My Name is Richard Lee Hites. I'm 40 years old, married and have 6 children total. I started playing the orignal Sims when it first came out and have been playing Sims 2 since it was in Beta. I have enjoyed the many years that I have played Sims 2 and all the creativity that it offers me.

One of my more enjoyable things that I like to do is create homes of extravigant designs and complexity. I enjoy making each and every room of the house as perfect as I can possibly make it. So that when a sim enters that area they are very happy with it. I pay very close attention to the Environment bar of any sim that has one and make sure that it is as full as possible when they enter those specific rooms.

Aside from that over the years I managed to create my world of 23,841 Sims 1 Main Community / 9 Suburbs / 1 Downtown / 1 College / in my current game and even have gone so far as to import Sims that were never intended to be in the game of The Sims 2. Ex. All Castaway Sims / All Life Story Sims / All Life Story Pets are currently living their lives in my original Sims 2 game instead of the sub-sims 2 games. By importing them into my Sims 2 Community they have a chance and opportunity to live their lives like i would have them with all the options and availability of my game. Like I said, I have been playing for a loooong time and have developed my own style of gaming and design and still to this day am currently working on projects to improve the AI of the game itself.

I just recently joined SimsWiki and decided to share my knowledge of the game and help where I thought I could help. So please don't be afraid to come to me with criticism. I love to hear from everyone and their ideas on how to better improve my disposition. I'm by far *** NOT PERFECT ***. I try to be but I'm only human and don't know everything.

Aside from that, I work on computers as a job and help people with their computer problems. Installing Windows, Removing Viri, Explaining & teaching how computers work, and Teach in a classroom of 29 students in computer science.

I play guitar as a hobby, and World of Warcraft is my second game of choice.

Aside from that I don't do much else. Sit here in my Lazy Boy and enjoy my Sims game and think about all the new stuff I can possibly create for my Sims to play with.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I just purchased {Pre-Ordered} The Sims 3 yesterday. I'm so excited over this new Sims game I even went so far as to purchase a new Video Card and Power Supply and 2 more GBs of Ram in anticipation of this new game coming. I have been visiting VIP section of the Sims 3 Website everytime they send me something new in my email. I just hope it will be as much fun to play as much as I have enjoyed The Sims 2 over the years. I will be backing up my Sims 2 Game. All 32GBs of it. heh =) And just so you know I'll be hanging out here quite a bit after it releases and I get to play it for a few weeks. I haven't checked out the Sims 3 section of the wiki yet as I don't know much about it other than I can't wait for it. So we'll see.

Edit#2: lol I had someone ask if I was satanistic because of my 666 on the end of my name. lol no....lmfao!!! This name was given to me back in 1996 when I signed up with Yahoo. Yahoo attempted to take the name from me and I told them the 666 means nothing to me other than i was the 666th person to signup for Yahoo under the name Inf. So there ya go. Over the years the name has stuck with me and everyone just calls me Inf. even my wife calls me Inf from time to time when she is mad at me. I'm not Satanistic or have anything to do with demonolgy or any other cultist thing. lmfao!!!!

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