Hi everyone, Welcome to my user page!

I'm EpicJoyBoy, and I'm just a regular contributor here in The Sims Wiki. You may also know me as Joy5678, which is the name I use for I first started playing The Sims series back in April 2011, and I was hooked ever since (except for a few long breaks).

Finally got Sims 4 thanks to Origin sale! Yeeessh! :) Time to replace all the TS4 headshots with a closeup one...

The Sims series games and expansions

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I have all the expansions and most of the stuff packs in The Sims 3. I do have The Sims Medieval as well, but I'm not playing it as of now. Some of my expansion packs and stuff packs are bought physically, but all of the later packs are bought off Origin. I do also have a few store worlds bought as well.

TS3 EPs and SPs:

I plan on getting the remaining stuff packs. (hopefully...)

Store worlds:

Store worlds that I haven't gotten:

Stuff packs that I haven't gotten:

Sims 4, EPs, GPs, and SPs (strikethrough means already bought):

SimCity series

I'm also a fan of the SimCity series, too! I'm currently an active contributor to SimCity Wiki as of now, which is almost dead, where I am mostly contributing information regarding SimCity 4 and SimCity (2013).

I guess that might be why I'm not as active on The Sims Wiki at the moment :P

Welp, not so much anymore... I mostly play Cities Skylines these days... I do still tend the wiki sometimes though.

To-do List

  • Have 1000 contributions in the main namespace Done!
  • Have 2000 contributions in the main namespace All done!
  • Replace existing headshots with white (or transparent) backgrounds into black
  • Become a rollback Done, thanks Frostwalker who nominated me!
  • Create the rest of Oasis Landing and Roaring Heights Sim articles (this is taking way too long already) (Nevermind, ThePeculiarMe already did it)
  • Add information/headshots about pre-made families from The Sims 4 and EPs
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