This user is a teen.
Female symbol.jpg This user is female.
CapricornLN.png The user is a Capricorn.
Flag philippines.svg This user is from the Philippines.
Carjunk.png This user wishes driveable cars existed in The Sims.

This user has an idol!
SHIFT + CTRL + C This user cheats.
Simoleon.gif This user uses kaching and motherlode.
Trait Loner.png
This user has the Loner trait.
Trait Good.png
This user has the Good trait.
Trait Virtuoso.png
This user has the Virtuoso trait.
Trait Computer Whiz.png
This user has the Computer Whiz trait.
Trait Light Sleeper.png
This user has the Light Sleeper trait.
Trait Perfectionist.png
This user has the Perfectionist trait.
Fav R&B.png
The user's favorite music is R&B.
Fav Hamburger.png This user's favorite food is hamburgers.
Fav Aqua.png
The user's favorite color is aqua.
Sims 2 puppy and mother.PNG
This user is a fan of dogs.
Cassandra1&2.png This user is a fan of Cassandra Goth.
MRS.CRUMPLEBOTTOMS.jpg This user is a fan of Miss Agnes Crumplebottom.
Holly Alto (Sunset Valley).png
This user is a fan of Holly Alto.
Cycl0n3 Sw0rd.png This user is a fan of Cycl0n3 Sw0rd.
Bunch Family (The Sims 3).png
This user is a fan of the Bunch family.

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