aka Shane

  • I live in United States
  • I was born on November 27
  • My occupation is University Student; High School Tutor
  • I am a 19 year old guy

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Hi, I'm Shane. I am just a user who occasionally edits and makes fanon on The Sims Wiki. I am an admin on the Good Luck Charlie Wiki. But this wiki was my first wiki and a huge part of my life from 2014 - 2016, but nowadays I feel too busy. I'm a freshman in college right now and have a lot going on in my life. I probably won't get to your messages right away if you ever want to contact me.

I also have written some fanon here. My favorite Sims game is The Sims 3, I also enjoy Sims 4. However I recently prefer to write/read Sims stories on here, rather than playing the game. I also edit pages a lot. Mostly for spelling errors, but if I catch any vandalism, it will be deleted.

Current Project(s)Edit

  • Glenn family - Follow the lives of Grace Glenn and her family.
  • Shane's Sims 4 Save - A save file with the sims of Sunset Valley in Willow Creek and Oasis Springs, and brand new families in the other towns.


The Sims 3Edit

The Sims 3 is my favorite Sims game. I remember when I first bought it in November 2012. It's the first video game that I bought with my own money, so obviously I'm a little bit biased. But I love the traits system for personality, biography, and "story progression." Plus you can get so detailed and can use CREATE A STYLE. #BringBackCreateAStyle. The open world is great too, but if it didn't have open world and worked in a similar way to Sims 4, I still would like it. Generations and University Life are my favorite expansions!


Also, the glitches were pretty hilarious. Here's me and my glitched cat.

What I don't like... It takes at least 4 minutes (or more) to load or save a game. I also don't like how long it take so for some Sims to do actions. Or sometime she the Sims will just sit there and not do what I say. And the routine issues can be annoying.

The Sims 3 GenerationsEdit

Generations adds so much more heart to the game. Imaginary friends, so many more toys and imagination for children! Mood swings, pranks, prom, getting grounded, learning to drive, and teen drama also can make it fun to create rebellious teens. As for Young Adults, I love high school Graduation as well, it's such an important step of life. For Adults they get Midlife Crisis (Finally we get some more distinct features between Young Adults and Adults as well!) AND ELDERS!!!! Before this expansion, I hated elders. But now I love them! They actually act like old people and grandparents now, where before they were just boring, older looking versions of adults with wrinkles. (They can use canes, show off pictures their grandkids, and "harass the world" with their canes.)

The Sims 4Edit

The Sims 4 was bad at first, but thanks to many updates and expansions, it's better. Not adding Toddlers really made me angry. Like I'm sorry, but babies don't jump in the air and become 4 feet children. They gotta go through some development before going from a newborn baby to a fully functional child who can talk, walk, use the bathroom, and go to school. But when they did add Toddlers, I was very pleased. It just makes sense to have Toddlers between Child and Baby.

I love the multitasking. Finally my Sims can sit on the toilet, talk with their spouse, and check their Facebook. And especially LOVE the emotions system, and how you get special interactions depending on emotions. It's so inventive and amazing! If I could add multitasking and emotions to Sims 3, I would!

Create a Sim and Build mode are AMAZING. Even if Create a Style isn't there, it hasn't really bothered me too much.

I wish... Sims 4 let you choose 5 traits like Sims 3. Why only three? That makes no sense.

The Sims 2Edit

Many people who are older than me love The Sims 2, mostly for nostalgia purposes. But it came out in 2004. I was three or four years old at the time. By the time I was old enough to care about video games, The Sims 3 was out and was the popular thing. But in 2015, I bought The Sims 2 on Amazon out of curiosity.

The Create A Sim is horrid in my opinion. The Sims are so ugly. And I hate the personality system! Why do we only get like 20 points. According to Sims 2, a person cannot be nice, clean, outgoing, or playful and the same time. That doesn't make sense. And also, I hate the Aspirations system. They're so boring and plain.

Build mode just upsets me. Why can't I place objects diagonally or outside of the grid? And why can't I visit my neighbors? Why is it that, when I get back from a community lot, no time has passed?

Things I likes about Sims 2... I like the animations and the amount of interactions. I think The Sims 3 is too conservative when it comes to Romance interactions, but The Sims 2 was the exact opposite. The cinematics are cool but honestly I don't care that Sims 3 and 4 don't have them. I also like the story telling aspects of the game that Sims 3 and Sims 4 seem to lack. However, The Sims 2 bothers me too much, to get me to play it full time.

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