aka Mae

  • I live in NY
  • I was born on December 18
  • I am Female
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About MeEdit

I love, Love, LOVE the Sims! I always have and most likely always will. My sim addiction started when I first played The Sims 2. Now, I play The Sims 3, although sometimes I like to back to The Sims 2 because I miss certain characters and aspects of the game. But most times when I start playing The Sims 2, I marvel at the advances made with The Sims 3 and go back to playing The Sims 3 the next day. It's sort of a crazy cycle.

My Favorite LinksEdit

I like to feed my Sims 3 addiction by visiting several websites. The Sims 3's official Facebook page ( is my favorite site because you can communicate with others who feel the same way you do and maybe if you know a lot about The Sims 3, you can help those who have questions about gameplay. I like and rely on the The Sims 3's official website ( to download (and sometimes buy) different items for my sims. They have other great stuff to check out on their website like movies, helpful forums, and (if you have any) friend's pages. Finally, I like The Sims 3's Youtube page ( because I can watch videos made by The Sims 3 crew or other Sim fans made.

My Favorite SimsEdit

  • Dina & Nina Caliente
  • Jessica Peterson
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