My name is Frankthepenguin, and I am addicted, in love with, married to a fan of The Sims. No, my name is not Frank, nor am I a penguin. Frank THE penguin is my picture up there. ↑↑↑ Enjoy the rest of my page!----[=)--Frankthepenguin♫Talk here!! 23:50, July 30, 2010 (UTC)

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Age TS3-Teen Teen
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Trait Bookworm small Bookworm
Trait Rocker small Rocker
Trait Green Thumb small Green Thumb
Trait Pyromaniac small Pyromaniac
Trait Neurotic small Neurotic
Lifetime wish
To find out why.
 Synthpop, alternative metal, alternative rock, emo-synth, post-hardcore
 Ramen noodles
Fav Black Black
Hair color Haircolor2-TS3 Light brown
Eye color Eye-grey Gray
Skin color Light skin-TS3 Pale
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon The Sims 3

The Sims 2 The Sims 2 Logo
AquariusLN This user is an Aquarius.
Female symbol This user is female.
Trait Bookworm
This user has the Bookworm trait.
Trait Rocker
This user has the Rocker trait.

Trait Green Thumb
This user has the Green Thumb trait.
Trait Pyromaniac
This user has the Pyromaniac trait.

Trait Neurotic
This user has the Neurotic trait.
Bella Goth (TheSims2 PleasantView) This user is a fan of Bella Goth.
Grimthumb This user is a fan of the
Grim Reaper.

Traits and etc.Edit

I can be a confusing person, so I'll try to explain the userboxes that describe me here.


  • Bookworm: Yes. I once finished two thick books in a day. So much for watching that movie in class....
  • Rocker: I wish! My music taste is so wierd, half Neon Trees, half Escape the Fate.
  • Green thumb: What can I say, I like gardening.
  • Pyromaniac: I wish had the power of pyrokinesis, but, since it's not a real trait, this one will have to suffice, although I hate burning my Sims because of a story that happened the day I got my first Sims game, which is a far too long story to tell here.
  • Neurotic: I worry a lot, and I have cause to in my life.


Bella Goth: One of the most interesting Sims of all time!
The Grim Reaper: Best. Sim. Ever. He should be called the SIM Reaper!

I own The Sims 2 Double Deluxe, but I recently became a fan of The Sims 3. Sadly, all my computer will support is TS2, which it does barely, since it has a poor graphics card. ATI Radeon Xpress 200, which came with our computer. It gets overwhelmed and shuts the monitor off, and for that reason, I haven't played Sims in a long while. =[

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