleepwave 42(dbl/PETS)
E6-36: 36 NRG/hr: Default Includes Colonial Ironwood(dbl) and Soma(dbl)
E6-35: 35 NRG/hr: Includes Funkensnooze(dbl) and Ajoque Beds(sing)
E6-33: 33 NRG/hr: Includes Medieval(sing)
E4-31: 31 NRG/hr: Includes Slimboy(sing) and Touch of Teak (dbl)
E4-29: 29 NRG/hr: Includes Zenu Meditation (dbl)
E3-28: 28 NRG/hr: Includes Courtly Sleeper(dbl) and Caress of Teak(sing)
E3-27: 27 NRG/hr: Includes Protozoa(dbl)
E3-26: 26 NRG/hr: Includes Protozoa(sing)
E2-25: 25 NRG/hr: Includes Craftmeister(sing) and Cheapeaze(dbl)

Selecting an incorrect bed type will result in the incorrect calculations. For best results, only one bed should be located in the vicinity of the clock: The bed chosen will always be the bed closest to the Sim after arriving at the clock.

Sends a notification dialog of impending calculated time if turned on.

Enables or disabled the Bed Nazi (NO BED FOR YOU!) for keeping other sims, especially visitors, dormies, autonomous sims, etc., from messing with the bed, causing the owner to find the bed is occupied by some moron.


Operating a cash register is not rocket science anymore. You no longer have to ring in 50 people before your cashier stops looking like an incompetent dolt, making it the single hardest badge in the game to get.


Enables snapdragons motive boost/decrease for pets.


Noteworthy elder career uniforms will now work correctly where possible. Fixed uniforms include Space Pirate, Safari, Journalist, Diver, Rockstar.


Corrects broken slottage which would cause random resets and game breakage in the presence of certain NPCs which Maxis forgot to update the slottage for. Note this problem will likely similarly afflict pre-Seasons custom NPCs created by those who are not Awesome. Currently the Streaker is the only NPC known to be afflicted, but others may be as well and will be added as discovered.


This hack makes the Social Worker behave more reasonably. The Social Worker will only be summoned for child abandonment if a child-aged sim is left unattended for extended period of time, such as if all adults are very dead, or if the unattended sim is a toddler and therefore should not realistically be left home alone at all. The bizarre metric of "child-hours" has been eliminated.

The social worker will not be summoned for a child receiving bad grades unless the number of bad children outnumbers the number of passing children: No more adopted bad child causing all your good children to be taken away because he came with a failing grade from when he was taken away before.

The Social Worker will continue to be summoned if you intentionally abuse your children by starving or neglecting them, so you can still get kids taken away to fill the adoption pool if you want.

Parents will also no longer be physically prevented from going to work if children are present on the lot. No more having to miss work because the stupid nanny refused to show up until 15 minutes afterwards.

Heat/Cold failure and warnings no longer random and useless: Will no longer receive spurious warning followed immediately by "sudden death mode" SS visit.

Not compatible with other social worker modifications.
Not for use with the original game.


Sims no longer turn the stereo on and off autonomously. The repairman may even actually repair the expensive one this time.


Removes invisible stuck objects that are blocking tiles. 

Buy it, place it on top of the tile you think the stuck object is in, go into live mode (unpaused) and wait for it to be indicated as burninated.


Are your salespeoples' lists of unwanted friends getting unnecessarily large and bloated from all the random people they meet on the job? Playable sims performing sales actions will not gain +rel above ~35 unless they are already friends, preventing them from acquiring a bazillion unwanted often-townie friends.


Place in your MYDOCU~1\EAGAME~1\THESIM~1\DOWNLO~1 directory.  To uninstall, SHIFT-Click on clock in debug mode and choose "Uninstall From Neighborhood". Negative side effects may occur if clock is deleted from downloads without properly uninstalling.

Keeps track of time played on a lot relative to global time, and allows you to see what the time is on other configured lots and jump directly to them without going through the neighborhood screen. Also allows frobnication of lot time for Uni+.


Makes fighting a more desirable option in the game, eliminating those bizarre "phalanx defeats battleship" outcomes by making fight loops keep score and accumulate advantages instead of simply having their outcomes ignored. Fighting is now also more skill-based, with Mechanical and Logic skill playing small roles alongside Body. Combat experience adds a bonus to the fighter's skill. Grouchy sims will find fighting to be fun! The more grouchy the sim, the more fun fighting is!

(Pets Only!) Werewolves no longer automatically win every "Savage" attack, although they do receive a hefty battle bonus for being werewolves. Sims can now avoid becoming a werewolf if they do not lose any of the combat rounds. Losing any combat rounds will result in being bitten and becoming a werewolf, even if they win the battle. (Not relevant without Pets)


Fixes some exploits pertaining to tipping: Tipping no longer produces money ex-nihilo, and the money you can earn from a tip is no longer limited by the amount of money you have in your account. If somebody gives you money, that money actually comes from their treasury. Sims will not give themselves completely into the poorhouse, so if everyone around is broke, you won't get much. Find richer people to perform around. The likelyhood you will receive a tip is now directly related to your actual skill: Lousy musicians performing in front of hostile crowds don't get a whole lot. Tippers will move away from the jar as per original Twojeffs hack.

Does not work in the original game. Supercedes Twojeffs' "Busker Tipping" hack. Do not use together or unpredictable results may occur.


Sims will no longer continuously toast each other to the point of pissing their pants. Makes the champagne less attractive.


Ever get annoyed by sims who can't seem to figure out that a toga party is for people in togas? While non-YAs don't have togas, and therefore are excused, what's everyone else's excuse? No more of that. YAs will now show up at toga parties properly wearing frickin' togas, instead of their underwear, or what-have-you!


This is about the double death penalty that results when your moved sim immediately "dies on another lot" after you move his tombstone, causing everyone to immediately take another "so-and-so died" hit. If you're noticing sims mysteriously going into the red on another lots for no apparently obvious cause, this is why.


Abandoned beach objects now self-destruct correctly.
Witch Doctor "Give Voodoo Doll" glitchiness workaround fixed.
Fire Dance memento now properly given.
Indoor mining no longer blocked by outdoor snow.


Warmth caps now properly applied, so the undead will not turn blue despite supposedly not being allowed to drop to that level (and ruining their portrait pose to boot). Cap for undead also raised so that they will not react to the temperature.

Spontaneous combustion temperature raised to +90. Chance reduced. Combined with above, should greatly reduce instances of combustion as it now requires an unlikely combination of circumstances (Outside, High Temp).

Outdoor temperatures no longer affect sims that are indoors, so treadmill and hot tub related combustion should be impossible indoors combined with above.


Tons of sanity and personality checks added to wants, including:
No longer will want to play/etc. with people who aren't here. (Talk OK)
Knowledge sims no longer obsessed with attempted suicide unless low ASP.
Supernatural creatures no longer want to cure others of type.
Flirting with ugly and inappropriate people discouraged.
Cannot fear being caught cheating unless actually cheating.
Extremely implausible events with no history not feared.
Ex: Death of non-elder in neighborhood with no history of unnatural death.
Becoming enemies with best friends with no history of best friend loss.
No obsession with unaccessible pets.
Skating no longer valid want unless rink actually present.
Only kids and silly non-neat people want to balloon/snowball fight.
Very mean sims no longer actually WANT to give gifts.
Snow activities require presence of actual snow!


Gardeners will no longer attempt to water flowers in early winter, going into an endless loop as a result.


Wolf fears no longer satisfied unless sim actually witnesses appearance of wolf. Wolves much less likely to appear in densely populated areas (areas with high community lot and residential 


Ever wonder where your woohoo LTW memory went? Ever spot a woohoo LTW memory on some random sim where it doesn't belong? That's where it went. It's a lot like the hydrogen in BlueSoup's fat head: Exploding in a big fiery ball visible from space.


Pee is yellow. Non-pee is not yellow. Neat sims do not like it when people pee on the floor. Pee does not spawn tasteable puddles if more pee appears.
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