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  • I live in this planet Earth
  • I was born on August 31
  • My occupation is Gamer / Artist / Werewolf Enthusiast
  • I am Male
  • Bio I’m a YouTuber named IsaiahTSE. I began as a wiki editor back in 2013 when FANDOM was originally named Wikia! I currently run and maintain the IsaiahTSE Wiki!
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This user will be semi-absent from unknown to unknown due to real life. High school comes first, you know..
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How ya doing, fellow Simmer? I am that Simmer that likes to tell stories. I even use cheats to tell some

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About meEdit

I'm Isaiah! I'm a Simmer. I am a wiki editor becoming known by others in other wikis. I have been known for my works in Bandpedia, Minecraft Wiki, and Miitopia Wiki. I have also been known on the Miitopia wiki as the user who started the Trivia and Meet the Admins sections of the homepage. Strangly, I also like werewolves and just wish to be one in real life... if they would exist in real life.. I currently have an HP laptop and an ASUS laptop; both of them a Windows 10, and my ASUS laptop the one I mostly use to play my Sims games on.

How I started as a SimmerEdit

I started being a Simmer when I got The Sims: Freeplay. I ended up deleting it because of how hard it was and how difficult getting Simoleans was. I then got MySims Party for my Nintendo DS (Which I now have a 3DS, and I won all festivals). I didn't know about any of the other Sims games (other than The Sims 3 on mobile). That was until I was browsing the Microsoft store on my Xbox One and found The Sims 4 up coming to consoles. I made plans to get it. In 2018, I got The Sims Mobile, and my first Sims there was Kaden Shannon and Michella Swartz. Then I officially got The Sims 4 for console. Later on, a friend from Origin gifted it to me for my laptop. Later on, I got the other games in the main series!

Fun FactsEdit

  • I created my first ever fanon here in exactly March 19, 2018
  • I joined FANDOM at exactly 5 years, 3 months and 25 days ago. At that point, it was still called Wikia


My current goalsEdit

Editor GoalsEdit

  • Get at most 1000 edits for the Wiki (My fanon work and reverting vandalism has been keeping me busy!)
  • Get at most 1500 edits
  • Get 2000 edits

Sims Wiki relatedEdit

  • Become a Rollback (I have it now, thanks to K6's additional support)
  • Get a Reward
  • Become a Content Moderator (Ok, I know that I'm showing this goal early, but I'll get to requesting for it later on as I gain more Wiki experience)

Sim Notebook Edit

My Sim Notebook will let me track my recent updates to my fanons, what I'm doing, and more on The Sims Wiki

Other works Edit

Images I made Edit

Sims 3 ScreenshotsEdit

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