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Welcome to my page!

My favorite simsEdit

  • Betty Newbie- In Sims 3, she is like a rockstar! She so talented at the guitar!
  • Natasha Una- She is one of the prettiest pre-made woman in the sims 2 (with a little makeover). In fact, I made a sims 3- version of her! Just look at my account at the link below!
  • Holly Alto- Hey, I did marry her when I grow up to be a young adult. What more to say?
  • Lolita Goth- She so pretty as a ghost. As a human, she just look at regular sim. But as a ghost, she's so hot!
  • Emma Hatch- We have A LOT in common. We're both artistic, we're both funny, and we're both Charismatic! If I haven't marry Holly, I will marry her.

My Top 8 Favorite Non-Character PagesEdit

My TraitsEdit

  • Slob
  • Good Sense of Humor
  • Artistic
  • Computer Wiz
  • Charismatic (When I'm a adult)

My favorite sims gamesEdit

The SimsEdit

Note: I didn't have the sims, but here are my favorite base on the description!

  • Superstar- Who wouldn't want to be famous?
  • Makin' Magic- When I grow up, I want to be a wizard, I want to be a Hogwarts student, I want to be in Harry Potter movies. Be careful what you wish for, cuz you just might get it, you just might get it, you just might get it! Oh, you do what I mean!
  • Unleased- I LOVE DOGS!

The Sims 2Edit

  • Free time- I love the idea for hobbies! (even though most people hate the idea, I actually like it)
  • Seasons- I love snow! In my sims 2 town, I made my town all winter! Well, I didn't because don't have Seasons, which I can't play with the deluxe edition, but I will do that if I have it!
  • Pets- I LOVE DOGS!

The Sims 3Edit

Since the sims 3 doesn't have eps, these are the eps I hoping for:

  • What's The Forecast?- A seasons-like e
  • Let's Have a Pet- A pets-like ep!
  • Life Stages- An ep that features new life stages like preteen, preschooler, and many more!

About my MySims ExperienceEdit

I started playing when my uncle gave MySims Kingdom for x-mas, and I love it! I have All the games! However, I not buying their Racing game, but I am buying their Spy game (When i was young, I wanna be a spy, then I grow up!). My top 5 favorite characters is Ginny, Chaz, Roxie (even though I am the exact opposite), Sandra, and Lyndsey.

Some Sims-related linksEdit

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The start of my series about Holly Alto:

My user contributions-

See AlsoEdit

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