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Me and the SimsEdit

I've been playing the sims since the launch of the Sims 2, and I bought along with my sister almost  all the expansion packs of either the sims 2 and 3 so far.

I began to edit on the sims wiki a long time before creating my account. My first contribution was creating the page of Gertrude Flansburgh (it was miserable: I didn't even know how to make a template. It was just a mess)... Then I created most of the articles about the sims buried in the Pleasant Rest Graveyard, but since I am french, I made some mistakes about some sims' names, which were different in the french version. After that, I continued to edit some pages until I logged in.

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Trivia about meEdit

@ I live in France, and I have french, german and algerian roots. However, many people at school ask me if I have English origins since they think I speak a very good english. This doesn't, however, preserve me from making grammatical mistakes. @I'm actually a student in Pharmacy.

@ Besides Sims, my favorite games are the ones of the Mystery Case Files serie, from Big Fish Games, as well as an important number of Nintendo games such as any kind of Mario game, the Legend of Zelda, Kirby, Animal Crossing, Super Smash Bros...

@I enjoy collecting Matriochkas a lot. I already have 39 of them, and among them, I painted two myself.

@ My favorite traits in the Sims are Evil and Adventurous. Evil Sims are so much funnier than good ones!

@ My favorite sims are Marigold Racket, Anna-Liza Riddle, the Pertridge family and Queenie Landgraab.

@ However, I mostly play with my (enormous) CAS family, the Dortheimer family which has actually 20 generations..

@ My favorite books are Agatha Christie's. I can read one of her polars in less than one day, and I already read almost sixty.

@ I looooooove cats. These are my favorite animals. They are so cute!

@ Don't worry about my mean spirit, I'm only mean and aggressive with people I really don't like. :)

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