My name is Gourd Roger and I'm a W***a *coughs* "FANDOM" contributor from the Philippines since May 31, 2012 under the username "Raders". I contribute mostly in manga and anime wikis. My work in information-dedicated wikis are usually small, such as pipe link-fixing, double-redirect removal, updating information and sometimes commenting in blog posts and talk pages. On the other hand, I work large-scale in the Sea of Fools Wiki, a One Piece-dedicated fan fiction wiki. I also use AWB, a bot software to edit articles with ease.

I write English while I speak in Tagalog or Filipino, so oral communication is a problem so no Discord for me. Yay.

Anything asked shall be given. Please leave messages on my wall or talk page for your concerns.

Gourd Roger

Hey! It's the original Gee-man himself!

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Hey, The Sims Wiki. Gourd here.

I started playing The Sims as the Facebook game The Sims Social back in 2011. Then I started playing The Sims 4 on July 20, 2017 while I'm also playing The Sims 3 again since December 18, 2017. Also take note that this user curses a lot on other wikis.

A Taxicab as it appears in The Sims 3

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Test[edit | edit source]

Having The Sims 3: Seasons installed and assuming a time duration of four seasons meaning one whole year, the following unmodified Lifespan results can be obtained:

  • The shortest life span available for a Sim is 24 real world days.
  • The longest life span available for a Sim is 160 real world years and 8 months (1928 Sim days divided by 12 Sim days per year)
  • A Sim day may fluctuate between roughly 2 real-life days to 1 month.
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