aka Phantom Ninja Cabbage Person

  • I live in the depth of time and space.
  • My occupation is somewhat complicated...... :o
  • I am your worst nightmare.......
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Hey. I'm Iona123. Despite what you think, I'm not as new as I look. I joined Wikia on January 30th, and now I'm here.

I've decided to go for the Sims-Greenish Look. What do you think?

Believe it or not, my first The Sims game was The Sims 2, and I got it when I was eight! I don't play it much anymore, cuz my laptop is extremely cluttered with other stuff and it takes ages to load.

I then got The Sims about 2 years after. I don't play that very often, in fact, hardly at all. I got The Sims 3 almost 2 months ago. :P

Yes. I still play it.

That's all I got for now. If you wanna contact me, I'm on MySims Wiki the most, or you can just leave a message here.

Have a nice day. =)

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