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"Before I refuse to take your questions, let me make a few statements." -Ronald Reagan

About me[]

I joined The Sims Wiki mostly because I am in love with The Sims', which tends to be quite a rarity in Northeast Texas (where I live, odviously). I always find entertainment by reading player stories or fanon articles, which seem to jumpstart creativity in my mind. I am a grammer/spelling nerd though, so every minor flaw in articles make me want to change them, which is what I plan to do.

Besides The Sims, I am a fan of The Elder Scrolls and Fallout. I love to watch Criminal Minds, Harry's Law, and The Simpsons. I don't like stupid people. So if you're stupid, don't talk to me.

Another thing I'm a nerd about is Politics. I know tons of things about American Politics, and I'm not ashamed. One of my greatest heroes is Ronald Reagan, one of America's greatest presidents. His speech ability, sense of humor, and fantastic leadership are qualities I aspire to possess.

Fanon I Have the Joy of Owning[]

My favorite pages[]

  • Saint family- I find the Saint family rather interesting. I love their long family lines and unexplained feud with the Goth family.
  • A Nightmare on Oak Grove Road- one of my favorite fanon stories. Very mysterious and surprising, kept me wandering.
  • Landgraab family- One of my favorite families. The Landgraabs never fail to appear in a Sims game, prepared to take over the universe.

My favorite Sims[]

My favorite Fanon sims[]

The Sims games I own[]


  • Rewrite/edit all The Sims 3 Console pages.
  • Write all Delgapho family fanon.
  • Fix many grammar/spelling issues.

Yay Poll![]

My Traits[]

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This user has the Genius trait.
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This user has the Good Sense of Humor trait.
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