• I live in 1/33 Mill Street
  • I was born on February 25
  • My occupation is Making Pages, Expanding Pages, Helping Wikis, Helping Wikis That Don’t Have Many Pages And More.
  • I am Male
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All My Personal Information Put Into Userboxes, To See Clearley Of What I Have, Do, Etc.

My Fanons Edit

Here are my fanons: Fanon:The Sims 5 My first ever Fanon. I was restoring an article that was deleted. I decided to join the Fanon community before I made this article. Fanon:Bill Undress A fanon Sim article. It is NOT a stub, so please don’t say, “We better Help this article!”

Stuff Edit

I am a administrator on one wiki:

  • Dry Bones Kart Wiki

If You Have anything to do with admins, PLEASE do message me on dry Bones Kart wiki. It’s much better doing it on a wiki Your actually an administrator on. Please go to the particular wiki if your going to talk to me on that subject. For instance, you have something to talk about the Sims, You message me in my talk page on this wiki.

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