Just a story about Lilith.

Did you ever felt that the whole world was against you? Or, that is was better that you were not even born? That how I feel when I look at my family. Mom is a perfectionistic workaholic. Dad is a sporter. Angela is perfect. And I? What do you think I see? What do you think everyone else sees? A wasterl. Not good enough to compare with their precious Angela. Angela. Angela. Angela. She ruins my life.

Day 1

The alarm clock went off. Another day begun. Get your lazy ass out of your bed and get down here right now yelled mom. I got up and walked down stairs. Mom and dad were probaly in the dining room so I walked in. Do you really thought we were that stupid young lady yelled dad. What are you talking about? I looked at dad. This young lady, this mom waved with a paper that she she gave to me. My report.

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