Glynn Tarrant

aka Glynn

  • I live in The dark corners of my imagination
  • I was born on February 7
  • My occupation is Artist, Teacher, Lover
  • I am Male

Hey there, I'm Glynn. I am a part of Spore Wiki, so I decided to give Sims Wiki a shot considering I have and love both games. Currently, I'd like to write a story about my sims and a tragic tale of friendships and betrayals.

Please Check out my Spore Wiki and Soul Calibur Wiki pages and creations, I worked hard on them! Also, if you want access to any of my creations, add me as a friend on the Sims 3 exchange/website, my username is Yukashi. I've yet to upload everything, but I will once I continue with my Fannon, so bear with me! 

My SimsEdit

Fanon:Walter Vice

Fanon:Rosa Vice

Fanon:Catherine Vice

My StoriesEdit

Sunset Valley AssassinsEdit

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