Fav Aqua
The user's favorite color is aqua.
Trait Immune to Fire
This user has the Immune to Fire trait.
Trait Evil
This user has the Evil trait.
Trait Flirty
This user has the Flirty trait.
Fortune The user has the Fortune aspiration.
Bella Goth (TheSims2 PleasantView) This user is a fan of Bella Goth.
Simlish Sims2 TV
This user likes the language Simlish.
This user is a young adult.
Hurt Hand
This user has broken/sprained/hurt a part of their body.
Sims plum-bob1
This user is a fan of the PlumbBob!
Strangetown Deceased Jessica Ebadi Original Appearance in TS2
This user believes that Olive is a murderer!
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About meEdit

Hi! My name is Żaneta. In Sims My Name is Żaneta Manuela Landgraab(Not to be confused with the great family Landgraab)Edit

For Random RanaunEdit

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