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Renton Michael Thūrwolf II
(Old Name)
Eliskuya Michael Thūrwolf
(New Name)
hey'o :)
Name Renton Michael Thūrwolf II
(Old Name)
Eliskuya Michael Thūrwolf
(New Name)
Gender Male Male
Age TS3-Adult.png Adult
Life state CAS Human icon.png Sim
Thūrwolf Family
Ashtear Family
Parents Renton Michael Thūrwolf I Deceased
Mikoto Maria Thūrwolf
Sibling(s) Lilly Michelle Thūrwolf Twin sister
Rena Scheris Tearson Half-Sister

Millanna Marlene "Millie" MarsonAdopted sister

Romances Naomi Juliet Ōtoribashi Fiancée
Pets Wolfy Wolfwood
(Guard Dog†)
(Replacement Guard dog)
Zodiac sign Pisces.png Pisces
Aspiration  Family
Hair color Eye-custom.png Dark Cyan
Eye color TS2 Black Eyes.png black
Skin color Skin-light.png light
Body shape Fit fit
Other Information
Playability playable
Stuff About me, enjoy reading about me too :)
Windows 10 logo.png This user runs on Windows 10.
Adopted -Sim-.png This user was adopted!
My Love.png
This user has fallen in love. Awww.... :3
Chrome logo.png
This user contributes using Google Chrome.
This user contributes using Mozilla Firefox.
Trait Loves the Cold.png
This user has the Loves the Cold trait.
This user has custom hair.
This user has custom eyes.
Male symbol.jpg This user is male.
Fire!.png This user likes to burn Sims!
Simoleon.gif This user uses kaching and motherlode.
SHIFT + CTRL + C This user cheats.
The Urbz: Sims in the City Urbz logo invert.jpg
Bustin' Out Bo logo.gif
The-sims-2-pets--20060824011216351 640w-1-.jpg
This user is a fan of guinea pigs.
Saw Great Movie.png
This user likes watching movies.
Shooting Star.pngAnts.pngAlien.png

This user's hobby is Science.

FF Wiki This user also contributes to the Final Fantasy wiki as Eliskuya2
Play RC Car.pngRobotics.pngRestored First Car.png

This user's hobby is Tinkering.

This user is failing/failed in school.
Simlish Sims2 TV.jpg
This user likes the language Simlish.
Gieke family.png This user is special in their own way!
Hurt Hand.png
This user has broken/sprained/hurt a part of their body.
Cuddle Time.png
This user likes plush toys.
Watch a Movie.pngRead a Novel.pngWrite a Novel want.png

This user's hobby is Film and Literature.

Rude Guest.png
This user doesn't like it when other people are rude.
MTS.png This user is on Mod The Sims.
Fav Egyptian.png
The user's favorite music is egyptian.
Twitter icon logo.png This user is following
The Sims Wiki on Twitter
PV Bella Goth.jpg The user wants Bella back.

About Me[edit | edit source]

Flag japan.svg This user is Japanese.
Male symbol.jpg This user is male.
Foul Food.png
This user doesn't like eating sweets.
This user has custom hair.
This user has custom eyes.
PiscesLN.png The user is a Pisces.
Growup.gif The user has the Grow Up aspiration.
This user is a young adult.
Trait Nurturing.png
This user has the Nurturing trait.
Trait Friendly.png
This user has the Friendly trait.
Trait Flirty.png
This user has the Flirty trait.
Trait Athletic.png
This user has the Athletic trait.
Trait Bookworm.png
This user has the Bookworm trait.
Trait Brave.png
This user has the Brave trait.
Trait Computer Whiz.png
This user has the Computer Whiz trait.
Trait Easily Impressed.png
This user has the Easily Impressed trait.
Trait Genius.png
This user has the Genius trait.
Trait Over-Emotional.png
This user has the Over-Emotional trait.
Trait Good.png
This user has the Good trait.
Trait Good Sense of Humor.png
This user has the Good Sense of Humor trait.
Family.gif The user has the Family aspiration.
Hidden Trait
Trait Shy.png
This user has the Shy trait.
Trait Night Owl.png
This user has the Night Owl trait.
Fav Sushi.png
The user's favorite food is sushi.
Fav Chinese.png
The user's favorite music is chinese.
Fav Purple.png
The user's favorite color is purple.
Fav Black.png
The user's favorite color is black.
TS2S Gallery 10.jpg
This user is a fan of Winter.
Sims 2 puppy and mother.PNG
This user is a fan of dogs.
Odd servo.jpg
This user is a fan of Servos.
Sim Werewolf Howling.jpg
This user is a fan of Werewolves.

PlayStation Network logo.jpg This user plays on PlayStation Network as Zavenda2.
Xbox Live logo.jpg This user plays on Xbox Live as Zavenda2.
Extra Info
No spam, or I will block you. Ghahaaa! This user hates it when others spam and they'll block you if you do it! Mwahahaa!

Stop vandalism.jpg This user hates seeing vandalism and they will fight against it in anyway they can!

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