aka deVgard

  • I live in Bandung, Indonesia
  • I was born on December 7
  • My occupation is General Moderator, Sims-Addicted Student
  • I am female
This user will be absent from 04 August 2011 to unknown due to some unknown problems and their wrath?.
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:Hi! Welcome to my userpage! You can see my personal information below, and i hope you're not falling asleep reading all of them. Just make yourself comfortable here, and sorry if my English sucks--it's Google Translator's fault^^[1]

Introduction to The SimsEdit

"It is really one of the most awesome games i've ever played !!"

That could be my first impression for The Sims series. Yes, i'm not lying. I believe everyone would have said the same thing. Exactly the same thing, right?

It was maybe in the middle of 2008, when i FIRSTLY heard about a game called The Sims from one of my classmates. No joke, guys.. i'm maybe this silly person who lost in 20th century. I'm an old gamer, however. I started playing many games since i was 3. It was the game bot or whatever in 1997, then SEGA console in 1998, PS1 in 1999, and some other gaming stuff until i came into my first lappie in 2002. There weren't so many good games in the lappie, so then i occupied myself much more on writing and playing PS1 in the other time. My parents had stopped buying me PS1 game CDs in 2002, so i had to enjoy all my old PS1 games.

Probably in 2005, my father bought a complete set of PC for me and my brother. I was so glad that finally i had something really entertaining at home. I learnt everything about computerization, together with my brother, and now computer is being one piece of my life. After the PC, i almost forgot about my old PS1, because there were actually so many new PC games to enjoy. Well, i like strategy and racing game for the most.

Back to the middle of 2008, i remembered looking at my friends building a house in The Sims 2. They also made a family, and named it with their names. I kept watching them, and i thought the game was wonderful, but i hadn't decided to try it yet. In the beginning of 2009, my brother showed me The Sims 2 Deluxe Edition he just installed on his lappie. I tried to play, and i didn't understand anything at all. I understood about the purpose of the game, play with life. I just didn't know how far it came to our real life. I felt really stupid and excited at the same time.

The game is really great and i was addicted ever since. We can make our own family, build and decorate our own house, oh.. even the town. The simulation person is realistic and yeah.. the furniture and everything are good too. I played The Sims 2 for almost 5 months, and i stopped because of the national exams. I was really sad that my parents asked my brother to remove the game because my score at school was getting worse. I didn't think it was completely caused by the game.

Not long before that, i had heard about the new The Sims 3, which allows the player to interact and visit all over the town. Yeah, that's brilliant.. knowing that we aren't able to do such thing in The Sims 2. I don't mean to compare both, cause they have their own plus and minus. I decided to play The Sims 3 ever since, and now i've collected all the expansions.

Play with life, yeah.

Early LifeEdit

I was born in Jogjakarta, a quite dense city in Southwestern Indonesia, one of the most beautiful cities in Indonesia. I'm female, and this year i will be 17. I'm about 165 cm height, and i'm native Indonesian. I speak Indonesian, English, Javanese, Sundanese, and a bit Japanese.

I spent my whole childhood in Bengkulu, and i moved to Bandung and live there until today when i was 4. I went on a trip to my hometown each year. I used to play with doll a bit, and a lot with cars and vehicle toys. I was into very much on building something, and i liked building mini racing circuit with my brother. Maybe that was why i like cars racing very much.

I also like writing and reading. Writing is my lifetime hobby, that i once had a dream to become an inspiring writer. I enjoy reading books, especially fiction novels, comics, and some textbooks. I started writing on a paper, and i also made kinda horrible comics when i was 7. Well, i'm really bad at drawing.

Consider making comics was kinda frustrating, i started typing short story on my father's lappie. It had reached almost 1000 pages, and my brother really liked my stories. Unfortunately, the file was deleted when my father decided to buy us a new PC, and i didn't write much afterwards.

I used to bicycle around my neighborhood at evenings, and watch cartoon 'till the time to work on homework and study. My parents have made me do some chores like sweeping, mopping, washing up and a bit cooking.

Lifetime WishesEdit

The Sims game has emerged again my aspiration to reach my lifetime wishes. These are my most wanted lifetime wishes :

  • Master at least 5 foreign languages (English, German, French, Japanese, and Arabic).
  • Travel all around the world (this one seems impossible).
  • Be a renowned multi-talented person.

Those wishes will give me huge amount of imaginary lifetime rewards, and i have promised to achieve them anyway. Wish me luck, guys !

About MeEdit

Short BioEdit

I am.. certainly a social person, that i get lonely very-very easily. I’ve tasted various kind of friendships, rivalries, hatred, enemies, and no.. not the romances—not yet, maybe. I have these friendly and good traits, causing i’m being one pacifier living on earth. I’m pretty ambitious as well as i’m lively, that i promise to get everything i really want, no matter what. I like dangers and risky things, but not the killing ones. I’m perfectionist, that i will try to do everything perfectly, in my way. I’m also very excitable and too expressive, that sometimes i will slightly have no difference with crazies.

I like writing and reading books, but i ain’t a bookworm. I have Grow Up aspiration, which later will most likely be Knowledge aspiration after my 20th birthday. Though i’m excitable, i have tendency to feel grumpy, especially when i’m in a great mood swing and life goes unfairly. I can be a real idiot when facing heartbreaking situations. Apart from that, i’m a very understanding and sympathetic person you may ever have. I enjoy jokes very much, but i have hard time dealing with humiliating jokes. I dislike traitors, rude people, libels, and anyone who’s hurt me with no particular reasons. I might turn into a real annoying person when involved in confrontation with people i dislike. For me, there’s nothing to be afraid when we’re struggling over righteous and lawful truth.

I love cats and hamsters terribly much. I also enjoy music, bicycling, photography, and culinary. What’s next? Well.. i’m afraid of cockroaches and bees, as i ever had really bad experience in the past about them. I’m interested in investigating supernatural activities, but just in the realm of knowledge. And.. i have strong phobia of blood, that i definitely would fall unconscious when seeing this thing too much, like, everywhere. So please.. don’t kill me with showing any bloody things, anyhow.

My cute male Maine Coon cat, named Ino :-)


  • I can't swim and almost died of drowning some years ago.
  • I have fainted up to 10 times, and mostly because of seeing blood.
  • I'm a huge fan of football, and never missed the quadrennial FIFA World Cup.
  • Considered to be very thin.
  • Natural reddish-black haired.
  • Dark brown eyed.
  • Other hobbies : Listening to music, singing, and watching movies.
  • I adore pink, purple and lilac, sky blue, and black.
  • I love chocolates and ice creams, and i don't really like cheese.
  • I'm a huge fan of Justin Bieber's songs. Hey, no.. not the person, his songs !
  • I'm a very good listener and also a fast-learner.

My Current MoodletEdit

Upset I'm This Damnably Upset
It feels pretty much like living your life unknowingly, aimlessly, hopelessly.. when the world starts opposing you and your dreams.

Time left:

My Current ActivityEdit

Overworked I'm trying to recover my lacks at school.. so as i've said before.. i'm semi-absent for uncertain lenght of time.
Time left: Indefinite

This Year's ResolutionEdit

  • Get better at managing time ! I always prioritize non-essential things, like playing The Sims in the weekdays (i hope my parents don't read this) and daydreaming when i have a lot of homework.
  • Improve my English and Japanese more, and i want to start learning German or French (more intensively), next year, maybe.
  • Contribute something useful for Sims Wiki. I hope i can constantly appear online to give contributions and learn something new.
  • Get better grades at school.
  • Reach at least 1,000 edits.
  • Keep playing The Sims, oh yeah !!

My Favorite SitesEdit

In case we are talking about The Sims, these are sites i like to visit :

  • The main and official site for The Sims 3, I like to browse new stuff and information about The Sims 3, and also look for bug troubleshooting from the discussion board.
  • If i have a lot of time to polish my sims game, i often visit There i would look for any good stuff and improvements for free, not for a fee.
  • I also like to visit, especially the forum for The Sims 3 to find bug troubleshooting and just something new.

Out of all above, i like to visit these sites :

  • Watching new movie trailers, interesting videos and online broadcasts, it's obviously at
  • I like to seek some sort of thoughtful but also ridiculous information from It's Indonesian's largest community site.
  • Checking my e-mail and obtain some more update and hot local or international news from
  • The best site to obtain scientific and detailed information about something or someone famous,
  • Let me think what else..

The Sims Game I OwnEdit

I haven't downloaded any mods or anything so far, because i've enough enjoyed playing those. And... i also have The Sims Medieval, but haven't thought of installing it since it's a stand-alone game.

My LegaciesEdit

  • My former legacy was called Lofty, consists of Matt, Hannah, and Sarah. The name suddenly came up when i wanted it to be a wealthy family. Hannah and Sarah are sisters, and they live only with their father Matt. Matt's wife, Mary, has died and he is supposed to look for a new mother for Hannah and Sarah. They live in Twinbrook, in a really big and luxurious house--with a few cheats for sure. I enjoyed playing this legacy for 2 months, but then i got bored and i left this legacy. I realized that turn the aging off would just make the game feels boring.
  • I created a new legacy exactly last year, and i meant to really play it and make long generations. It is called Vangaard. I didn't know what 'Vangaard' means, but it comes from the word 'vanguard'. This family, again, is a rich family, and i started out from hot couple Harold-Aurely. Harold is the heir of Vangaard family from TwainCity (imaginary town) and Aurely is the first daughter of Violetté family from Sunset Valley. Both produced 2 daughters named Anna and Aisha, which later Aurely got pregnant again and there came Aston, their only son.

I have played Vangaard family for estimatedly 1 year with long sim lifespan. Now, the family has spreaded to great-great-grandchildren generations. There are some particular inherited traits, like Genius, Neat and Brave traits, and also gardening and cooking are must-have skills for all particular Vangaard generations.

Et CeteraEdit


  1. No, i'm just kidding! If it truly sucks, you can leave your complain here.


  • Feel curious of my strange username? Well, it's actually an abbrev of my first name merged with my Sims legacy name.. and now i disappointed putting such weird and hard-to-spell username.

Friend ListEdit

Here are some users i consider as friend (sorted alphabetically):

Still looking forward for further addition, folks!

Enemy ListEdit

I don't know about this, but i let you fill in this list with your name if you consider me as ENNEMEE !!!

My Sims Game Bloopers GalleryEdit

Here are some screen shots i took when encountering ridiculous bugs. Don't take it too seriously, they're just things to laugh at.

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