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<i><font size="5px">Hello, Welcome to the Jones143 page!!!</font> </i>
==<i>About Jones</i>==
<i>Im Jones143, who is now helping some wikis like Cleveland Show Wiki, Adventure Time Wiki and COD Wiki, and Im here now to help this wiki because i loved the all the Sims in my whole life, i have Bustin out, the Sims 2 on the PC and the ps2, but i don't play ps2 one alot :). I also have the Sims 3 for PC and ps3, both are pretty good. So i hope that everyone here can welcome me here so one day here i may can become an admin in time... </i>
==<i>Best Sims games 2 Me</i>==
#<i>Sims 3 Late Night </i>
#<i>Sims 3 </i>
#<i>Sims 2 Free Time </i>
#<i>Bustin Out </i>
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<center><i>[[File:Ep1Logo small.png]][[File:Ep2 icon.png]][[File:TS3 EP4.png]] [[File:Ep5_icon.png]] </i></center>

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