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About meEdit

Ts2 the three branches of k6ka

The three branches of k6ka. Human on left, Robot in the middle, Ghost on right.
Human: This is my physical body, much like any other human on earth. You failed biology class, didn't you?
Robot: This is my loyal robot, K6kaBOT. It is an autonomous robot that can think for itself. It also does a lot of the physical labor.
Ghost: This is the ghostly part of me. It can walk through walls and possess animals! Also good for making people wet themselves.
Confused? Don't worry, just remember this: the Human is k6ka, the Robot is k6ka, and the Ghost is k6ka. Got it? Good.

Hello! I go by the username k6ka (Speaker Icon Listen  /ˈkˈsɪksˈkˈ/) on much of the Internet, and k6 is the "short form" for my already-pretty-short username. I am an administrator on The Sims Wiki, and I also serve as the wiki's IRC contact. Outside of The Sims Wiki, I am also an administrator on the English Wikipedia and The Last Stand Wiki. Outside of the wiki world, I am a hobbyist photographer.


You can contact me on this page.

The majority of cases should be discussed publicly, though in rare circumstances, I allow users to email me privately. But first, read the following...

So, when can I email you?

You should generally use my talk page to contact me in the vast majority of cases. Email should only be used for certain circumstances where public communication may not be desirable or possible. Examples of when you can email me include:

  • You are currently blocked from editing and your ability to edit your talk page has been revoked. You can email me to request an unblock, or to inform me that you are an innocent editor that has been autoblocked.
  • There is a revision on a page that you want removed from public view, because it is extremely offensive, defamatory, or reveals personal information. In cases like these, do not post it publicly, as we don't want the Streisand effect to add fuel to the fire.
  • Other personal matters. However, keep in mind that this isn't a social networking site, so don't treat emails as casual private messages in which you can spam me.

If you are receiving death threats from someone else, do NOT email me. Contact Wikia Staff, and if needed, your local police.

To send me an email, please use this form. Thanks.

The Sims games I own Edit

The Sims 1
The Sims 2*
The Sims 3**

*I do not have the Ultimate Collection.
**I have the Steam version of the game.

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