Female symbol This user is female.
This user is a young adult.
AquariusLN This user is an Aquarius.
Flag of Denmark.svg This user is Danish.
TS3 Cat
This user is a fan of cats.
This user is a fan of Witches.
Ghost Shocked
This user is a fan of Ghosts.
TS2S Gallery 17
This user is a fan of Spring.
Fav Electronica
The user's favorite music is electronica.
Fav Violet
The user's favorite color is violet.
Fav Grilled Salmon
The user's favorite food is grilled salmon.
Fav Sushi
The user's favorite food is sushi.
I am the Greatest
This user is crazy!!
SHIFT + CTRL + C This user cheats.
Trait Conversationalist
This user has the Conversationalist trait.
Trait Eccentric
This user has the Eccentric trait.
Trait Natural Cook
This user has the Natural Cook trait.
Trait Excitable
This user has the Excitable trait.
Trait Friendly
This user has the Friendly trait.
Trait Hopeless Romantic
This user has the Hopeless Romantic trait.
Saw Great Movie
This user likes watching movies.
This user likes to donate to charities.
Gieke family This user is special in their own way!
Mummy This user prefers The Sims 3 games to any other Sims games.
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