• I live in Jakarta, Indonesia
  • I was born on August 7
  • I am female

Sierra O'Malley

Selamat Datang!^_^

About MeEdit


I am Sierra. I am from Isla Paradiso. Everyday, I always use a boat to my school. It is very wonderful! And I really love Isla Paradiso! What an amazing town!.

Sorry! Above is my life as a sims. Ehm .. my name is Sekar. I really love The Sims series. Especially The Sims 3 and The Sims 1. Even though I don't have The Sims, I ever played it on my cousin's computer. Do you mind to see my profile? Sekar (トーク)


About Me

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Games I HaveEdit

Games I Ever PlayEdit

Towns I HaveEdit

My Fanon SimEdit

Camilla Mendoza

Janie Stewart

Deidra Gertava

Diane MacAvee

Virginia Kendall

Antonio Kendall

Eillsa Kendall

My Favorite SimsEdit

Abigail Best, Because She is a smart little girl.

Sandi French, Because she is a toodler, Haha :D

Belisama Hemlock, Yeah, Because She is a toodler, and a Vampire!

Morrigan Hemlock, She is a Vampire.

Brigit Hemlock, Same with Morrigan, She is a Vampire.

Blair Wainwright, I don't know, why I like Blair. Maybe because She is from Wainwright Family.

Sims I DislikedEdit

Jared Frio, Because he is really mean (Maybe).

Robbie Platt

Gobias Koffi, He is CRAZY!

Conrad Anderson, I usually see Conrad fart in my game!

Bryce Savage

Antonio Kendall

Virginia Kendall

Eillsa Kendall

My Favorite FanonEdit

Camilla Mendoza, She is my own fanon :p.

Kallisto Syrakousia

Kallistrata Pellaia

Demetria Mykenaia

Sierra O'Malley, She is cute :)

Stratonike Attalida

Anastacia Tomb

Esomena Protogena

Nisha Slayer

My Favorite Fanon FamiliesEdit

O'Malley family


Dortheimer family

Reaper family

My Favorite FamiliesEdit

Crumplebottom family

Bonnet family

Roomies household (Sunset Valley)

Hemlock family

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