aka Dany, Flubr or Flub

  • I live in the United States
  • I was born on June 22
  • My occupation is Secondary School
  • I am Female, if you couldn't tell xD
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About meEdit

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Hello fellow simmers and Wikia members alike!My name is FlubrLuvr, or Dany, and here is a bit more about me! I am quite young, though mature. I love writing, singing, dancing, gymnastics and writing music. I also love role-playing, so if you need help or would like me to join, JUST LET ME KNOW! Most people call me Flubr or Flub, but I am also known as Dany. I am nice and funny, although I don't appreciate hate, I appreciate constructive criticism.

I am OBSESSED with video games and, for a girl, seem quite weird sense I LOVEEEE zombies, to death! I have loved The Sims since 2008. My other hobbies are writing, singing, shooting and archery. I HATE bullying or vandalism, since it has happened to me, and will NOT deal with it.

I love other games such as The Last Of Us or Five Nights at Freddy' s. I love joking around, and laying around, and have MANY favorite t.v shows. I plan to stay on Wikia for a while and to contribute and edit till the end of my junior high, or secondary, years. I will try to stay active, but I have a lot going on so I can't guarantee you.

That is all you will need to know about me, even though it is quite extensive. Hope you guys enjoy my content, and see you later, BYE!!

             ~Peace, Flubr
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