Notreligious.png This user is not religious.
The Sims 4 Logo.png This user is an owner of The Sims 4.
Wiki separated logo 110x116.png This user has made [[Special:Editcount/User:Juyeon94|Special:Editcount/User:Juyeon94]] contributions.
Balloon toyblocks.png This user has made a Userbox.
VirgoLN.png This user is a Virgo.
Aspiration TS4 Painter Extraordinaire.png
This user has the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration.
Aspiration TS4 Musical Genius.png
This user has the Musical Genius aspiration.
Aspiration TS4 Computer Whiz.png
This user has the Computer Whiz aspiration.
Trait Artistic.png
This user has the Artistic trait.
Trait Loner.png
This user has the Loner trait.
Trait Bookworm.png
This user has the Bookworm trait.
Trait Loves the Cold.png
This user has the Loves the Cold trait.
Trait Childish.png
This user has the Childish trait.
Trait Clumsy.png
This user has the Clumsy trait.
Trait Over-Emotional.png
This user has the Over-Emotional trait.
Trait Grumpy.png
This user has the Grumpy trait.
Trait Hates the Outdoors.png
This user has the Hates the Outdoors trait.
Trait Hot-Headed.png
This user has the Hot-Headed trait.
Trait Pizza Appreciator.png
This user has the Pizza Appreciator trait.
Trait Asian Culture icon.png
This user has the Asian Culture trait.
KR This user speaks ' at a native level.
JA-4 This user speaks Japanese at a near-native level.
EN-2 This user speaks English at an intermediate level.
This user is a teen.
Female symbol.jpg This user is female.
Lgbt-flag.png This user identifies as bisexual.
link={{{1}}} This user is on Facebook
Simlish Sims2 TV.jpg
This user likes the language Simlish.
Missing Work.png
This user doesn't like work.
This user likes coffee.
Carbed Up.png
This user likes to eat sweets.
HavingGoodDreams.png This user likes dreams.
Saw Great Symphony.png
This user likes symphonies.
Saw Great Movie.png
This user likes watching movies.
Read a Masterpiece.png
This user likes classics.
I am the Greatest.png
This user is crazy!!
Watch a Movie.pngRead a Novel.pngWrite a Novel want.png

This user's hobby is Film and Literature.

Play Violin.pngWin Dance Contest.pngClassic Dance.png

This user's hobby is Music and Dance.

Aa club art.png
This user loves to paint.
Yummy Goodness smiley.png
This user likes ice cream.
The Sims series This user has been playing The Sims since 2013.
TSM logo small.png The Sims Medieval
Mummy.png This user prefers The Sims 3 games to any other Sims games.
Sunset Valley thumbnail.png

This user is a fan of Sunset Valley.

Fav Red.png The user's favorite color is Red
Fav Spaghetti.png The user's favorite food is Spaghetti.
Pizza.jpg The user's favorite food is pizza.
Windows 10 logo.png This user runs on Windows 10.
Chrome logo.png
This user contributes using Google Chrome.
TS2 Brown Eyes.png
This user has brown eyes.
This user has black hair.

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