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The SimsEdit

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The Sims 3Edit

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Official toolsEdit

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The Sims WikiEdit

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Hex colorsEdit

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3rd party toolsEdit

  • VirtualDub - Free video editing program, can also export animated gifs. It's tech-heavy, no easy point-n-click GUI.
  • EditPad Lite - Great for quick mass edit of text.
  • TinEye - Reverse image search. Upload an image and see where else it is on the web. Great for finding copyright info on images.


  • Wikimedia Commons is a great place to find images. Most images there are either Public Domain, CC or Gnu licensed.
  • Open Clipart] is also nice. All images there are Public Domain.


  1. 1.0 1.1 Contains 48x48 transparent PNG and ICO files without moodlet backgrounds.
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